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Avatar f tn I have a cavity in my back tooth it is the third tooth from the back. Many years ago I had a root canal on this tooth. Presently there is a large cavity in this tooth, however no pain but food gets trapped it often. If it is removed , is it necessary to replace it? What are my options?
Avatar n tn If this tooth is a wisdom tooth then I would not consider doing the rct unless it is a critical tooth and has sufficient bone support. If it is not important then I might consider filling it, if that doesn't work then extraction is a very viable option.
Avatar f tn I've got a cavity on my wisdom tooth, and I'm starting to feel sensitivity and even slight pain on it. at the moment ive got no health insurance, but will soon, and will also be getting all my wisdom teeth removed when i get insurance. whats strange is that i woke up this morning and felt slight pain in both of my jaws, near the back. one side i can clearly see a cavity, the other side i cant find one for the life of me (using mirrors/flashlights).
Avatar m tn t have it checked because I have camp. The inner tooth hurts. I did have my wisdom teeth taken out about 2 and a half weeks ago, could that be the problem? I don't remember MAYBE my tooth hurt even before the wisdom teeth extraction.
Avatar n tn I am ftm 9 weeks 1 day & have developed a cavity on my bottom tooth. It's painful, but I can handle it. I'm just wondering if I call my dentist if he will do anything. Will he tell me to wait until my 2nd trimester, or will he go ahead and fill it?
Avatar f tn So my dentist told me I have all my wisdom teeth and one has a bad cavity. They wouldn't do Anything for it. Noticed tonight that the tooth is actually decaying and now the root seems to be exposed and I'm in pain. Can the infection spread to my daughter? I have an appointment Wednesday and I'm planning to call my doc in the morning.
Avatar f tn s cus the bottom wisdom tooth has a bad cavity and the top wisdom tooth has signs ofvdecay which is crazy cuz this is my first cavity. The pain of the teeth pushing at a weird angle plus cavity makes me have headaches it swells up my left side of mouth..just a B.
Avatar f tn I have a upper wisdom tooth that has a cavity in it, its not caused any problem, not crowded either. Can a wisdom tooth be filled, my lower one is.
Avatar f tn Why doesn't he just fill the cavity? I never heard of pulling a tooth because of a tiny cavity. My dentist doesn't work like that. I lost one wisdom tooth because I injured it but the other three are fine and dandy and I intend to keep them. I don't understand this pull happy approach.
8830311 tn?1400088806 It could be a cavity or the wisdom tooth or may be a you have been chewing something really hard. You should consult a doctor.
Avatar n tn I had my lower impacted wisdom tooth extracted one week ago. I am still experiencing a rather large amount of pain that I sometimes feel in my front teeth and very much so in the cavity. Is it normal to have a decent amount of pain a week after? Also at this point is it safe to irrigate the cavity with a syringe or does it still pose a threat to dislodging the blood clot? Thanks for your help in advance.
2169899 tn?1354674056 Is it possible to have a tooth extracted while pregnant, I have a cavity and its so painful i've been in tears, im 13weeks and just want this tooth out!!!
Avatar n tn Tooth #32 is a wisdom tooth, I am wondering how important it is to retain this particular tooth and the investment that is necessary to do so. That being said an inlay or onlay is a restoration that is more conservative in nature and leaves more tooth structure. I do not know if you will have less sensitivity with resin or metal inlay.At some point the sensitivity should go away completely whether it is metal or resin.
Avatar f tn For me I let them go in and out for several years and it hurt and finally they came out and I used my wisdom teeth for years until they got cavities. Then once you get a cavity in one wisdom if you have to pull one you have to pull the top and bottom. My wisdom tooth roots were rapped all over the place and it was hard to get it out. The other side was easy. So, It is up to you to do it now or later.
Avatar f tn I went back to the dentist and he adjusted the bite, it felt better, but then that night the pain came back again, a dull ache type of pain, like headache type on the side of my mouth. I went back again to the dentist and was told it could be my wisdom tooth acting up. I then went to an oral surgeon and he took a panoramic x ray and said that my wisdom tooth was ok to stay where it is and wasn't causing the pain.
Avatar f tn I had an impacted wisdom tooth extracted. I deep cavity above, same side filled. A cleaning and deep cleaning on the side that I had all the problems on. Now it is 4 month later and I can't pin point what's going on but I feel swelling and numbness in the gums above and below, where the work was done. The thing is that it is not always in the same area. It moves around. What's going on?
Avatar m tn 2 days ago, I had severe tooth pain that came out of nowhere. It was my upper left side, 2nd molar from the back. The pain was incredible in the roof of my mouth, and was actually hard to pinpoint which tooth was the culprit. Hot food or drink hurt incredibly bad, while cold liquid made the pain go away almost instantly. My dentist saw a cavity on the tooth that was "deep", and he was concerned that he would have to do a root canal right then and there.
7918705 tn?1395359903 Just talk to them and let them know how far along you are. I got a wisdom tooth removed when I was pregnant with my daughter.
Avatar m tn i had a wisdom tooth infection (that has a large cavity) that i was treating with antibiotics when i performed analingus on him lastabout 1 or 2 weeks after he performed fellatio on me and i analingus on him. i developed a painful urethritis with no discharge..only dysuria.. i tested negative for chlam/gonn and urinalysis was negative.. he also tested negative..we are a monogamous couple..... the analingus act was after a long bath and shower...
Avatar f tn Any one removed a tooth while pregnant. I have to get my wisdom tooth removed today because I have a horrible cavity causing pain. What should I expect.....
Avatar f tn s palsy 20 years ago after a wisdom tooth extraction. Scared the crap out of my neighbor kid when I answered the door. LOL.
Avatar n tn I extracted my wisdom tooth nearly 8 weeks ago. I was bearing with the healing process and was taking all the precautions I was told by the Dentist. But now for the past 1 week I am getting severe pain which travels to my ear. My cavity has healed. Visited my dentist and the xray shows a big whole. According to my dentist it is a dry socket. Is it possible to have dry socket even if the wound has healed. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/421645'>Dry socket....
Avatar f tn I had my wisdom tooth pulled when I was 16 weeks. It was already out just got a cavity on the side which caused a bad infection, They just numbed me up and pulled it out.
Avatar n tn Had a wisdom tooth removed. Less than a week later, the tooth next to the old wisdom (already worked on twice as the dentist said there was a cavity in it - filling caused pain when chewing so he redid the filling a 2nd time and still a problem) and the crowned molar next to it started throbbing. Feels like it's coming from the area between the crowned molar and the one next to the old wisdom tooth. So, I go back.
Avatar n tn And the tooth didnt shatter, it split in half, so theres not little peices in my tooth, just one half of a tooth.