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Avatar m tn You become infected with the virus without having penetrative sex if you come into contact with an infected area (skin-to-skin) in the anogenital region or even with infected skin when there are no visible sores. Warts may be single, grouped, raised, flat, or cauliflower-shaped. They usually do not hurt. Currently, there is no HPV test recommended for men. Genital warts are usually diagnosed by visual inspection. So get this lesion examined to rule out HPV wart.
Avatar n tn I have had a slightly raised asymmetrical lesion under my arm that is slightly lighter than the color of the surrounding skin (white) and is consistent in color throughout, for quite a few months. It measures about 1/8" x 3/8". I do not think that it has changed since I first noticed it, but I'm concerned because of its size, the fact that it is raised and asymmetrical with irregular edges.
Avatar n tn About 3 weeks ago I got this white lesion at the base of the tip of my penis. It's not painful & doesn't seem to have any pus in it. STD tests, hiv, chlamidia, ghonorea & syphilus were all negative & a urologist today told me it was nothing-- practically laughed me out of his office. Still, this sudden sore, with no explanation worries me-- it has swollen the edge of the "helmet" base significantly & doesn't seem to be going away.
Avatar f tn Without evaluation, it is impossible for us to speculate on what these changes may be. Skin on the breast is like skin anywhere else on the body and is subject to abnormalities. You should bring these to your doctor’s attention since these are new findings and you have had other issues.
Avatar f tn I was left with a white circle with red irritation and discoloration of the skin around the white circle. I wrote to Dr. Rockoff and he told me to give it a month to see how it heals. He felt it sounded like a picked hair follicle. Below is a description of what it looks like now. Let me know what you think. I just wanted to update you on the lesion I had on my leg after 1 month. It looks very different. The redness has faded (just a little red now).
Avatar f tn I was left with a white circle with red irritation and discoloration of the skin around the white circle. I wrote to Dr. Rockoff and he told me to give it a month to see how it heals. He felt it sounded like a picked hair follicle. Below is a description of what it looks like now. Let me know what you think. I just wanted to update you on the lesion I had on my leg after 1 month. It looks very different. The redness has faded (just a little red now).
Avatar m tn To this day where that white puss came out there is a very slight white scar where I poked it open and the skin at that sight is still shiny. I have NOT had any fever or enlarged lymp nodes or anything. The only sensation I did have was an occasional sting on the right side of my penis away from this bump that just went away after a month. Any ideas what this might have been Doctor?
Avatar n tn Hi I have read that herpes can increase risk of HIV transmission due to white blood cells accumulating at the sore if it was on the scrotum, since the immune system is trying to heal the sore. My question is: are there any other non-std related scrotal lesions that carry this property of accumulating white blood cells? Such as a type of pimple or bump or even scrotal cut?
Avatar m tn Hello Dr. Rockoff, I notice a white lesion on the shaft of my penis.The area of white skin is slightly elevated all around the edges on the shaft of my penis. It is spherical in shape and it is not rough on the surface. It is not itchy nor painful. I went to see a dermatologist.He said it could be a wart (then afterwards he said it was most likely a wart when I asked him what could be the other options if it were not a wart) but said that it was flat on the surface.
Avatar n tn As you explain about these white spots are flat on skin and spreading slowly it seems that this is skin condition vitiligo. white spots on skin which feel burning while exposed to the sun is a common symptom of skin condition vitiligo (source of info: http://www.antivitiligo.com/vitiligo/ ). I recommend you not use tanning beds to treat these spots. Because the intensity of uv radiation in these beds is 3 to 8 time than the sunlight. There is a great risk for skin cancer by harmful rays of UV.
Avatar n tn It wasn't preceded by a red bump or iritated skin (at least that i had noticed), nor did it resemble any blister that i have ever seen. It was more like a fleshy pimple with a white-head. It "popped" pretty much as soon as I noticed it with no effort of mine. It left a little red spot in its place but by the following day it was hard to tell even where it had been. No open sore, no crusting. That was it. As a side note, the tingling in my genital region and legs has persisted.
Avatar m tn My 50 year old son has a very small (the size of a pin head)painless white lesion on his penis near the scrotum where it is often damp. I would describe it as tiny open lesion that does not completely heal. This thing has been there for a couple years; he is married and his wife does not have any evidence of STD. This thing was not painful but annoying and had some slight burn sensation when an antiseptic was applied. There are no visible yellowish or pusslike ozzings...
Avatar n tn About two weeks ago I noticed a skin lesion on my arm. The lesion was located on the upper portion of my arm, just past the elbow and somewhat near the bicep area. It's on the outside of the arm (if I stood with my hands relaxed at my sides you would see it just above my elbow). The lesion is about a cm in diameter and circular. When I first noticed it it was red and had four white bumps within it.
Avatar n tn Over the last 3-4 years I have started to develop some harder, almost white skin mainly under the rim of my penis head, but a little above too. In itself it's not painful - problem is that it's much less flexible/elastic than the skin around it. Sex is fine if dripping with lube, but when the going is less damp I end up really sore and same or perhaps next day sex is more painful. Things are also much tighter if pulling the foreskin all the way back.
Avatar n tn The patches start out with a pinkish color and then turn white and flaky, after they are gone his skin is left a few shades lighter in the affected area. It is starting to spread to his scalp and behind his ears. He went to a doctor to get it treated but the doctor said it might be a yeast infection. He applied the creams the doctor prescribed it, but it only gave him temporary relief.
Avatar n tn , however about 2 months ago I woke up and scaped my underneath eye skin by trying to remove dry eye sleep. The kind of scratchy scrap is tiny about the 2 cm and it is like a superficial small burn that doesn't heal. I got it however after I went to my daughters in Missouri. Her son has eczema and other severe skin allergies and we both became sick from coughing and sinuses plus skin irritations it seemed. She used a special soap and washing powder.
Avatar m tn I can see it easily as the skin colour is different. Every now and again the same lesion goes red and swells up for a few days, then goes down to the brown lesion again. Any idea what this could be? Its not massively painful, just annoying, as it keeps recurring.
Avatar n tn Thanks a million doc! I will not worry anymore. The lesion was not on the middle of the finger pad but on the middle of my finger 'as a whole'; but I guess that does not make any difference. One final question, if possible: if it were a herpes lesion, and it bursts open, is it possible to "tear off the loose lesion-skin" like I did, or does this not occur with a herpes lesion and only with normal lesions?
Avatar n tn Hi, Boils or skin abscesses are large, sore, reddish bumps resulting from infections deep in the skin. A boil usually starts as a tender area that becomes hardened and swells resembling a "blind pimple." It can develop slowly but eventually the center will soften and develop a "head." The head is filled with bacteria, proteins, and the accumulation of white blood cells sent to fight the infection, otherwise known as pus.
Avatar m tn I wasn't too concerned at first because i have quite a tight foreskin and thought that the skin might just have been dry or could have scarred slightly, and presumed that it would just clear up itself. Two months on though and the lesion has not cleared up, nor has it got bigger. As i said the lesion runs in a near straight line right next to the frenulum ligament? that connects the foreskin to the head, and is a little less than a centimetre in length.
Avatar m tn Dear Doctor, I have searched this forum and on the internet extensively on this issue but I couldn't find any answer. I have this Tiny White Bump / Lesion / Pimple / spot / on the top head of my circumcised Penis since 2005 ( we are now in 2008 ) so this white spot / pimple is there now for more than 2 years. I am 27 years old now. - There is no hair on this white seed like spot. - No pain if I touch it I cannot squeeze it because it's at the skin layer.
Avatar n tn should i be concern with herpes or skin infections..its ruining my skin when it heals it leave my marks..and it rarley ever has a white tip or puss..but it happens time over time again..they feel hard around but soft on top??? please help..
Avatar m tn I developed a curious lone papular lesion almost centered on my upper lip at the point where my lips meet. It is penundulated, round and smooth on the top, flesh coloured with a slight white tone because of the thicker layers of keratin at the top. Probably less than 1/2 mm wide but it seems to be growing very slowly, barely noticeable due to its position on the lip line. I have just come back from my GP and he diagnosed it as a polypoid mucosal lesion. He was sure it was not a wart.
Avatar n tn This lesion doesn't burn nether does it itch, but I'm wondering if it's possible this lesion can come from dry vagina or is it possible yeast can cause the lesion? There isn't any form of discharge nor white patchy look to it, but I don't believe it's a wart neither. I'm treating this lesion with Monostat and some antibiotic cream to see if there will be any change. I have an appointment to see the doctor within two days, and I'm hoping this isn't anything major to be worried about.
Avatar f tn I'm not sure if this is the right topic for my condition but I'll start here. Occasionally, I get a lesion on the inside of my upper thigh. I know one has appeared because it is sensitive to touch. "Annoying" is the degree of sensitivity. The lesion will be anywhere from 4 to 7 mm (estimated) and pink. I have tried covering it with a bandaid. This stops the annoying aspect as nothing rubs across it. After a day or so, a whitish spot develops in the center.