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Avatar f tn How do I store my REBETOL Capsules? Store REBETOL Capsules at room temperature 77°F (25°C). How do I store my REBETOL Oral Solution? Store REBETOL Oral Solution at room temperature 77°F (25°C) or in the refrigerator 36° to 46°F (2° to 8°C).
408795 tn?1324939275 Additionally, the product labeling was update to include revisions to the text regarding the use of PegIntron in patients with neuropsychiatric disorders. Changes were made to the Medication Guide for consistency. The following changes were made to the product labeling. The Indication and Usage section was update as follows: PegIntron®, as part of a combination regimen, is indicated for the treatment of Chronic Hepatitis C in patients with compensated liver disease.
Avatar n tn because of insurance issues my medication can't be refilled at this time. will i be able to go back to treatment if my medication will not be avaiable untill next week? i am on INCEIVEK - PSY.
Avatar f tn Both AUC and C-MAX increased by seventy percent when Rebetol Capsules were administered with a high fat meal: (841 kcal, 53.8 g fat, 31.6 g protein, and 57.4 g carbohydrate) in a single-dose pharmacokinetic study If you do the math you will have to eat 26.9 grams of fat with each dose for a 35% increase in absorbtion . He felt like this was too much fat to take in.
Avatar n tn Iam 52 and thought it was that , IT really isn't as bad as I thought it would be, BUT I could never work, SO my heart goes out to those who do! I am peg alfa 2b and 1200 mlg a day of rebetol. I am so weak but I will not give up.
1148619 tn?1332014584 for Riba to be effective it should be taken with just as much fat if not more then incivek. not true.The food requirements in the medication guide for copegus (one of the brand names under which rbv is sold) makes no mention of fat: "Take COPEGUS with food." whereas the language in the inci package insert is explicit about the requirement for 20g of fat/dose.
Avatar n tn you could always get another opinion to help guide you in this very important your dr a gastrointerologist or a hepatologist? hepatologists should know a little more... ~New Data Showing Patients With Hepatitis C Genotypes 2 And 3 May Benefit From Shorter Course Of Treatment With PegIntron And Rebetol Combination Therapy Study Results ...
179856 tn?1333550962 Phase 3 study of boceprevir for the treatment of HCV August 05, 2010 RELATED CONDITIONSViral infections Merck announced the completion and results of its two Phase 3 studies for boceprevir for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) genotype 1 infection.
1431734 tn?1421015271 (841 kcal, 53.8 g fat, 31.6 g protein, and 57.4 g carbohydrate) in a single-dose pharmacokinetic study.
29837 tn?1414538248 At this point in our disease, it is more risky to be forced to resort to a clinical trial and the possibility of getting a placebos. Also, the trials' restriction on the use of “helper” medication for low WBC and RBC disqualifies many patients who may otherwise be able to clear this virus. As a cirrhotic person who twice relapsed from previous treatments, I am anxiously waiting for the opportunity to treat with Telaprevir.
919881 tn?1243660771 I am a slow responder. You are responding to the medication and had significant log drops. A vl of 99 at 12 wks is very low and most likely you will be UND by wk 14. With the amount of liver damage you have, extending is the your best option, actually your only option for the best chance at SVR. You want to give yourself the best possible chance at beating this virus right? Then do yourself a favor, don't dose reduce and find a good hepatologist immediately.