Wisdom tooth extraction under sedation

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382218 tn?1341181487 Absolutely under a local if its possible. I had 3 done under a local, and one under sedation, and found the recovery time after a local was .......pretty well no time at all. So aside from the kind of sicko feeling of having someone yanking bits of your mouth around, you feel ok afterwards, just sore for a day or two. Whereas, under the sedation, the pain was infinately worse AND I felt like a spaced out loon for a good 48 hours, AWFUL. I prefer having a clear head while dealing with pain.
Avatar f tn Getting my wisdom teeth out this Friday and I'm really scared. My lower right side is impacted and growing horizontal and causing my right cheek to be a bit swollen and my neck as well. I have slight jaw and tooth pain and war paint. Dentist prescribed antibiotics for 10 days and I started the corse yesterday and going to continue it after the surgery to prevent infection. I am very scared of this procedure although so many people have gotten it done.
1030433 tn?1252284429 Each experience is different depending on the complexity of the extraction. If you are going to have it done under sedation, it may make more sense to get them all out at once. You will probably be pretty sore for the first week and it should gradually improve throughout that first week. I would probably avoid going to work the first day as the sedation may cause some nausea and feeling of "blah" as you said. You may need someone you trust to drive you there and back as well.
88793 tn?1290227177 here in the U.S. most simple wisdom teeth removals are done with ga and sometimes a little gas just for relaxation not to knock you out. even more complicated procedures like impacted wisdom teeth rarely require a hospital. being completely sedated is more risky than just being numbed up. i only had two wisdom teeth come in (top only) and yes after they were pulled under ga in the regular office i walked a mile home!
11639155 tn?1420062415 Your lucky your not me! I am not afraid of needles but I have an extremely low pain tolerance but a high tolerance to the numbing shots so it takes more to numb me fully. Yesterday I had to have a wisdom tooth pulled and it took 7 numbing shots to fully numb me so now I am extremely sore from the shots and the extraction :( not fun at all!
1354136 tn?1331875317 going in on friday to get an upper wisdom tooth pulled. can't afford the sedation so just opting for a local. never had a tooth pulled before, hopefully i'll be fine? tooth is already out of gumline. any insight would be appreciated, just nervous here. thanks.
Avatar f tn s called) and when I went back he told me I had a really bad infection under the tooth in front of my bottom right wisdom tooth and it would need root canal treatment as the infection is really close to the jaw bone... I had no pain in that tooth but I thought back to a few months prior when I was having painful aches in my jaw, it felt like I couldn't open my mouth and so it made sense... Ok I said do it... but then he went ahead and removed the wisdom tooth behind the infected tooth...
Avatar f tn I just underwent wisdom tooth extraction with IV sedation and was told the same thing by my oral surgeon. I did not have this side effect, however the comment appeared to be in all seriousness and I have found a few other sites mentioning it online. Hope this helps ease any concerns!
Avatar n tn Since then my dentist has said that he can remove the adjacent wisdom tooth himself under local (other dentist referred me to hospital). the wisdom tooth itself has "rotted" and all thats left is the root, so he said it will be a tricky and quite long job. I am concerned about this, knowing the bone is still healing and regrowing in the molar extraction socket next to it, and I am very worried about damage to the new bone that is still growing.
Avatar m tn Hi, I got a tooth extraction two to four years ago, the tooth was a molar right before the wisdom tooth on my lower right side.
Avatar n tn Depending on the type of sedation used during the extraction her judgement may have been impaired. Was yours? Deal with it. If you truly have concerns don't expose yourself to anyone else until the length of time needed to assure you are not infected (masturbate/condoms/abstainance) Accept that what was done was done and buy her something pretty.
Avatar f tn I have braces on my upper jaw and I just got my lower wisdom tooth extracted, its been 5 days, the swelling did go down but I can notice that my face has changed. Do extraction of wisdom tooth make the face fat ? Thnk you.
Avatar f tn Hey i have a wisdom tooth and im wondering is it okay to get it pulled im about 4 weeks along
Avatar n tn it was extracted 6 months ago, and ever since it the next day afte extraction, i felt discomfert not by the tooth but below next the jaw line under my teeth. It feels hard, I went back to the dentist, and told him about it, and he saw no problem. He would touch the area and a few hour later i would feel discomfort. the area it self dosnt hurt, but its hard, and feels like it gets harder when i smile, and when I eat it hard food. it gets harder.
9671341 tn?1443128711 This infection may not have necessarily arisen as a result of the teeth extraction process. If you have any decayed tooth, this may have caused green mucus to form in the wisdom tooth socket. " http://www.dentistshateme.com/2014/01/25/how-to-get-rid-of-green-mucus-from-wisdom-teeth-extraction-hole/ I'd contact your dentist because you probably need antibiotics etc Cheers.......
Avatar f tn If upper wisdom tooth is single rooted and female patient, removal usually takes within 5 miniutes. If the tooth is multirooted and male patient, it may take 15 -30 miniutes.Post-op pain is minimal, most patients take one dose of pain killer in the evening. No major discomfort is experinced in the following day. Dry socket is an exttremely rare event for upper wisdom tooth removal. Post op antibiotics is rarely needed.
Avatar n tn Outpt surgery under general anesthesia. The wisdom tooth was horizontal next to a cyst---the crown of the wisdom tooth was pushing against the tooth next to it. Not in to much pain, I'm taking clindamycin & oxycodone. Since the extraction, I have only taken 4 pain pills. Of course my face is still swollen, which is to be expected, but my tongue on the left side is still numb. My tongue still feels like is did the day of surgery. Which is scary--how long should I expect this?
Avatar f tn But after extraction of right bottom wisdom and tooth in front of it. The usual swelling of right cheek, moved to under my chin to back of jaw. It is giving me almost more pain than if teeth were still there...
Avatar f tn The pain last for seconds only, I looked in the mirror to see any damage in my wisdom tooth, suddenly the tooth cracked. I ignore it, because the pain subsided, no swollen jaw and face no tooth ache at all. But after two days I started to feel sick, severe dizziness as if something is eating my energy inside my body, i feel pressure at the back of my head. Extreme fatigue, muscle ache and weakness, GERD, spaced out, balance problem.
Avatar f tn Hi. Grateful for advice/thoughts. I had my bottom right wisdom tooth extracted under intra-venous sedation 8 days ago. It seemed to go fine. No stitches. On day 3 after the op., I had a dull throbbing pain and grim taste with bad breath, so I went to see my referring dentist on Day 4 (not the one who did the procedure as he's a long drive away).
Avatar n tn Kirsch On Nov 27 I e-mailed a question concerning a wisdom tooth extraction that has left numbness( now 8 days past surgery date) in my lower lip, teeth, and chin on the left side. I neglected to mention that my age is 60 yrs. 11 mos. How much difference should this make in the extraction decision considering also that there was no problem with the tooth at the time. Thank you.
Avatar n tn I had a wisdom tooth removed Monday..the doctor gave me no meds for pain. it is now Friday and my ears are blocked,my mouth hurts,and I have a slight fever..is this normal?
Avatar m tn 5 yrs ago i had dental pain in my lower jaw,and dental surgeon diagnosed as wisdom tooth.doctor advised me for tooth extraction but i didn,t follow his advice.all these yrs i didn,t feel any complication.since one yr i can,t my mouth properly,sometimes i have severe pain.i cant take any food.for your sugesstion.
Avatar n tn My top left wisdom tooth is probably 3/4 of a centimetre down and fortunately it does not seem impede on the last molar. It does however face an odd direction which makes it hard to clean. It therefore is developing a cavity which is quite sizeable but not giving me any pain or discomfort - at this stage anyway. My theory was I would rather it rot out of my mouth before I would have to go to the dentist to have it extracted. I am 37 years of age and have a terrible fear of the dentist.
Avatar f tn Wisdom tooth extraction is generally not associated with tooth shift.