My breast tenderness disappeared

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Avatar n tn After I finished them(the node disappeared)I kept noticing a sharp pain every now and then on my right side between my breast and side.I felt around and noticed a lump.The next morning,I guess from touching it so much,it had swollen up to where you could just touch my skin and feel it. It was tender too. I went back to the Dr and she gave me another round of antibiotics and told me if it didnt go away to come back and she would order a mamogram.
Avatar n tn I'm 6+3 and all my earlier pregnancy symptoms ( breast tenderness, nausea, tiredness etc.) have all gone, I just don't feel pregnant anymore. Is that normal?
Avatar f tn Hi I would like you to help me answer of this question, I miscarried with in two weeks and it had seemed that my pregnancy syptoms disappeared but after few day I feel tenderness of my breast.
1095404 tn?1333996439 Hey Ladies, Just a quick question, Im now 7wks 4days and from having lots of breast tenderness Ive woken up this morning and it seems to have disappeared, can this happen, if so why? You would think I would be less nervous coz I only had a scan on Thur and everything was perfect, I guess Im just nervous coz I of my 2 previous MC. I just keep thinking something is going to go wrong :-( I have hardly any pregnancy symptoms at all!!
Avatar f tn Im about 6 weeks in. But my breast tenderness has subsided today, is tgis normal? It makes me worried.
606983 tn?1220297787 I have a small lump near my nipple in my left breast, however this has been present for at least 7-8 years and has not changed in size or position
Avatar n tn Immediately, some symptoms disappeared. However, one which didn't was the breast pain, in the same breast as before and, a clear nipple discharge. She's been unable to have a mammogram, due to extreme sensitivity, but, has had sonorgrams. She's been told, repeatedly, there is nerve damage but, she's in pain 24/7 and, is exhausted with this.
Avatar n tn Or the delay in my period and breast tenderness is all because of the shot i took? ( since i started having my period i was always regular) Or am I having polycystic ovarian symptoms.
Avatar f tn I discovered it at the bottom of my right breast and went in for a manual breast exam with my doctor. She told me she definitely felt it, but it was probably nothing to worry about. She told me it was half a centimetre and movable. A few days later, that lump seemed to have vanished, and a new one appeared. It is palpable, at the top of my breast, exactly where it was the first time. It feels round and movable and I can feel a few other small lumps in the general area.
Avatar f tn I'm worried because my breast and nipple tenderness seem to have disappeared. I also don't feel as neausus as the past few days.
Avatar n tn Everything has been fine since - until (3 weeks ago) when I was showering and felt three bumps around my areola on my left (good) breast. I went to breast doc who thought they felt like cysts. He gave me a script for a 3D diagnostic mammo and ultrasound. In between the time seeing my breast doc and the mammo / ultrasound appointment I felt a cord like vein/tendon running down my left breast and bumps in breast almost disappeared!! (July 2015) had 3D mammo - all clear with no findings.
Avatar f tn My wife also had small accessory nipple-like lesions at bilateral anterior axillary fold, but I am not sure whether it is axillary breast tissue. However, my wife goes swimming as if nothing there. I wont suggest my wife to do any surgery just for cosmetic or psychological reasons. Freckleston, if I were u, I wont complain to the medical board.
Avatar n tn After that, the lump disappeared and never really flared up again. Now, I have another lump in my breast that is really painful. It's not hard or soft but firm and moveable and the pain extends under my arm yet again. I have PCOS and have recently lost 34 pounds as we want to try for another child. Would this have anything to do with a lump appearing as my hormones will have regulated themselves and I may be producing estrogen again?
Avatar f tn Sometimes it stays local - other times it radiates around and within the breast and has even radiated to my back at times. Warm compresses, hot baths are my only release, but upon sessation, the pain starts to return. Antacids (Rantididine 150) don't work, GasX doesn't work, Advil does not work. Been to Doctor and GI and have had chest x-rays, ultrasound, CT scan with contrast and blood work all indicating I'm a completely healthy individual.
Avatar n tn I have a large lump on my rib that is right below my left breast. It is not in my breast but below my breast.I had a tumor removed a year ago in my right breast, which was benign, but this is strange. It is very large and very distinctive. Can you have a tumor on your rib and not in your breast that might be Breast cancer and what do you think it can be. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger.
Avatar n tn Now my worry is that I feel pain next to the breast bone on the right side wich seems to radiate around that area. I have already been to my GP once again and have done blood work again plus another abdominal ultrasound which came back normal. Im very worried- I have a very sedentary job and sleep curled up, could this all be related to posture/muscle issues. Any input would be greatly appreciated. I am starting to panick.
Avatar n tn I am 48 yo disabled by a chronic immune disorder, overweight and menopausal (i have a medical background but not in oncology or radiology) I do have bilateral breast tenderness (my period has become very irregular once or twice only this year so I always feel like I'm getting it) Breast exam, by a breast surgeon my gyn sent me to after nodules were seen, was nrl I had a mammogram in 3/08 that found two nodules.
Avatar n tn I was very healthy before then. Some of my symptoms have disappeared already. Only time will tell if my body gets back to normal health. I would strongly advise NOT to go with a Mirena IUD. It is not worth it.
Avatar f tn BY now my breasts are so sore I can barely touch/bump them, but my breast tenderness has pretty much disappeared. I have no CM discharge to speak of. I am still tired, but not like I was. AND no migraine like I normal get this close to what is suppose to be AF. I'm not grasping it this cycle. Patients I suppose is the key at this point along with hope and faith.
506409 tn?1214764781 my breast started hurting when I left my bra loose and take a shower my breast feel sore my breast started leaking clear stuff my tubes are tied they been tied since 2006 been having unprotected sex with my partner for two years can someone please help me and answer my question
Avatar n tn I had a vibrating sensation on my left side and ended up having a cyst there. Maybe that was a coincidence, but at least it's something. Good luck!
578037 tn?1286971543 My period is five days late and today I started having some very mild but not constant cramps almost like period cramps however last week I experienced nausea and headaches I have also being tired I have not had breast tenderness but they feel as though they have gotten bigger and I have been drinking a lot more water than normal and like two or three weeks ago I took a home pregnancy test and the box said to wait three minutes to read results and after one minute the negative line was very fain
1532503 tn?1321326712 I am suppose to wait until Tuesday to do an HPT, which will be CD 29, but I am getting very impatient and excited! I also am not experiencing any breast tenderness, which is typical 4-5 days before AF. Wondering if anyone has had similar experiences??
Avatar n tn i woke up from a nap and my chest was in severe pain right below my right breast in my rib cage that worsened with breathing, it happens off and on randomly throughout the year maybe 5 times as an estimation and feels like someone is trying to rip my ribs out i am twenty now and it still occures. i have been to the er once for this and by the time the dr saw me the pain had mostly subsided and he wrote it off as stress and sent me home.
454186 tn?1388978568 a spinal deformity appearance, straight legs bending test, straight leg extension waist tests normal, straight-leg raising test is negative, L2-L4 bilateral transverse pointed tenderness, T12-D2 laminectomy tenderness, when push L2 transverse, abdominal pain disappeared, and stop pressing, abdominal pain re-emerged.
Avatar f tn I am due July 13th. I am in week 9 and my symptoms have some what disappeared. The nausea is horrible though. I have also not thrown up. I have also not told my work place because I just got a promotion yesterday! We are waiting until next weekend to say anything after 1st appointment.
Avatar m tn It isdriving me crazy, i also experienced a sharp pain in my chest but more through my breast than my heart but it was the left side, the pain went away the next day but now my throat feels like there is a bubble in it whenever I swallow. I had my tonsils removed when I was 12, that was 17 years ago. I do not have any problem eating, drinking or talking, but I am having a hard time sleeping at night, I wake up feeling anxiety because I feel like my throat closed up and cannot swallow.
7486852 tn?1410355784 They've never me oh your cyst disappeared on its own.. so my thought are always its be the same one. i started seeing a new gyno after my previous one reti last time i saw her we talked of checking me for endo but she wanted m checked for cervical/ovarian cancer since cancer runs in the family both well i lost my insurance and missed an appointment because i couldn't and the next time i went back she was no longer there. my new gyno la seen me because i was constantly.
Avatar f tn I just feel that my nose is constantly very dry and my throat. Fluish like symptoms. Help please! This is my 2nd pregnancy as I m/c my first one at 2 months. I am extremely stressed about it.