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Avatar f tn It's very apparent that you are all ready treating, so just a little FYI, I treated with interferon, ribavirin and incivek for 48 wks, today I am cured and have been for over 2 yrs, it was rough but I have no lasting side effects, wishing you all the best HPG
Avatar f tn I am taking pegintron and rebetol. Is this normal? I have been reading about all the side effects and had me pretty scared, but so far, I feel fine??
Avatar n tn I used to take mine about 7am and 7pm, and the injections at 9 in the morning. I never had any side effects from the Pegasys injections either.
Avatar n tn The meds make me very dry mouthed so it is easy to consume that much. It is important to be close to a toilet at all times, and it helps reduce the side effects (can you imagine how BAD I would be without the water???!!!) LMAO, lordy, I am lucky I can function the little I do.
Avatar n tn On these hepC meds, you have so many side effects that you wouldn't know if you had hypothyroid side effects too. Insist that your doctor check your thyroid regularly. My doc says it's a cheap test and I get it done almost every time I have blood drawn. And, as you were advised above, if your hemoglobin is low, you are anemic and need some Procrit to boost 'em back up. I was diagnosed in 2000. I wish I had all the money I blew on quacks.
Avatar n tn If you've motivated to continue on with treatment, you will need a doctor both experienced in treating hepatitis c, and willing to fight side effects agressively. I don't know the extent of your skin problems, but many here have had bad skin problems (including rash) and continued treatment without reducing the medications. I agree re altitude probably not being a factor with the rash, although it could be a factor in terms of anemia. What is your genotype? How much liver damage do you have?
Avatar n tn looking for feedback on post tx side effects. i've seen posts from people that have listed some pretty troubling health issues after treatment. for me the sides during tx have been bad enough, hearing of problems arising from tx afterwards bothers me. also for those interested there's another board that doesn't have post limitations and is of a newer more user friendly format.
Avatar m tn REBETOL has demonstrated significant teratogenic and embryocidal effects in all animal species in which adequate studies have been conducted. These effects occurred at doses as low as one twentieth of the recommended human dose of ribavirin. REBETOL therapy should not be started until a report of a negative pregnancy test has been obtained immediately prior to planned initiation of therapy."
Avatar n tn The therapy sent this problem into high gear, in addition to the many side effects we all know of. My arthritis worsened, four of my fingernails crumbled away, and the psoriasis was almost unbearable. In addition to increase meds to manage those problems, I had to be on a regular regimen of neupogen and procrit for the last 5 months of therapy. It was a tough year. The good news is that I was still clear 3 months post TX and the sides have slowly disappeared.
Avatar f tn In general terms, white blood cells are known as leukocytes. White blood cells have several components; neutrophils, lymphocytes, monocytes, esonophils and basophils. If hubby is on treatment the particular component that's getting the doc's attention is neutrophil, which can be affected by the drugs. The 'resuce' drug that is used is "Neupogen".
188500 tn?1207368551 2 more good side effects first of all I have finally learned patience. I was impatient all my life. And my thyroid has improved so much (I'm hypothyroid) my goiter has gone away. My primary care physician is very happy about that.
Avatar n tn She was like a guinea pig and now, 8 years after, she is living with side effects that have never gone : hypotension (around 8), fainding every day, unbearable headaches, kidney pyelonephritis every months, and an exhausting fatigue that keep her in her bed sometimes several days, where she can hardly eat alone. Before that, she was so full of life, making car races, flying planes, being a model for photographes, and photographer herself.
Avatar n tn I got hit with the mack truck after the first few shots, but I have to say that the ribaviron side effects have been really hard to tolerate these last few months. I feel less depressed already, but am still feeling the anemia (last count - 9.5). My question is how long does it take for blood counts to normalize.
Avatar n tn My problem is I have OCD and anxiety attacks dont take anything for it because all the SSRI's side effects were to much. I am hyper sensative to meds. I seem to get most of the side effects. Doc wants me to take pegintron 2b/ rebetol. What I have read this med. increases the OCD/anxiety (I read it causes anxiety). I still have to work while taking this med. I all ready know I can not take the SSRI's. Doc scared me with the damage this med may do to my body. I feel good. Why do it?
Avatar n tn six weeks ago i started gamma interferon with rebetol. so far no side effects except some shortness of breath the second week but now no problems. after the second week my ast and alt were both down to within normal range. at starting six weeks ago my pcr was just under 3 million. at eight weeks it will be tested again so am hoping for some good news for a change. i haven't had a drink in six years since finding i was positive for hep c and never smoked in my life so hope thats in my favor.
Avatar n tn just make sure you get on an antidepressant and meds to deal with side effects if needed and keep up the fight.
Avatar n tn From what my gastro told me, it's the Ribavirin that robs you of your oxygen, and causes more of the side effects than the Intron. As hard as it may be and as much as you may feel like you're going to pass out, you should exercise throughout your treatment. That was another very helpful suggestion by my gastro. Obviously you don't want to push yourself to the point of passing out, but on the same hand, you don't want to be passive and sedintary either.
Avatar n tn I did notice my eyesight became a bit more blurry on treatment, but with everything else I was experiencing in terms of side-effects, it was nothing I really paid attention to. I am wondering if anyone else has developed autoimmune diseases post treatment? I remember reading somewhere that some people develop psoriasis, or rheumatoid arthritis as a result of the interferon treatment, but I am not familiar with the eye manifestations.
Avatar n tn My permanent side effects are hearing loss and hypothyroidism. I was on Pagasys. Like you, I don't regret doing tx.
Avatar f tn I received a new batch of meds from Walgreens today and they sent me ribasphere instead of ribavirin. Does anyone know what the difference is? I did a search online and did notice the side effects are different. I have been on ribavirin now for 3 months.
882369 tn?1240741651 I guess you meant second shot and not second treatment... Great that you have minimal side effects so far. It is not uncommon to have minimal sx (side effects) in the beginning of treatment. The fatigue etc might get much worse. Just that you are prepared. The doctors usually prescribe Panadol for the shivers and pain. Are you still in Sulawesi? How much Ribavirin are you taking per day and did you ever get a result on your genotype? Weight loss is also very common on treatment.
Avatar f tn Here is a webpage with many links to the IDEAL study; this was sponsored by Schering Plough Pharmaceuticals to evaluate the differences between the two drugs. Not an easy task, as the results show. The official party line indicates there is very little difference between the two drugs in treatment outcomes, but there has been discussion about the study design that might be less than ideal :o). http://tinyurl.
1084115 tn?1385232189 Personally although this is off the beaten path I don't see a problem with it because many people experience less side effects with pegasys but the efficacy is similar. Copegus and Rebetol are the same drug but the weight basing for Copegus is 1000 mg per day if you weigh less the 75kg.
614034 tn?1304360040 From the beginning the side effects were extreme. I had a rash on the corners of my mouth from the beginning, shoot I could hardly get out of bed. After the 12 week test (they scheduled only three viral load tests, one at the beginning, one at 12 weeks and the one after one month off the meds) when my viral load came back 0 I was encouraged and had begun to tolerate the side effects better.
Avatar f tn There are different generics. My partner was given two different ones and has had different side effects from them, so you may want to do some tracking of whether they affect you differently if you try a new one.
Avatar f tn Like nygirl said, procrit is a lifesaver while on treatment. I did many weeks of it and had really no bad side effects from it. The ribavirin is the cause of anemia. The good news is sounds like your getting enough of the ribavirin in your system...... Hang in there.
Avatar f tn For me i have no side effects...this is my secound round of tx and my first time treating with Bosceprevir i have had no sides,just mild headaches sometimes...if you dont clear by week 12 in my are discontinued.. retinol exam?...thats just a test for excess vit biggie...long term probs?...depends on how your body reacts to the drugs..but to be honest,,,MOST people on tx do fine...i hope this helps you some...
Avatar f tn Is it normal for Hep-C treatment side-effects to get progressively worse? I am in my 5th of 6 months treatment. Side-effects have been various and when it seems one thing is getting better then another gets worse. My doctor has done the best they can to treat these side-effects but success seems to be eluding. I am on Peginterferon alpha-2b and Rebetol. What experiences have you had...Anyone?