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Avatar f tn And I heard this infection was very contagious, should I be worried about that? ABOUT STITCHES I remember asking him if he put stitches on the inside when he was done with the surgery, and he said no. I saw something sticking out of one of the holes last week after my shower and after it was done pus-ing and bleeding. It wouldn't wipe off and it wasn't a scab because it was white, so I gently tugged on it and it came right out, I hardly felt it.
1281936 tn?1276560670 bandaids, stitches etc. I had trouble with dissolvable stitches comes through my skin on my thigh several years ago after a melanoma surgery. I had stitches, clear ooze and sometimes white congealed lumps of goo about the size of a pea coming out of the 1/4" wound along the incision line for several months. It would heal up and then open again. Surgeon kept blowing me off for months. He finally did the "wound revision" a week b4 xmas (Decompression surgery 6/09).
Avatar f tn Anyway, I felt like fainting after the stitches were out and it really hurt because it felt like the stitches were growing into the skin...ouch!! But dr. said everything looks healthy and healed. I went home and was so tired, went to sleep and have been sleeping as much as possible because I feel soooo weak and when I'm sleeping, have the sweats CONSTANTLY. So thirsty too. I always have had a lower blood temperature like 97.5 but for me, I would say i had a low grade fever at 98.2.
Avatar n tn and he informed me he had removed a few internal piles and the external ones, and removed the skin tags and excess skin round my anus, leaving soluble stitches. And to take PARACETAMOL for pain relief!!!
119874 tn?1189759429 I'm now waiting on results of the skin biopsy and my PCR results. I know that lots of you have post TX skin issues. Has this or anything similar happened to anyone else???
Avatar m tn Hi, I'm so sorry to hear about your cat's skin cancer. I don't know too much about skin cancer in cats, but why don't you post in the Related Expert Forums where it says Cancer in Pets. A Vet will answer your question. I've posted in one of the forums when I had a question on diabetes in cats. I can understand your apprehension with surgery. Let us know how kitty is doing and good luck.
Avatar n tn It started around the time of my second period after I had a miscarriage. I have never had a yeast infection or any other problems before this started happening. I have been having sex with only my fiance (father of the baby we lost) for about a year and a half now. Now that I see I'm not the only one that this happens to, I don't understand how this condition doesn't have a medical term for it. I really don't think that this condition is caused by allergies.
Avatar n tn After they go away for a while they leave marks where the skin has stretched. Today one of them opened and blood and white stuff-puss?- came out. It hurt, but now I feel like they are smaller. It still hurts, but I think it is just healing.
Avatar n tn It's a skin condition that happens to affect the genital/anal skin. It can cause burning, itching, redness, white patches, tears (aka fissures) in the front and back as well as loss of labia, skin fusing and an increase chance (I believe it's 40% increase) of vulvar cancer. You can have ALL, or SOME of the symptoms. Most women have itching only. Some have no symptoms and only find out when their gyno notices labial fusing! It's best to get a biospy done to rule it out.
Avatar f tn sticking out but no matter what I do, squeeze it use, a needle tweezers etc it will not come out easily orr sometimes at all. it will not heal until that white thing comes out and all the skin around it basically turns into an open wound if I wash my face the scab will sloth off and if I continue to squeeze the bump blood will come out from around the white plug but the plug will never loosen or come out.
Avatar f tn While the lotion did actually work, made the skin thinner and thinner, it had a bit of a side affect. This affect was the skin around the callus peeled. At most times my hands still looked terrible so I stopped using it. For most of my life I have used a porous stone in the shower and one lotion after another. I have however found a combination that will get you as close to having normal hands and feet as you may have come across. I first use a power tool called a Dremel.
Avatar m tn I get extremely itchy with all these PINS & NEEDLES all over my body especially my legs, back, arms, face, neck, & scalp. It is worse just after a hot shower. I have no rash or skin condition. I had kidney stones earlier this year but not sure if there is a connection. Also got stung by a jellyfish badly but again I don't think there is a connection. I tried all skin creams including benadril, hydrocortisine, aloe vera, cocoa butter, ..the list goes on.
163305 tn?1333672171 I put on my thick skin whenever I enter the current events zone. It's been this way since I've been around and Teko can back me up when I say that this is actually kind of tame compared to past periods here. What I find hardest about the CE is when I'm misunderstood. And to clarify what you really meant is hard. It is so easy when you are writing here to have something taken a certain way you never even thought of when you wrote it. That happened to me the other day.
1567353 tn?1358880455 Stitches and white lines can tell more than words ever could. I can't seem to quit you, even though I know I should. I help people 'cause I can't help myself. You were the best thing I had ever felt. How do I let the ghosts go? How do I stop being my own foe? How do you stop breathing air? How do you quit the only one who cares? I can't even look myself in the eye. I can't even think without wanting to cry. I can't save myself, all alone. I can't stop you, you are my home.
Avatar n tn I noticed at the beginning of last school year, I got a white circle around each of the moles on my back. Now it is August and the moles are completely gone. The white circles are still there and now there is just a small red dot in the middle of the circle, Im assuming thats maybe the mole now. Should I be concerned?
Avatar m tn My tongue is still healing, was two weeks ago, and there’s a bump where stitches we placed, not sure if it’s thick skin that developed from the surgery or if it’s still a wart. Question: How do I know when it’s safe to kiss my partner? Is this easily transmitted by kissing or do I have to visually have the wart to pass it on?
Avatar f tn The areas of white you describe along the scar line are likely stitches that tend to absorb under the skin and form little pockets of fluid. It is nothing to be alarmed at. I do not think that there is a recurrence of your DCIS. It is highly unlikely that it will recur this quickly. But, you should still be seeing your plastic surgeon, so at your next appointment, ask the same questions.
Avatar n tn is it normal for my kitty to have a hard spot around her stitches on her stomach after getting spayed?
Avatar m tn Suture-site reactions - swollen, red skin around sutures or stitches (uncommon). Suture site reactions refer to allergic-type, inflammatory skin reactions that some cats and other animals develop because of the type of suture being used in the surgical incision repair. Basically, suture site reactions are immune-mediated inflammatory reactions that occur when the cat's body decides to reject the foreign bodies (the sutures or stitches) that the vet has just implanted into the skin.
Avatar n tn that is why I asked what yours looked like on the top before picking. Mine ( see my pic) has a rought white bit of skin like the ones in the link below. Hope these pics get you off for a skin check asap http://au.images.search.yahoo.com/search/images?
419792 tn?1208274426 She may not feel like eating much for the first 48 hours after surgery due to the anesthesia and pain. Plain white rice and canned white chicken usually go down pretty easily in the beginning. Just keep an eye on the incision for any swelling or redness that goes beyond the actual incision. A tiny bit of draining between stitches is OK, but a lot of thick, smelly drainage isn't. Incision problems or an obvious fever need to be reported to your veterinarian.
Avatar n tn A c-section is MAJOR surgery. Vaginal is much easier to recover from even if you tear or rip. I had over 100 stitches with my first 2 births & felt fine in 2-3 days. With my last I didn't have any stitches & walked from the delivery room to my recovery room. With a c-section they are cutting through muscles. That's going to be painful & take some time to recover from.
Avatar f tn Well he was fine for two days but the stitches rip off, w/in three days the vet did another surgery to close the stitches and ask us to pay attention to the dog not to scratch. Well w/in 2 to 3 days all the stitches rip off again. The vet ask request for surgery again or to leave the wound open and eventually it will close w/in 1 month. Today is June 15 not one month yet, but the wound it is still open about a bottle top wide.
Avatar n tn I have some scaring and bumps from the circumcision. Supposedly, I picked at the stitches after the surgery while I was sleeping, causing the scaring. They have never been a problem and barely noticeable when erect. One day last year I tried to pick off one of the bumps. I have a problem with picking at my skin. I constantly pick at small bumps that I get on the back of my upper arms. I know I shouldn't do it but it's one of those bad habits, like biting your fingernails.
Avatar f tn the contents of pustules are, if anything a more hostile environment for microbes, including HIV than normal skin since they are filled with pus which is the body's host response to infection. lots of white blood cells and other things which fight infections. So i have some problem if i have a acne in somewhere and it squeezed around half and hour.
Avatar m tn A bit of skin white 'dried?' skin on my lip that peels off. I apply POLYSPORING once every night around my lower lip. I hope that information would be sufficient if not please don't afraid to ask for more.
1436184 tn?1292087657 Had my Fentons procedure two weeks ago and still fairly sore to say the least. Where the "V" ends its quite low down and very raw. Stitches are still in tact but there is that particular part where just seems like it will take forever to heal. Anyone had this same thing happen? I've had Antibiotics already...completed the course. Not sure if it was infected, but my doctor prescribed them anyway. Now i'm not sure if thrush could be starting...
Avatar n tn Ok, the skin has pulled back and there are some very small cuts around the base of the penis and near the tip. there is no more itching or burning, so I'm not sure what this is, or if it is going to devolp into something worse.
Avatar n tn I have the next two days off so I can relax...kinda... I have an appt on Monday and I am probably having a biopsy on a area of skin on the bottom of my foot... won't be fun.. I also got a chiropractor appt monday night but if my foot is messed up I may not be able to go.. will have to wait and see.. If it gets done on monday then I will probably be off til Thursday..kinda scared.. How are you feeling??