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Avatar f tn Please watch the 3 videos. http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/prevent-alzheimers-3-steps-pt-1 And another link where he answers questions about Alzheimer's: http://www.sharecare.com/user/dr-neal-barnard/answers Here's a link for his upcoming book to be released in April 19th, 2013: http://www.amazon.com/Protect-Your-Memory-With-Barnard/dp/B00B999EBW/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_nC?
599170 tn?1300977493 I would make videos for my kids and my grandbabies. I would get all my affairs in order so my kids didnt have to do that.
Avatar f tn Another delicious drink with natural Quercetin in its best, purest form is fresh Real Orange Juice made with a juice machine. Those videos on juicing made by "Jay the Juiceman" that I posted in the forum explain juicing in a beautiful way. Anyone who watches them would learn something new... His family is so kind and warm, they are amazingly wonderful smart people who love sharing their wisdom. Wishing you and your Husband all the very best.
Avatar f tn Optimal calcium absorption occurs with a vitamin D level greater than 79.8 nmol/L (32 ng/mL). Optimal disease prevention (vitamin D deficiency is highly linked to numerous diseases including cancer) at a minimum of 125 nmol/L (50 ng/mL). Vitamin B12 serum range is too low and symptoms are well noted to occur in "normal" range. In Japan and various countries in Europe, the lower limit for B12 is between 500-550 pg/mL (369 - 405.9 pmol/L). I'd go higher than that!
Avatar f tn I would recommend the reading of a book by Dr. David Williams, Fat Belly, in case you have not read it yet. Also watch his videos on YouTube. Good luck!
280891 tn?1261016650 This case history shows a Type 2 diabetes treatment success story of James Kenney, one of my patients. Type 2 diabetes prevention is possible, with diabetes education, Type 2 diabetes diet, proper weight control, and exercise. Instead of controlling diabetes, simply get rid of it. Name James Kenney Chief Complaint Poorly controlled diabetes Weight 268 pounds Insulin 175 units per day Mr. Kenney was referred to my office from his nephrologist at St.
Avatar f tn You can do it in any position and in any place and nobody will even know you are doing it but it is nice to do it laying down with your hands on your stomach so you can feel the rise and fall of it. Also, try a few meditation videos from YouTube. I found one online, I will try to find the link and send it to you, that had me feeling like I was part of the couch when I was done.
304153 tn?1194827741 Diabetes, gallbladder disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, autoimmune disease, cryoglobulinemia, heart disease/stroke/amputations etc (as a result of diabetes) etc. In the case of diabetes, there's no question that this disease can and does grind down a person as they get older, easily outright causing or exacerbating other health issues that can and do become the primary cause of death.
Avatar f tn ) - if you believe that. Anyways, I see the jury is out with relapse prevention or slowing in regards to drugs or lifestyle. I have really never been one to jump on drugs (except advil is my friend) .. otherwise I have always tried herbs etc for overall health. And I do believe that stress and anxiety (especially chronic) can be the underlying reason for getting most ailments. (and well, i sure fit that). I am all ready to consider DMD's - copaxone is the only one I like of them all ...
Avatar n tn I was presribed Topamax for the prevention of migraines - started on 25mg, twice a day. That worked well, but neurologist thought that it should be the standard 100mg per day, so 'upped' the presription. I lost sense of flavor and my tongue felt like it had been burnt; went back to the 25mg twice daily (which worked just fine as preventative) and taste came back.
1852058 tn?1320162300 Go to Youtube and search for BABESIA, you will see people there talking about their illness and some videos of the bacteria in the red blood cells. Its like Malaria. It causes the red cells to baloon up and then they cant squeeze through the capillaries causing cold sensations in feet and hands and headaches. lack of oxygen. If you took a test to see how much blood volume you had in your body, it would prob show 30% less than what you should have for you size/weight.
3229560 tn?1347041110 If you want more information google Centers for Disease control and prevention or CDC and mononucleosis or EBV and you will get the same information. There are other problems with EBV that a few people like 3-5% get Burketts Lymphoma and other types of lymphoma and really the other viruses can do this too but people just aren't aware of it. There is some data that suggests that influenza can give you Parkinson's disease many years later. Anyway, I think you can't avoid it in life.
Avatar n tn Exactly the same symptoms here - I have Diabetes so the first thought was that my blood sugar was out of control so that I might be getting what is known as Diabetic Neuropathy, but after testing my A1c (glucose counts) it was found that was not the case. Since then, every time I mention it to my doctor I get the same response, take some Motrin, it will go away, etc.
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Avatar n tn I guess the way we can look at it is this, if someone had diabetes, would we suggest they just tough it out and not take insulin? There are times were medications do help and provide things that without medication can't. Having Down syndrome, ADHD, Autism, etc is not a weakness, it is medical, AND in many cases can sometimes require a medical intervention. This isn't always the answer, but a doctor can better and hopefully in a well meaning way, explain what is the best route.
Avatar f tn Hi I thinks chills would be only cause if your body is lacking vitamins. A lot of people with diabetes get chills as their body doesn't use full energy or vitamins they consume. I would suggest do a test on liver or pancreatic check then doctor will be able to tell you if your body uses the food you consume with 100% outcome and don't forget to exercise.
Avatar n tn I too have been feeling electric shocks in my left knee. It may have to do with the hernias I have in my spinal cord that off and on press the nerve and thus cause the shock. Is this is a possibility?
Avatar n tn UTI's happen by not drinking enough water, wearing bathing suit bottoms for too long, or not changing your underwear frequently enough (cotton underwear is better for your vagina as it is more breathable). These might help with prevention and/or remedies... My biggest problem is not drinking enough water so I'm going to start doing that.
Avatar n tn //www.youtube.com/watch?
436516 tn?1382388265 Is there anything that we all have in common that could be a cause or trigger? Let's start with me. In the last year I have been diagnosed type 2 diabetes which I take pills for. I have high blood pressure which I take medication. That's about all the major things wrong with me outside of this tickle cough. I live in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Anyone else care to share something about themselves?
Avatar f tn the dose to increase etv response in vitro is 40mg, this is from a 2008 or 2009 study, as for all the cheap generic, unpatented drugs, nobody cares or spend a penny so the only news we have is about liver cancer prevention and universal recommendation to use it on hbvers with abnormal chol levels i suggest to start with 20mg dose for about 3 weeks and increase to 40mg if you experience no sides on 20mg.
Avatar n tn Also, I take care of healthy patients to keep them healthy longer. It is called prevention and wellness. Free advice to all: Besides the real obvious DO NOT SMOKE or drink alcohol in excess.....Do not use any prescribed medication without the care of a physician, drink plenty of water, stop all soda intake, eat as organic as you can, exercise regularly, do not eat late night meals and finally....smile alot.
Avatar n tn Also when I spoke with my mother who has diabetes, we found that she had not had debilitating back pains prior to taking insulin injections. Just something to think about. I notified Enbrel and my doctor of my findings and they are astonished. I guess it's true what they say... you must be your own advocate! I will continue to say a prayer for all of you who are suffering from pain.
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