White skin like discharge

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Avatar f tn It's totally normal. If it's thicker or white its discharge. If it's clear and thin like water it could be amniotic fluid.
Avatar m tn then my body felt dehydrated, my eyes are really itchy and red with white discharge or clear and sticky discharge with crust when awakening...I get really fatigued, dry mouth, muscle twitching in my buttocks and legs, sorta white coated tongue, night sweats, warm feeling inside penis, sometimes itchy or burning groin, weak ejaculations, and ache in right arm pit and ache right next to base of penis vas deferent area.
Avatar m tn I noticed today that small, white, translucent bubbles were growing on my skin. It appears that there are no fluids inside them and are easily popped. When I pop them, the bubbles make a small popping noise. What skin problem do I have?
Avatar f tn Hi, I was wondering if clear jelly stretchy/sticky like discharge with white stuff in it is normal? my period is due next week, most likely on Monday or sometime before or after that.
Avatar f tn Having a white discharge usually is indicative of a fungal infection like Thrush. You may also experience itchiness and soreness. Make a an appointment with your doctor so that he can take a swab and identify the problem. Sometimes the doctor won't do a swab as he will be able to tell by your description and symptoms. The doctor may prescribe a vaginal pessary and/or oral medication. Your sexual partner may need to be treated too.
Avatar f tn I'm only 8w5d but I've been having this milky white discharge... it kinda feels like when your on your period and you sneeze and stuff comes out... I'm having to wear pads because it's coming out so fast... is this normal?
Avatar n tn im 36 weeks pregnant and have a white thick milky discharge it been all day what does this mean
Avatar m tn Hi, white discharge coming out your penis before you urinate would indicate an infection but there should be some type of burning while urinating. How long has this been showing up?
Avatar n tn Hi, This could be milia which are common benign skin findings. These are formed when skin remains trapped in a pocket on the surface of the skin. It can develop on the sun-damaged skin of middle-aged and older people. Primary milia found in infants tend to heal on their own within several weeks, though the secondary milia found in adults tend to persist. It is best that you have this evaluated by your dermatologist for proper management.
Avatar m tn hello. about 3 weeks ago i noticed a white, round, hard pimple-like thing on my right nipple, right in the center of the nipple itself, not the areola. it is only noticeable when my nipple is hard, and then it looks like a white round ball in the center of the nipple. it doesn't hurt, there is no discharge, and there havent been changes in size/appearance since it started. I am 26, family history of breast cancer. i am also on birth control.
Avatar n tn s 14 days ago and every test came back negative but now after 1 week i wake up with a white discharge on top of my penis and i have a small bump under my skin but i have no pain so what could have happen? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/442774'>clear stickish discharge from penis</a>.
Avatar f tn Is it normal to get thick white vaginal discharge during pregnancy that itches the vaginal area and has a not so pleasant smell?
Avatar n tn had my period for this month already. But I feel mild cramps like I get at the beginning of my period. Is it possible I am pregnant? I've taken test but they are negative. Is it possible that I am testing to early? I'm having thick egg white like discharge as well.
Avatar f tn is The discharge watery like clear like water or is it white and runny like water? I've had white discharge for one day an a small cut and I'm worried. I've not had a new partner or any partner in over a year. Please offer me some clarification.
Avatar f tn Ever since my pregnancy , starting 5mnths ago , when I wipe my rectum and vag area it's like grey skin particles . What the heck could this be ? I'm scared its something serious . I think it's about time I look deeper . I have been using pantyliners like 24/7 die to discharge could it be them irritating my bottom section ? Anybody know anything that could help me out ?
Avatar f tn We have that same thing on discharge. Please update me also. I am 9 days late on my period and im having this white discharge for the couple of days. What do you think this means?
1512022 tn?1290199396 From what you describe,it sounds like dried up discharge,but if you have other symptoms,like itchiness,pain or persistent discharge (without squeezing the nipples) I would advise you to see your doctor for evaluation. Take care...
Avatar n tn No pain, no discomfort, no itching, nothing. Just frequent white discharge and white skin. Had it for years, never thought anything of it until now. Still a virgin, never had sex before. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn Hi! I have noticed that my vaginal has been discharging a strange white clumpy discharge, but it has no smell. I kind of think it's skin that is peeling up inside of me from having sex. I noticed after having sex that my vagina had been rubbed raw, due to not having enough lubrication and because of the type of condom we used (ribbed lubricated latex that was too big for him.) Has anyone else had this happen? Please let me know!
4332997 tn?1358728615 The white discharge is normal in baby girls . As for the yellow skin that I'm not sure about .