Why has my breast tenderness went away

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1095404 tn?1333992839 Crystal, We all worry about things like that but from everyone that I've spoken to on here, Sometimes symptoms come and go, some days you will be nauseous some days not, same with any other symptoms, Personally my breast tenderness has done the same thing, some days it is severe and some days i forget I'm pregnant. I think its from your hormones. Just try not to stress out too much over anything, I know its hard, I'm having the same issue worrying about every little thing.
Avatar f tn This is my first pregnancy, I'm 9w 3d along. My breasts have hurt the entire time. For all my closet friends & my sister's, theirs went away pretty quickly. It's not uncommon & completely normal. It can actually last your entire pregnancy or it could ease up later on.
Avatar f tn t have this usual breast tenderness. Instead, only my right breast has been tender on the outer side just when I wake up in the morning. It is also tender to the touch in that area. Once I'm up and get moving around, the tenderness goes away almost immediately, so I do not experience this throughout the day, only morning in bed on the one side only (outer edge). And it didn't alleviate when my period started. I am now on day 5 of my cycle and still had the tenderness this morning.
Avatar f tn yeah estrogen but dont know how it is causing breast tenderness....? it sounds funny that I have breast tenderness on most of the days. my family doc thinks I am hypochondriac.
546318 tn?1328193635 Although the tenderness is still there I am worried... why are they not throbbing and as sore now? Please help as my anxiety levels are pretty high at the minute...
Avatar f tn Hey everyone, I am 5 wks and 3 days and I found out at 4 wks that I was pregnant and this is my first pregnancy. I haven't had breast tenderness but my nipples have been really tender especially last wk but I find now that they aren't as tender. They barely hurt anymore. Is this something I should be worried about?
Avatar f tn I'm currently 3 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby and have no breast tenderness! Has anyone had this? With my first it was different. I had breast tenderness from the go.
Avatar f tn I wouldnt worry too much about it, my breast tenderness came and went until about 12 weeks and then went away all together. Try not to worry about your symptoms. I never threw up during my pregnancy and im 22 weeks with a healthy baby girl.
1454858 tn?1306784378 I think it was around 7-8 weeks when my breast tenderness went down or completly away. The full heavy, no pressure please feeling came only a few days ago. Im sure all will be well! If it makes you feel any better, with my miscarriage my boobs kept getting more and more sore the further I went along...you are heading in the opposite direction of my miscarriage! That's good.
Avatar f tn My breast have been very tender the last few days. Im supposed to be getting my period either today tomorrow, but I have no cramps or signs that ill be getting it soon.
Avatar f tn i never have breast tenderness before period or pregnancy.. so my question is to all of those ladies who do get it.. how would you describe it.. for the past couple of days i have been having a tingling shooting sensation, sometimes pain (mild) shooting through my boobie into my nipple.. or i will have like a pulling sensation ..?? just curious... i am a week away from starting my period... also one week post trying to make a baby..
Avatar n tn You should be fine (: my symptoms went away as well. Up until I was 10 weeks my breast weren't sore anymore and I didn't feel pregnant at all. Our bodies just go through spurts with growing in pregnancy.
Avatar f tn So I was just wondering because a lot of girls complain about soreness and tenderness of the breast. I, myself have pretty big breast naturally and dont feel any soreness or tenderness.. my nipples feel a little sensitive but thats all. I feel like maybe i wont even produce milk.. is that possible? Or is this normal for some girls?
Avatar f tn I had breast tenderness after transfer due to hcg shot. My breast tenderness basically went away by the time I had my beta. I got a bfp so it's totally normal. Good luck!
546318 tn?1328193635 I am worried as when I had my m/c that was one of the first symptoms- pain in boobs subsided. Although the tenderness is still there I am worried... why are they not throbbing and as sore now? Please help as my anxiety levels are pretty high at the minute...
Avatar f tn why are my breast very tender and sore, i am breastfeeding but havent happened before and out of no where they are tender n very sore my last period was since feb.23 and havent had it till then and i am 20 days late on my period , test come out negative.........im wondering why is this?? What does it mean? Anyone please help me. Has anyone has this before?
Avatar f tn My breast tenderness seemed to fade by the end of the first trimester, but tenderness never actually went away. Some days they're more sore than others.
Avatar f tn I'm almost six weeks and my breast are killing me...and ideas to relieve the pain?
Avatar f tn Doc, which is better and with less side effects, Yaz or Althea? I had breast tenderness issues with Yaz, but the doc said this could also happen with Althea. I have irregular menstruation.
Avatar n tn i'm 14 weeks and still having severe breast tenderness. my dr originally gave me tylenol #3 and now won't refill it because i don't think he believes me. i thought for the longest time that it would go away as i went into the second trimester but i don't think it is. i can't exercise like i used to and am in constant pain all over both breasts and nipples. does anyone else have or had this problem? did it go away eventually in the second trimester of later?
Avatar f tn Yes I went to the Er because of cramping they did an ultrasound and hcg level. They saw something but couldn't say for sure if it was a sac... I have a follow up appointment with my dr Monday. It's weird I had breast tenderness than the cramping started. Once the cramping started the tenderness went away.
Avatar f tn But when I first found out the only symptom I had was breast tenderness other then that nothing else. I still only have breast tenderness as my only symptom now and I recently went to the hospital just to have everything checked out and the heartbeat was 154 and my hcg was 148k but I know the hcg only matters if it's rising, not if the number is high. But I won't find that out until my next appointment. Congratulations tho!!
Avatar f tn Does anyone know if it is normal for breast tenderness to go away at 9 weeks? It is totally not as bad at it was when i first got pregnant and it almost feels like its not even there anymore! Is this normal???
Avatar f tn Why are my breast so tender? They hurt really bad, what can I do? 26 weeks.
Avatar f tn It's alright. And perfectly normal. I was only a little sore until about 8 weeks, then it completely went away. Also, my nipples are only sensitive if you're really messing with them, so don't worry mama. :) You're a lucky one.