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Avatar n tn Its a hard pea-sized bump under my skin, and can be pushed around a bit. I was thinking it was a cyst, but is it normal for it to develop within 8 hours? I normally have a bit of vaginal discharge, but it seems to have increased the past few days. Any ideas for what it might be? I don't think it is an STD because i havent seen my boyfriend since the summer... so haven't had sex since then ( he has been my only partner).
Avatar f tn If this is the same thing I have, white are what feel like rough patches of skin, with little white things sticking out of the pores. They look like white heads, but they dont squeeze out quite as well or as easily as white heads can. I notice they go away for a few days if I do hot yoga, where I am sweating for 90 minutes, or after a long run. So cleaning from the inside out seems to be the case. To be entirely honest i think its the body trying to detox.
Avatar m tn Definition By Mayo Clinic staff White tongue is a coating of debris, bacteria and dead cells on your tongue that makes it look white. Although the appearance of white tongue may be alarming, the condition is usually harmless and temporary.
Avatar m tn I have a very white (almost transparent) area on my hand skin (64π mm^2). History: I am 25 y.o. and about 9 months ago I had a little itchy area on my hand skin (under hypothenar muscles - intersection of palm and back of hand along the continuation of small finger or pinky). As I had previously experience of psoriasis, I thought I may help it with triamcinolone cream. After using triamcinolone, I didn't have the itch but once I stopped using it, the itch would come back.
Avatar n tn i have several skin tags under my arms..i found that castoroil poured on a bandage and changed every day..its seems to knock several off..but warning ..
Avatar m tn completely painless, solitary, filled with yellow pus, and seemed to come from deeper under my skin. A girlfriend of mine was coming over tonight, and I was worried about potential STI transmission through a somewhat open wound so I decided to apply liquid bandage (called New Skin) on it to protect it. It is a liquid bandage that you paint over a cut to protect it from dirt and germs and it also contains an antibiotic. I put two layers of the liquid bandage over the sore and let it dry.
Avatar n tn Once the lump is to the point where the tip is purple and very swollen, I put a HOT wet rag on the area, I repeat this for the next day or two or until I can see a faint white head under the skin. At this point I get a bottle of peroxide and thoroughly soak my arm-pit and sterilize the area as much as possible. I then take a needle (Heat over flame till red) and once its cooled I begin the most painful insertion you can imagine (The pain is less than the cyst).
Avatar n tn it is mainly skin coloured and sort of comes to a point at the end and it is white-ish. I told my boyfriend and he thought it could be a wart, but he wasn't sure. I am so scared to go to the doctor. I wonder if I have HPV. Now I think I have the same just inside my anus. help?!
Avatar m tn All the black skin has now peeled off the tip of my thumb, except for the skin just under the nail. The peeled skin has hardened and tightened, I can tell it'll peel again in a few days. I'm moisturizing it regularly with an excellent cream containing coconut oil, and that seems to make it happy. Still no pain at the tip when I press it. There's only mild pain when I press the top of the nail and around the cuticle. The base of the cuticle is still swollen and spongy.
Avatar n tn they are not connected and i have a skin tag on my neck and under my armpit. but these are in my anal area and one on my labia. Im confused.
Avatar f tn If I leave it alone, it seems the mass will keep growing and form pea-sized lumps under the skin. If I keep the area softened under a bandage, usually a lesion forms on the lump and with pressure, the rubbery mass will come out. This leaves a gaping hole in the skin that about 50% of the time will form another mass. They usually don't grow larger then pea sized but have on occasion gotten somewhat bigger.
Avatar f tn ‎​​I try to press them out without hurting my skin but that's ‎​​so impossible because they are under all my pores ‎​​so my pores look swollen and raised. Pls let me know if you find out anything. I have tried all sorts from skin cleansers to scrubs to masks n even wipes. But nothing helps.
Avatar m tn Secure the cotton onto the wart with the bandage. I left a bandage on the warts all day and would apply a new bandage with acv 2-3 times a day. The warts turned white after the first day then black by the third day. On the fourth day there was fresh raw skin. At that time, I discontinued acv treatment and applied tea tree oil for one day. After that, I made sure to keep the area clean. I have been applying neosporin to help it heal and prevent and infection.
Avatar n tn it was a fungal infection (after testing)..skin was shredding like powder from scortrum, underneath my penis and sides under my thighs and it stunk terrible when i undress.. i did break my bank for the check up but with little regret..as i healed myself 50% prior by washing the area 2 times a day and sit just in my tshirt in front of a fan every freaking day (just did not allow sweating in that area) as much as i could..thats how i recovered myself (Note: Healing was really slow)..
Avatar n tn Even the slightest touch for example a tissue moving across it creates a burning sensation under my skin. My doctor at first thought Shingles but agreed it wasn't because there was no rash after a week and it would usually show up after 48 hours. He has put me on pain muscle relaxers and pain meds (Vicodin) and neither worked. The pain is so intense at times I cry. There is a numbness feeling to the touch as if my neck was asleep.
Avatar m tn I posted this info before, but it was a reply to someone else's similar post... I am a 23 year old healthy male. I recently had a full physical and the results were that I am in above average health. I have no diseases, do not use drugs, but drink on occasion. Anyways, just started noticing these strange symptoms, within the past few weeks. Nothing "brought it on" so to speak that I can tell of.
Avatar m tn I can take a piece of tape and rip it off of my skin and wait about 3 seconds and see these little white hairlike things come out of my skin by themselves. I finally got my mom and my daughter to see these white things emerging from my skin but I still have never taken anything out of my skin that is alive. I have started with my scalp also and on a couple of occasions I swear I have found lice. My family gets so embarresed and I dont know what to do to stop these episodes.
5020454 tn?1362433049 Start of like under skin blisters, look clear and hurt to the touch. Grow in size until skin splits, at which time a white ring will form around bump and center will become red. Sometimes cracks and bleeds (but not typical). They are typically the size of a "Dim" and with keeping clean and bandage will heal over the course of a month or two. Not sure where to begin and worried that this could get infected. **I have had MRSA before and have mild eczema from time to time.
1638239 tn?1300407802 I'm not sure if I'm supposed to put that on the outside of my skin or along the under edges of the patch? Has anyone had any luck with liquid bandage? Also I know there are various kinds of fentanyl patches and some are said to work better than others for example some are smaller and some stick better? For those of you who have tried different brands which have you found the best?
Avatar f tn Hello! Hopefully there will be someone out there that can help! After going through hell a number of times, and nearly loosing my father every time, he received an ileostomy. He's finally able to eat and pass food again, which is a blessing! and the surgery has actually stuck to a certain degree (he keeps getting hernias even though he uses a hernia belt and they keep having to put him through surgery to fix it, but otherwise the surgeries are successes).
Avatar n tn It feels like there's a sack of fluid under the skin. It moves if you push it but stays hard/semi-hard if you try to compress it. Only the inflamed area is red in color (almost pink). The skin around it is normal. I thought it would go away after a few days but after three days of waiting, it didn't change very much so I went to the doctor. The doctor took a swab to the white circular spot in the middle of the inflammation to test for herpes.
Avatar m tn 3 to 4 days after, i start noticing white dots all over the skin of my penis and day after day they're spreading and becoming more . it's only where i put bandage on it, now my question is..... could this be from the yeast infection, or its a normal thing after the surgery.
Avatar m tn If think it is a cyst as it has no visible head and is red and under the skin its seems a tiny bit smaller today but is still a big hard lump under my skin it is very tender feels a bit like a bruise how can i help it to go away.
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm concerned about what was a hard purple bump under the skin on my daughter's upper arm. I took her to the docter who thought it was a sebaceus gland but wasn't sure. I asked to have her referred to a dermatologist but he just laughed at me and squeezed the area with great force. Her arm was welted up and all that came out was a little blood. There was no appearance of an enlarged pore, whitehead or blackhead. It was hard and looked like a vein prior to this.
Avatar n tn I read your note and it was talking about abscess' I put up a picture of what my cat has and I thought that it might be one but the only pictures I saw of abscess' were bumps under the skin. My cat has a wound with this sticking out. Please take a look at my note and the picture to tell me if that's what it looked like on your cat so maybe I can figure out what it is. Thank you so much. here's the link to the note and picture. http://www.medhelp.
Avatar m tn Does the liquid nitrogen then act in a way to kill the virus that is currently under the skin and thereby making it go away within a specified amount of time? While the sores are still there are they still contagious if the virus is dead. 2. He didn't mention much about how contagious the virus is. I have just started a new relationship and we haven't entered into any sexual relationship as of yet but if it does get to that point I'd like to know just how infectious they are.
Avatar f tn ABOUT STAPH INFECTION A doctor removed a cyst under my skin on the 28th of April, and he had put stitches (non-dissolvable) on the outside and they got taken out 13 days later. The incision was about an inch long and 3 tiny sections of it never healed together, its like 3 tiny holes along the scar line. They bleed and pus yellow, very little though. I went to see him about it and he tested the pus, he called me back the next day and said I had a staph infection. He prescribed me antiobiotic.
Avatar f tn I recently found a bump on the upper part of my vagina near where my underwear sits and where i also shave. Well i freaked out and put some ointment on it and covered it with a bandage. if started to go away but than i got another on my stomach under my belly button also where i shave. So i repeated what i did to it as i did to the other and they are almost gone but i went and shaved again and some more popped up by my bikini line and one a little lower from my bikini line.
Avatar n tn it's not exactly appealing to look at and I don't want to look like I have some kind of disease! Why is this bump still there if the under-the-skin part of the boil seems to have disappeared? (There is nothing under there anymore-- no hard lump-- just skin...