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Avatar f tn As all this was unfolding a group of ME/CFS experts was doing the first external review of the CDC program in ten years and we take a critical look at the report they issued during this rather turbulent period." The latest info on the latest CDC games with CFS funding: http://phoenix-cfs.org/Dec08CDC.html I suspect that politics play a huge role in these illnesses. Remember Gulf War Syndrome ? It was real... then it wasn't.... and then it was and then it wasn't again.
Avatar m tn M. Munteanu ; Y. Ngo; V. Thibault; R. Morra; D. Messous; Y. Benhamou; F. Imbert-Bismut; T. Poynard View Pres.
Avatar f tn I think what they meant was that the CRUX of your support, the support that will save your life, must come from those that are in the Program. of AA or NA. I think they are able to think in terms of Saving his Life being a Program of Recovery and not the act of being lucky enough to be in the house, and find him in time before his life expired. They know, you know , that is no life for you or for your child.
Avatar m tn N. Sekiya5; Y. Takano2; K. Terasawa3, 6; C. Selmi7, 8; M. Gershwin7; Y. Shimada1, 3 1. Japanese Oriental Medicine, University of Toyama, Toyama, Japan. 2. Diagnostic Pathology, University of Toyama, Toyama, Japan. 3. 21st Century COE Program, University of Toyama, Toyama, Japan. 4. Environmental Medicine and Infectious Diseases, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan. 5. Frontier Japanese Oriental Medicine, Chiba University, Chiba, Japan. 6.
Avatar n tn All this neurological **** we are seeing today is the results of toxins and they are everywhere. The detox program I followed was by Tom McQuire, DDS. It worked good for me. As far as diet I started with the Swank diet but think the Paleo Diet has shown more success in threating neurological diseases. As far as the dental thing I had 10 root canals and an assortment of fillings. My gums were bleeding and that was clearly a problem in my case.
Avatar n tn html i have also found this article about sim dosage and diabetes drugs also effective for hbv, all this is known from many years, i read articles as old as 1990, but studies have never been performed or trials funded liquorice is also known for centuries to suppress hbsag, it acts similar to diabetes drugs suppressing hbsag secretion
Avatar m tn Innogenetics in Belgium as well as an Israeli company is currently working on the development of two strongly binding human monoclonal antibodies against HCV surface epitopes in the hope to make some contribution to the prevention of post transplant HCV reinfection. They are also working on the development of a therapeutic vaccine against HCV, using a string of T-cell epitopes.
Avatar n tn I do not have diabetes but I do have metabolic syndrome with a pre-diabetes prevention. The main issue is the fact that my appetite has been greatly reduced. I just am not hungry all the time. Whether it's from the pills or the reduction of insulin into my body --- I like it. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I'm looking good sista'!!!!
Avatar n tn I did the program for 38days and lost 30 lbs. I'm starting the second time around and this time i'm going to mix the hcg powder to be taken orally( I have a formula, a proven on) I'll let you know how it works out.
Avatar n tn I just read the following in the latest Prevention magazine, Nov. 2007. I don't know if will help any of you with stress, but it's worth a try. "To calm down fast, put the tip of your thumb in your mouth, make a seal, blow while puffing out your cheeks, and hold for 5-10 seconds. The increased pressure in your chest cavity stimulates the vagus nerve - a cord that runs from the brain to the abdomen - limiting blood flow to the heart. The instant result: a slower heartbeat.
Avatar m tn I encourage everyone to do the research and get active with your own program. No one, no doctor or fellow patient cares about your program as much as you do. Taking control can be liberating for your soul and your health! Best wishes for everyone.
Avatar n tn While I hate being fat, blurry vision ans brain fog don't appeal to me either. Of course there are also the risks of diabetes and heart disease from being overweight too. I'm having a very hard time deciding about this. Any advice is welcome.
Avatar n tn I was in the medical field for 20 years until my seizures caused me to become disabled in 2001 and therefore, I had to go on Medicare and due to my pre-exsisting condition, I could not get no secondary insurance and did not qualify for part D Medicare (prescription coverage) so I had to go on the Patient Prescription Assistance Program in order to get my Depakote medication.
Avatar n tn I've gained significant weight while on these drugs (despite an intense exercise program and careful diet). My nutritionist and MD told me that the drugs likely altered my metabolism, but no one can tell me how long it will take to correct that. Most frustrating, I've noticed that since I stopped taking both, my weight gain has accelerated. Any ideas as to how long I need to endure this or ideas for correcting my metabolism? Thanks.
Avatar n tn to doctors basically thinking you're faking it, that's the attitude i got at the hospital, especially the 2nd time around. i had a past with opiate addiction and was on a suboxone detox program for over a year. so i think they thought i just wanted pain meds, i didn't want any pain meds at first but it was so terrible i broke down. after the 2nd time i left in pain still and stayed on pain meds for a few months and went right back into suboxone detox.
Avatar n tn Wow... I'm reading about ME. Same symptoms. Do any of you notice it gets worse at nights (after being on my feet all day0? And do you notice it gets worse right before your period? I'm 43. I've had an IUD for years. I've got a gyno appointment Tuesday to have the IUD removed and see if we can figure out what's going on. Sounds like I'm just beginning a long road most of you have been on for awhile. Good Luck!
Avatar f tn the dose to increase etv response in vitro is 40mg, this is from a 2008 or 2009 study, as for all the cheap generic, unpatented drugs, nobody cares or spend a penny so the only news we have is about liver cancer prevention and universal recommendation to use it on hbvers with abnormal chol levels i suggest to start with 20mg dose for about 3 weeks and increase to 40mg if you experience no sides on 20mg.
Avatar n tn I bought an anxiety workbook and started seeing a life counselor. (Check with your employer - most companies have an employee assistance program) Since then, my symptoms have almost all disappeared. Every now and then I get a little shaky, but I take deep breaths, find some peace in the chaos, and balance is restored. Don't give up on the idea of anxiety just because YOU don't see your life as stressful. You may be dealing with more than others would see as normal.
Avatar n tn I have stenosis of the spine and the c's and l's are not what they should be, i guess what i am doing is venting and perhaps other people can recognize some of these symtoms, mother died of brain tumors at 43 father alive but has congestive heart failure, dementia, diabetes, colon cancer, was a nurse aide for 7 years and ruined my back and get so tired, forgetful, weak and frightened and take a variety of medications for high blood pressure and high colestrol and anxiety, nothing for pain, as D
Avatar n tn He has ascites, portal hypertension, diabetes, kidney disease, adema and varices that were recently banded. Two weeks ago we found him in a coma with a blood sugar of 17. He bounced back. I finally talked him into living with me until our last doctors appointment when we were told he is doing great. He now moved back to his apartment. Can anyone please tell me with what he has going on if his time is limited? I am very concerned and frustrated.
Avatar n tn I had been quite discouraged and thought it has been an endless list of things, allergies, asthma, diabetes, thyroid, cardiovascular, diet, depression, overall lack of energy needing detoxed, just having the "A-G-E"disease and the small kids combo... and have more or less gone to specialists regarding all of these. In the interim, I will start the probiotics. I think I will go the route with the Danactive Immunity drinkable yogurts that are "probiotics" .
Avatar n tn A friend of mine gave me an early present and it's a book called, Ultra Prevention. It seems interesting so far and it talks about alternative medicine, which I am willing to try since none of the medications seem to work and the Doctors can't give me an answer. My father just returned from the mayo clinic and they gave him a low residue diet to follow. That has been helping him with his digestive issues. Thank you for your time and information.
Avatar n tn My mother who is Type 2 Diabetic, experinced these tears along with yeast infections and athletes foot infections all through her 30's and 40's until her diabetes was diagnosed and she got her levels under control. I honestly find it rediculous that the modern medical community, which treats the majority of women's reproductive health problems as shameful, has no flipping idea what causes these tears or how to really treat them.
Avatar n tn i also have seeveral allergies, nuts pollun (horses dunno y?
Avatar n tn I found someone who works with a team of physicians and integrative medical specialists, and has experience treating people for side effect prevention with prednisone. And, she believes she will be able to help me taper off effectively and smoothly when the time comes. I suggest asking a Dr for a referral of someone who really focuses on medicinal acupuncture. I am convinced this made a huge difference for me, physically, emotionally, and mentally.