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Avatar n tn My dad was just a slip of what he used to be. What an inspiration to watch him deal with dying and no complaints. He always wanted to know about me. It is sad, but I am peaceful and happy he is a better place. I will miss him terribly! I have to write his obituary for the SF Chronicle I remember all the great stuff he has done in his life. So I have been laughing and crying (sometimes at the same time). Yes, the insomnia could be be tx or my dad.
Avatar f tn Yesterday I started on 400 mg and am worried about relapse. What is the role of ribavirin and just how important is it to SVR? I am on course for 24 wk. treatment period. I have 9 more weeks.How likely am I to relapse if I stay on this lower dosage for two weeks while my Hb rises?
Avatar m tn Although the pegylated interferons are the primary drugs used to treat CHC, a combination with ribavirin is more effective than pegylated interferon alone. Ribavirin-associated AE may be lessened by ribavirin dose reductions and by maintenance of the hematocrit..." See: http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/578705 Ribavirin improves early responses to peginterferon through improved interferon signaling. Gastroenterology.
Avatar m tn has been very vague on what, if anything I can do. This is as bad or worse than poison ivy ever was. Has anyone had to deal with this side effect and are there any solutions.
Avatar m tn There is little doubt that the proper amount of ribavirin is essential to svr. the question is what is enough ribavirin. If every person absorbs ribavirin at different levels based on many more factors then their weight (kidney function for example) then weight based dosing doesn't make a lot of sense.
Avatar n tn It is important when deciding to treat or not to treat to know how much liver damage you have. That is what the biopsy is used for. If it is available where you live I would advise having one before deciding. It is the only way to really know what is going on inside.
Avatar n tn My question is what if my body decides to accelerate damage now since I am almost 40yo. My thought is I should still treat to reduce the VL or I could participate in a clinical trail? Advice from the experienced Heppers please to help me understand why I should decide not to treat.
Avatar f tn Or, is it both? Is anyone who is using Ribavirin now with Sovaldi experiencing anemia? Just want to know what to look out for.
Avatar m tn To wait without a biopsy for that long is almost suicidal you never know what is going to happen. And yes I've had several friends who did nothing about it but watch their enzymes and are no longer with us today.
Avatar f tn into triple therapy. At this point the next question is what is Vertex going to do? What do you and Amanda want to do? I heard in a a recent teleconference that Vertex was kicking around a shorter treatment course for the Phase 3 trials. How would they achieve that; possibly with an increased dosage in the initial stages of treatment and closer tracking of the viral kinetics of the treatment. There will be lots of new ideas and also new compounds coming.
Avatar f tn this is a discussion forum and others of us here do have our own opinions based on our own life experiences and pretty much that is what we try to impart to the new members here. When it comes to doctoring well I'll leave that to the doctors because I certainly am not one. But if someone wants to know if it's ok to do treatment on methadone or if tx feels like heroin withdrawl oro what it's like to watch a human being die of end stage liver disease.....
Avatar n tn I forgot, (what else is knew?) about the food contamination thing, One point that was brought up at that time, very valid one, was that the industry wanted to replace good hygiene and safe food handling with a procedure as a cure all.
1023095 tn?1253266881 We all get pretty freaked out by the diagnosis and even more so after reading the side effects of the treatment drugs. Usually, a liver biopsy is used to assess the damage that's already been done and help make the treatment decision for you. This disease creeps up on you and leaves you healthy until it's done terrible damage to the liver that compromises your life. That said, you've had the virus for only 5 years.
545538 tn?1295995617 Ribavirin has never shown itself to prevent anything. It is used to treat medical conditions AFTER an infection. Considering it has been on the market for forty years if it could be used as a preventative I think it would have been used this way by now . I have faith that capitalism would have discovered this unknown quality by now.
Avatar f tn But constant attack by hep c on the liver over time is what leads to liver damage and cirrhosis. All the while with just slightly elevated ALT and AST the whole time. I am sure you are likely ok as far as liver damage. Your doctor likely knows if you are GT 1a or 1b and will prescribe your treatment according to which one you have.
Avatar m tn First, I should say the you personally shouldn't be doing any of this. It is your doctor's job to treat you according to treatment protocols so you have the best opportunity for successful treatment. Unfortunately raising the ribavirin up will likely reduce your hemoglobin once again as it is the ribavirin that causes RBC/hemoglobin drop. Have you talked to your doctor about the anemia and vomiting? There are treatments for both. I wonder why your doctor hasn't suggested either?
Avatar m tn Nanniegea, That is great news!!! Congratulations to you. Okay, once again I apologize for jumping in here, but I suddenly seem to be facing one thing after another. I have done #9 (should have been #10) of 48. First 7 weeks were a relative breeze. Next a fever that would not go away, blood tests x-rays, more blood tests, docs wouldn't let me continue tx, missed a full week of peg, 4-5 doses of riba.
26471 tn?1211940121 I´m positiv I heard 1a is a little bit tuffer to treat. Think we have discussed this before here at the forum, some said as you 1b and others 1a and there were studys presented dont have them but if someone have please chime in on this one.
427265 tn?1444080036 I will bring up my concerns at my next visit, but want to hear from anyone that has done this. Is it do-able?? I really want to do this, but I want to be able to stay in the game too. Any thoughts?
Avatar m tn I recall he didn't recommend his particular approach and wouldn't do it quite that way again. High ribavirin to what you can safely tolerate is useful and adherence to ribavirin is more important in the first 12 weeks than INF, according to some sources - operative word, of course, is safely.
Avatar n tn Whatever you do DO NOT take marijuana for the nausea as this can lead to 7x more liver fibrosis, which is what she is trying to cure. If your mom is only seeing a gastro guy, you may want to find a hepatologist, even if you have to drive a couple hours to a big city, it's worth having their expertese. they are more likely to help her mitigate her side effects effectively.
8683847 tn?1410760916 I am Genotype 1a, no cirrhosis and was prescribed Sovaldi, Olysio and Ribavirin. Curious what the Ribavirin addresses since I see some folks only have to take the Sovaldi and Olysio.
Avatar f tn In the meantime, his liver is healing itself as shown by all of the improved numbers AST/ALT/Billirubin are now all in or close to normal range. So my advice is if no other treatment is available to you, go ahead with this one. Good luck to you.
Avatar m tn Unfortunately, the trial includes ribavirin, which is what I've been avoiding. It is scheduled to commence in early spring 2006. I'll make my decision when I'm called. I need a vacation from HCV. In the meantime, I'm getting myself signed back to work. I turned around this morning and found the weight I lost last year! Best wishes to all.
Avatar f tn Aminopterin is a poison that kills rats and it is also used on humans....what is the medical community thinking? Does anyone know if it is given to HepC patients, too?" Yeah...I think the generic equivalent is "ribavirin".
Avatar f tn Did your doctor explain that Pegasys (interferon) is an injection that you give to yourself? I have used it TOO MANY times to count, not only it but the original interferon Intron-A and Pegasys's competition Peg-Intron and another type of interferon- and older type called Infergen. I would definitely have preferred to start out doing my first treatment with one of these newer power drugs (as in pills) as opposed to sticking myself with a needle.
Avatar m tn ______________________ Please remember, this is not the one they were considering as a 1 pill combo, with asunprevir, BUT INSTEAD the single Daclatasvir NS5A TO BE TAKEN WITH Sovaldi, so it will be a 2 pills a day regimen - unless, in some cases, Ribavirin is added in very hard to treat cases. Hope this helps! Also, the new Harvoni had some reference to treatment of other Gts than 1as and bs, but I don't have that info at hand.
Avatar f tn I might have to wait to treat. I found out yesterday that the PegInterfon/Riba is costing alot ($5K)...even after my BCBC kicks in. I have BlueScript, which is a part of BCBS. I have to first paid up front the total cost of the drugs..eg..Peg at $4700 and Riba about the same====$9400, then my BCBS will reimburse me back at 80%, or something like that... The middle man company is called McKesson. This is who BCBS uses? I have met my deductible and still have $3K our of pocket to satisfy.
493068 tn?1224768915 I started on testosterone and growth hormone replacement two weeks ago, and the difference is dramatic. Wow. I feel like I used to. I doubt this is the answer to everyone's problems, but it made a difference for me.
135456 tn?1301441224 Anyway, I suspect it takes the body time to immunologically react to the effects of ribavirin (similar to IFN), if in fact this theoretical mode of efficacy is correct. George you DO know that the riba has to be ingested with fat right? There's a huge difference in riba absorption depending on whether or not the riba is digested in the presence of fat.