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Avatar n tn ok, so i've been seeing a dermatologist for about a year. i have white colored skin patches on my left arm and shoulder and back around the shoulder. They are very white looking whenever i work out and the normal skin gets red or i get in the sun and the normal skin gets red then too. it is not raised, scaly, or anything like that, just white. My dermatologist has treated it as tinea versicolor with first the cream then the pills which did nothing. they nolonger think its tinea versicolor.
Avatar m tn I've been outside as of recent and (I am protected this time) but I received color everywhere except my tan lines of where my straps were. So it's tan, white, tan.... I've also developed small white spots on my shoulders from that time, they're not noticeable but I was hoping someone could also tell me what that may be.
Avatar f tn Thanx my husband gets tinea vesicolor on his chest but he gets white spots. My daughter has tan spots circles & started to blend in all in one color & some blotchy . She looks like she has a light tan on her right hand and lower arm.
Avatar n tn First I thought it was just because all the darker skin cells came off but after a month my cheeks are still very white. When I'm in the sun my forehead and nose area tan like usual but my cheeks just stay plain white, they don't even bun of anything like that. I'm kind of freaking out because of this because I truly love the sun and it looks so weird. Has anyone had this too or can any one tell me what has happened and will it return back to normal in time?
Avatar n tn A microscopic evaluation of skin scrapings from the patches may help exclude any fungal infection. Pinkish or tan colored spots on the skin have fungal infections like tinea versicolor as differentials. Other differentials will be a contact dermatitis ,vitiligo and pityriasis alba. The last two may not fit your case. Vitiligo is a condition which manifests as a stark white and well demarcated skin patch . Pityriasis alba usually affects the face and may also appear as light skin patches.
Avatar n tn My son has white spots in his tan. At first they were just a few on the neck, now they are all over his neck and move on to his back and face. Everytime he spend alot of time in he direct sun light they get worse and more of them pop up. What could it be and should I be worried?
Avatar m tn My son's eczema that he has had for 14 years has nearly completely healed, but now he has spots on his arms that stay white while the rest of his skin tans. We use sunscreen, but his skins still tans some during the summer. the spots are not super white like impetigo, they are just spots that won't tan like the rest of his skin. He is 14 and very embarrassed about his blotchy looking arms. He keeps the area very moisturized.
Avatar n tn My friend is developing white spots on her arms, and she is tan so they are more obvious. They are a major self-esteem crusher, and she has no idea what they are or where they came from. She wants to go to the Dermatologist, but is kind of embarrassed by them. Can someone please help me as to what they are, and how to make them go away or maybe not as noticable?
Avatar f tn I have tiny white round spots all over my legs and arms. I also have a dark tan on these areas. Are these spots due to the tan/sun some how?
Avatar m tn My daughter has a white spot on her back; a perfect circle, that will not tan. As it is summer, she has gotten some sun and this spot will not color.
Avatar n tn Hello, I cannot confirm anything without examination,but it sounds like pityriasis versicolor.The white patches of pityraisis don’t tan on sun exposure. It is a common skin infection caused by the yeast Malassezia furfur. This skin disease commonly affects adolescents and young adults, especially in warm and humid climates. Treatment involves topical and oral antifungal medicines.Selsun shampoo(not selsun blue) will be a better idea to start with.
Avatar n tn Hi There, I'm an asian and had a tan skin I have a lots of white spots on my face and neck I went to see the doctor 3years ago and told me they are only a fungus I tried a fungus medicine but nothing happen, I noticed that when I go to a tropical wether they are getting worse, what I remember I started to have this problem when I used to live in Alaska as soon as I got in a hot wether they get worse.
Avatar n tn She basically said that my body overproduces histamine and is attacking the tiny (capillaries) blood vessels just below the surface of the skin. The white spots (halos) are a result of the blood being shut off to those capillaries in order to protect the skin from the histamines. So I guess my body is attacking itself from the inside out. She told me that there really isn't anything that we can do for it. She said it might even worsen as I get older. OH GREAT!
6190896 tn?1380736630 um look when i was 11 years old my skin was almost white i traveled overseas and now im super tan and now im 13 going into 14 years old can i do anything to get lighter skin tone with out cosmetics
Avatar m tn Hi everyone, I have a question regarding white spots on my skin. About 4 months ago I used a tanning bed on about 6 or 7 occasions, and decided to stop using them for obvious reasons. I noticed that after using them I had about 2 white spots on my stomach. I didn't think much of this and just thought the skin had pealed or something, and it faded as my tan dissapeared. However 4 months on and I've been working in the garden without my top on, and i've got a bit of a tan in the process.
Avatar f tn i have white spot on my skin any suggestion im so a shy i cant even wear swimsuit
Avatar f tn Although I am a very light-skinned person I have noticed lighter white dots/spots/specks on my skin. They currently occur on my arms, inner thighs, abdominal area and backs of hands. They probably exist in other areas but those are the areas I can see within my range of vision. They're becoming more prominent as I tan and they really stand out.
Avatar n tn They begin just below his calves and continue down around his ankles skip the tops of his feet and then start up again at the base of his toes and around the bottoms of his feet just above where the soles of his feet start. It litterally looks like the reverse of a tan you get when you are wearing shorts and shoes with socks. His legs are white and where his socks would be with the exception of the tops of his feet are dark.
Avatar f tn The darker your skin the more obvious it is. It will not tan and should be covered in sun - more prone to skin cancer from UV. People with any autoimmune disease can get this too. No known cure yet. Some say PABA ( a B vitamin) will reverse it. I've tried for almost one year- did nothing. Some say H- pylori stomach bacteria is to blame, I tested negative.\ So much for cures so far.
Avatar f tn I have had a small rash on my stomach for a couple of months and it never caused me any problems, but in the last few weeks it has spread and is itchy sometimes. It is white, has like a scailey skin and is a round kind of rash. I also went on holiday and it did not tan over it, stayed bright white. I saw my GP and he didn't know what it was, I've tried steroid creams and also softer ones like E45 and cetroban.
Avatar f tn I always wear sunscreen and swim late in the day after 4PM (for the last 5 years or so) and I'n worried that I'm going to have yellow skin rather than white skin. I'd just like to know if I have a chance of getting my original skin back at my age of 47. My plan is complete sun avoidance from this day forward. Anyone?
Avatar m tn Hi, I am in a dark tan skin complexion. However I noticed recently that my skin is turning much paler near my mouth. I get white spots or more paler spots of skin near my mouth on either side. Could this be something relevant to Vitamin C deficiency if so what would be the best way to approach this.