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Avatar m tn http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ribavirin Pharmacokinetics Ribavirin is absorbed from the GI tract probably by nucleoside transporters. Absorption is about 45%, and this is modestly increased (to about 75%) by a fatty meal. Once in the plasma, ribavirin is transported through the cell membrane also by nucleoside transporters. Ribavirin is widely distributed in all tissues, including the CSF and brain.
Avatar n tn Hi All, I am 48 and just got the results of my liver biopsy today. Here is an extract from my report "Portal Areas show mild infiltration by lymphocytes. Periportal piecemeal necrosis is mild. Lobules show mild focal degeneration. Fibrous portal expansion is not seen.
Avatar m tn Effects of Food on Oral Absorption with Incivek The systemic exposure (AUC) to telaprevir was increased by 237% when telaprevir was administered with a standard fat meal (containing 533 kcal and 21 g fat) compared to when telaprevir was administered under fasting conditions. In addition, the type of meal significantly affects exposure to telaprevir. Relative to fasting, when telaprevir was administered with a low-fat meal (249 kcal, 3.
Avatar n tn How to decide to do interferon/ribavirin? I am having a great deal of ambivalence about beginning this treatment. And a lot of fear. The docs think I should go ahead -- I've probably had Hep C for close to 30 years (I'm 46) from one incident of "we have to try everything once" injecting heroin. I've been diagnosed for 5 years, genotype 2B with a biopsy five years ago grade 1 stage 0. I have quite a bit of fatigue and have struggled (under control at this time) with clinical depression.
493068 tn?1224768915 I completed the 48 weeksof Peg Interferon and Ribavirin Feb 2006 and have never been the same. I cleared the virus so far and feel very positive about this. I have never felt this sick and weak before the treatment. I have memory problems,weakness-fatigue, muscle and joint pain, headaches, severe facial and ocular Rosacea, depression panic attacks. I was very active before treatment going to yoga and work.
135456 tn?1301441224 Ribavirin is known to cause anemia (low red blood cells), which can make heart disease worse. Also, ribavirin can harm your DNA and possibly cause cancer (see medication guide for more information and warnings). Who should not take PEGASYS and COPEGUS?
Avatar f tn http://www.spfiles.com/mgrebetol.pdf I doubt anyone on this forum can actually provide you with a quantitative probability/chance of your baby being healthy. That's probably not the answer you were looking for, but I don't imagine studies have not been done to analyze groups of people who got pregnant at 1 month, 2 months, 3 months etc after Ribarivin treatment.
Avatar n tn Fnzol, if I may: Dear Ribavirin, I would also like you to know that whatever command you have on Fnzol, you also have on me. As I experience the same life-altering side effects previously mentioned; but I'm sure you're aware that already and rejoice in its comfort. Your "Satan-like" grasp has reached into the very core of my being, like a vulture, whose wings are dull realities. It is more than probable that I am not understood.
Avatar f tn Has anyone found any new info on the “high fat food taken with ribavirin” issue? All I keep finding are supposed "sources" that usually lead back to the same study, http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1804105/ and they are repeating or "gleaning" the same inconclusive data from this one study. Maybe someone knows of a newer study with a professional abstract that was approved for publication?
Avatar m tn OC: agreed, frijole posted the same excerpt in another thread. But look also at the "Medication Guide" (page 25)which states "Take Ribasphere (ribavirin, USP) with food." and the "Patient Counseling Information" (page 22) which states "Patients should be advised to take Ribasphere (ribavirin, USP) with food.". No mention of how much fat to take, no mention of fat at all.
Avatar f tn Anemia The primary toxicity of Ribavirin is hemolytic anemia, which was observed in approximately 13% of all Ribavirin/peginterferon alfa-2a- treated subjects in clinical trials. Anemia associated with Ribavirin occurs within 1 to 2 weeks of initiation of therapy. Because the initial drop in hemoglobin may be significant, it is advised that hemoglobin or hematocrit be obtained pretreatment and at week 2 and week 4 of therapy or more frequently if clinically indicated.
Avatar m tn I would also be cautious about taking advice from a doctor without investigating and educating yourself prior to making a decision about what to treat with and when to treat. I thought this guide had a lot of good information and some may find it valuable while trying to decide how to proceed regarding their HCV -Dave http://www.hcvadvocate.org/community/Clinical_Trials.
Avatar f tn my husband was 3 years post transplant, and now he decided to take tx combo, does any one under medication like this, what are the possible side effect and required condition upon taking the treatment? thanks and God bless to all!
Avatar m tn After Lever testing we come to know SGOT and SGPT level increases (180 and 319 respectively). Immediate antivirus treatment (Sofosbuvir 400mg and Ribavirin 400mg) tab combinationis is started from today as per doctor advice. What precautions have to needed to support her lever besides the medicine during medication period ? Please advise .
Avatar f tn As far as I know there is no change to the warning about ribavirin and pregnancy. "So since it was only 12 weeks rather than a year maybe the Ribavirin can get out of your system faster?" The ribavirin still stays in your system up to 6 months after treatment unfortunately. "Patients should be advised to notify the healthcare provider immediately in the event of a pregnancy" Here are the warnings from the Copegus (ribavirin) label.
299628 tn?1208386198 OK, after going and looking at the actual meds sent and not reading the medication guide I was sent PEGASYS. 4 Single-Use Prefilled Syringes PEGASYS 180 mg/0.5 mL, NDC 0004-0352-30 I'm still going to ask for the correct dosage as I'm not sure what exactly I'm supposed to take here. Guide says 3 shots a week, the box contains only 4 needles.
446474 tn?1446351282 Victrelis (boceprevir) Labeling Update On November 2, 2012, the Victrelis (boceprevir) package insert and Medication Guide was updated to include postmarketing information about serious acute hypersensitivity reactions observed during boceprevir, peginterferon, and ribavirin combination therapy. The following sections of the package insert were updated. A new contraindication was added to section 4: Patients with a history of a hypersensitivity reaction to boceprevir Section 5.
Avatar f tn Return to top Keep this medication in the container it came in, tightly closed, and out of reach of children. Store ribavirin tablets and capsules at room temperature and away from excess heat and moisture (not in the bathroom). Store ribavirin oral solution in the refrigerator or at room temperature. Throw away any medication that is outdated or no longer needed. Talk to your pharmacist about the proper disposal of your medication. http://www.nlm.nih.
Avatar m tn I'm on ribavirin. I have read on here that lower red cell is a good thing. I've boosted my b-12 dosage, meat, egg yolk, bean, leafy green intake to help keep mine up. am I helping or hurting my recovery by trying to keep red cell count \ up?
Avatar f tn ESAs are approved for the treatment of anemia (low red blood cells) resulting from chronic kidney failure, chemotherapy, certain treatments for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), and also to reduce the number of blood transfusions during and after certain major surgeries. As part of the REMS, a Medication Guide explaining the risks and benefits of ESAs must be provided to all patients receiving ESAs.
Avatar m tn Hi every one, I am looking for a clinical traiel for G4, does any one know any thing about any clinical triel going on right now for new tx , I am non responder my virus load was 26,000 after the tx droped to only 17,000.that was last year and now I am looking for new medication especially I am diabetic . if any one can help,please.
Avatar f tn I was also told to divide the dose. Dug in my stacks, found this: "Take COPEGSUS 1 time in the morning and 1 time at night (2 times a day). Take COPEGSUS the same 2 times each day. If you miss a dose of COPEGSUS and remember the same day (bolded letters), take the missed dose as soon as you remember. If the whole day has passed (bolded), ask your healthcare provider what to do. Do not take 2 doses at the same time.
Avatar f tn The literature says to take Ribavirin with a substantial meal. I have tried to find more information because "substantial" means different things to different people. I did find this: Effect of Food on Absorption of Ribavirin Bioavailability of a single oral dose of Ribavirin was increased by co-administration with a high-fat meal.
Avatar f tn I'm 37 yrs old married woman with 4 kids recently I found out that I'm Hcv + geno type 3 now the doctors are going to start my medication ,I just want to know what are my best options for treatment as I want less adverse effects possible,should I go for interferon 2a with ribav or peginterferon with ribv tablet ,please guide me.
Avatar f tn · burn more easily · burn more quickly · get hives or rashes · have other skin eruptions Ribavirin Although it is not categorized as a common medication, the antiviral drug ribavirin may cause or enhance photosensitivity. As an integral part of the prescribed treatment for Hepatitis C, some individuals develop a rash from ribavirin – and this side effect can be exacerbated by exposure to intense sunlight or other UV light, such as tanning beds.
Avatar m tn While searching the net for GT 3a treatment, found the following infos: "All genotypes – Epclusa is the first HCV medication that can successfully treat all six genotypes." [http://hepatitisc.hcvadvocate.org/2016/08/hcv-drugs-alan-franciscus-editor-in-chief-5.html] =========== and the great part about treatment cost in India: "How I Got the $84,000 Hepatitis C Drug For $1500 by Buying It From India" http://www.alternet.
1838299 tn?1403496143 In many patients, but not all, these conditions get better after they stop taking PEGASYS (see the Medication Guide for more information and Warnings). Ribavirin, including COPEGUS®, can cause birth defects and/or death to an unborn baby. Female patients and the female partners of male patients should avoid getting pregnant. Ribavirin is known to cause anemia (low red blood cells), which can make heart disease worse (see the COPEGUS Medication Guide for more information and Warnings).
Avatar n tn because of insurance issues my medication can't be refilled at this time. will i be able to go back to treatment if my medication will not be avaiable untill next week? i am on INCEIVEK - PSY.
Avatar f tn We need to get one of the Med help moderators to move your thread to the Hepatitis C forum. Many doctors will dose ribavirin based on weight these days. How much do you weigh? It's impossible to know how the meds will effect you until you start. Some people are able to work through treatment and some are not. The type of work that you do may also determine if you can do it. Physically demanding work would probably be tough for many, but again it depends on your response.