My breast tenderness disappeared

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Avatar n tn I'm 6+3 and all my earlier pregnancy symptoms ( breast tenderness, nausea, tiredness etc.) have all gone, I just don't feel pregnant anymore. Is that normal?
1095404 tn?1333992839 Crystal, We all worry about things like that but from everyone that I've spoken to on here, Sometimes symptoms come and go, some days you will be nauseous some days not, same with any other symptoms, Personally my breast tenderness has done the same thing, some days it is severe and some days i forget I'm pregnant. I think its from your hormones. Just try not to stress out too much over anything, I know its hard, I'm having the same issue worrying about every little thing.
Avatar n tn İ was weeks and that's what caught my attention was that my breats were in so much pain I wanted them off my chest completely. Everyone was is different haha.
Avatar f tn I am due July 13th. I am in week 9 and my symptoms have some what disappeared. The nausea is horrible though. I have also not thrown up. I have also not told my work place because I just got a promotion yesterday! We are waiting until next weekend to say anything after 1st appointment.
Avatar f tn So I was just wondering because a lot of girls complain about soreness and tenderness of the breast. I, myself have pretty big breast naturally and dont feel any soreness or tenderness.. my nipples feel a little sensitive but thats all. I feel like maybe i wont even produce milk.. is that possible? Or is this normal for some girls?
578037 tn?1286967943 My period is five days late and today I started having some very mild but not constant cramps almost like period cramps however last week I experienced nausea and headaches I have also being tired I have not had breast tenderness but they feel as though they have gotten bigger and I have been drinking a lot more water than normal and like two or three weeks ago I took a home pregnancy test and the box said to wait three minutes to read results and after one minute the negative line was very fain
Avatar f tn They said that I had microcalcifications in my left breast. They made me an appt. with a specialist for a consult. He scheduled me a biopsy the 27th. I went and during their mammagram on my left breast before the biopsy, the microcalcifications dissapeared? The Dr. wants me to go back to the Breast Center for another mammagram April 1, 2013. Where did the microcalcifications go? No biopsy because of poor visualization?
Avatar f tn I'm 13 weeks and 5 days pregnant. I have had 2 previous miscarriages, but both were very early. I suppose I am probably just freaking out over nothing and just letting my thoughts and worries get the best of me, but I haven't really "felt pregnant" recently. Has anyone else experienced this? Every now and then my breast are a little sore, but that is about it.
606983 tn?1220294187 I have given myselfs mamograms and have not found anythign new.
5574172 tn?1376700381 Ok so I'm new to this site & I'm not yet sure how it works but as of today I'm half way through pregnancy. But I'm still experiencing breast tenderness/soreness, I thought it was supposed to be done by this time, it'll wake me up in the middle of the night hurting. Does anything help this??
216239 tn?1233257361 I think everyone is different when it comes to symtoms and some will be worse than others. This is my third pregnancy and my symtoms with nausea left me fast I still have the sore breast from time to time , but I believe that is normal. My first and second pregnancy I was sick forever with nausea and I don't think I had sore breast for long ...but like i say pregnancies seem to vary. I think your one of the very fortunate ones to have symtoms leave fast I would not worry much at all.
491527 tn?1214487803 The other information is very informative an concise but I just never associated or have read that breast tenderness is also associated with ovariarn cysts so this is great information to add to my brain. Of course, I just read today about breast cancer causing cysts so I am learning a lot today. Information is power!
Avatar f tn How long does this usually last? With my first pregnancy the soreness went away a few weeks after I found out. I'm currently 11w4d with my 2nd baby and oh my they hurt so bad!
Avatar f tn I am 36 weeks and my breast started to hurt again. I think my milk is coming in. I woke up last night with dried milk on my boob. I started a size D and now I am an F. My boobs are going to get even bigger. Nipples are super sensitive.
Avatar f tn Blood work showed I was not in active menopause, Dr said she thought i was begining it though. My breast are so tender it hurts to be touched, when I tak my bra off it feels like they are going to pull off of my body I am in means well endowed. They use to feel similar when I was going to start my period. I keep looking to start but havent. Should I be worried? It has been 3 years since my mamogram but i do self exams almost daily .
Avatar f tn i never have breast tenderness before period or pregnancy.. so my question is to all of those ladies who do get it.. how would you describe it.. for the past couple of days i have been having a tingling shooting sensation, sometimes pain (mild) shooting through my boobie into my nipple.. or i will have like a pulling sensation ..?? just curious... i am a week away from starting my period... also one week post trying to make a baby..
Avatar f tn m 8 weeks so I think its just the first trimester my husband likes to touch my boobs a lot but they hurt and I feel bad when I tell him not to touch my boobs what helps keep the pain down is I go in the shower and run warm water on my boobs and wear a sports bra ora maternity bra I also massage my boobs some times that helps but it can be different for many women
Avatar n tn Yay which i am so happy lol. But now that i had her my poor breast hurt like hell. My milk supplies came in and they feel like rocks and they hurt. Im not breastfeeding only doing bottle feeding. Ive been doing the cabbage trick and the tight bra but they are still full and hurt! any other advices that you ladies can give me so the milk can dry up faster and breast go to normal size?
1453325 tn?1308386996 With all three of my pregnancies I had different symptoms. My first my boobs were not tender, second they were alittle and my third....OMG they hurt like crazy. It is a common symptom. No worries!!!
Avatar f tn Try not to stress because you are lacking certain symptoms. With my first, I had breast tenderness. With my 2nd, and now my 3rd, none at all. Take care and Congratulations.
Avatar f tn They have been feeling this way since Monday which was 6 days ago. My cycles normally last 28 to 30 days. Can you have breast tenderness from ovulation? I'm not on any progestrone due to the doctors telling me that I can't start back up until the end of this month.
Avatar f tn My pregnancy is going perfect Ive never had morning sickness since i conceived and my breast never hurt ill be due in 11days and its like nothing is going on with my breasts. Just like they said some do experience soreness others dont.
Avatar f tn I wouldnt worry too much about it, my breast tenderness came and went until about 12 weeks and then went away all together. Try not to worry about your symptoms. I never threw up during my pregnancy and im 22 weeks with a healthy baby girl.
Avatar f tn Hi girls, this isn't my first pregnancy but already its different to my first...
Avatar f tn For the past 3 days my breasts have been sore. They started off kind of sore, but now they are pretty sore. I had unprotected sex the day after my period, he pulled out but we all know that isn't the smartest thing to do.. That was about ten days ago. But, I have also been sick the past few days. The tenderness started when I started to get really sick. I don't know what I have, but my lungs have some sort of infection I know that much.
Avatar f tn Hey everyone, I am 5 wks and 3 days and I found out at 4 wks that I was pregnant and this is my first pregnancy. I haven't had breast tenderness but my nipples have been really tender especially last wk but I find now that they aren't as tender. They barely hurt anymore. Is this something I should be worried about?