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Avatar n tn It DIDN'T pan out. Apparently the cost of Pegatron shots and Rebetol pills is in the neighborhood of $1000 per month. AFTER my insurace picks up a portion of the cost, and IF I go through our mail order pharmacy, I STILL have to come up with approximately $213 per month. They are all SET to send me the medicine....all I have to do, they say, is send them the money. So now I'm back to square-one....All "medicinely" dressed up and no place to go......
Avatar m tn I am very sorry that you are in this situation. According to the information about Ribavirin, getting pregnant must be avoided in women taking the drug and if their male partners are taking the drug. Exposure to the drug, regardless of how the exposure takes place, (woman taking the drug, partner taking the drug) can result in severe fetal defects. His doctor should have discussed this with both of you and both you and he should be using precautions to avoid pregnancy.
Avatar f tn SVR for Peg-Intron plus Rebetol combination therapy is 41% for genotype 1, and 82% for genotypes 2 through 6. Peg-Intron is a reconstituted powder that is dosed according to a person's weight. Roche’s Pegasys plus Copegus: SVR for Pegasys plus Copegus combination therapy is 44-51% for genotype 1, and 70-82% for genotypes 2 through 6. Pegasys is a ready-made solution that is dosed at 180µg regardless of a person's weight.
Avatar f tn It's not really going to advance your solution to your immediate heath problems if you focus on the connection with your treatment five years ago. Maybe it was but what difference does that make to fixing the problem today? What will advance a solution is to find a supportive and smart doctor, maybe an internist, who shows you respect and works hard to solve your health problems.
Avatar m tn I am a 48 year old hiv positive male living in the Uk.I have been diagnosed with hiv for the past 9 years & have been on combination therapy med Atripla for the past 3 years with a cd4 of 300 & a undetactable viral load. I was diagnosed with hep c in May 2008 with lft of approx 2,500.I started hep c treatment on January 7th 2009 & i am in my 5th week taking a weekly injection of Viraferon alfa-2b & Rebetol 3 x 200mg twice daily.
400410 tn?1201402765 Dont mind at all my rebetol was weight based rebetol I took 800 mgs a day 2 in the am and 2 in pm. Ugly little medicine isn't it. Pegintron I would draw out 7 of the mixing solution put in the powder medicine vial then draw 5 to be injected. When i started tx I weighed 155 pounds gained due to quit smoking lol. At end of tx I weigh 118 pounds. You are right Jims advice was good got alot to think about.
Avatar f tn How do I store my REBETOL Capsules? Store REBETOL Capsules at room temperature 77°F (25°C). How do I store my REBETOL Oral Solution? Store REBETOL Oral Solution at room temperature 77°F (25°C) or in the refrigerator 36° to 46°F (2° to 8°C).
Avatar n tn She wrote me a my first prescription for a one month supply of Pegasys (peginterferon alfa-2a) and another for a one month supply of Rebetol (ribavirin). This question regards the cost of these meds. Please let me know if the amounts I paid are in line with what y'all are paying. I filled the prescriptions at the pharmacy of the University Hospital here in Seattle. My experience is that they generally have the best prices on meds in the area.
Avatar n tn Hi Everyone, I had an appointment yesterday with My Gi, & I told him about all of You on this Site...He will be attending an HCV Conference soon, & was wondering if You would Not mind posting Information about Yourself, So I can print it out for Him... He ask for the following info... Geno Type~Age~Male/Female~Height~Weight~VL~What Tx are You on? All Medications You are taking....And the Status of Your TX.. Even those that have completed Tx...
439539 tn?1233469415 So this is probably where your dosage comes from, although it says that 800 mg ribavirin (Rebetol) is enough for your weight. I would be reluctant though to take less than 1.5 mcg PegIntron per kilo, but that is me. I would just take the full shot, I don't like being underarmed in this war. Here is the link:
53833 tn?1235000229 hey girl, GREAT NEWS on clearing!!! YAHOO ANOTHER SUCESS STORY!!! libido.....ummm, just a suggestion, but you might want to research.... are you ready for this.... dimminished libido can be a symptom of that. as well are you still on any ant-depressants...that can also have an effect on libido..oh, no you said you are off all meds....hummm my guess darlin is you are menopausal!! ITS HERE!!!.as for your other question...i do not know...
408795 tn?1324939275 Our interim data suggests a potential solution for hepatitis C patients in areas where treatment access has been restricted as a result of the high prices demanded for branded treatment," said study author Dr. James Freeman, of GP2U Telehealth in Hobart, Australia.
Avatar f tn I'm just looking at it from their point of view. Another doc would be the solution for both now and future.. Can you find another doctor who might have a different idea about your platelets being low? You could reduce this time and your platelets will probably go up BUT I would think during your remaining tx time your platelets are going to drop below 88 sometime anyway!!! And probably RBC and WBC are going to drop too! What's your current doc going to do then?
Avatar n tn At one point last tx my surgeon had me on iron and folic acid but after an iron test it was determined that this wasn't the solution. I sure hope you get some benefit from the supplementation. I know how much better we feel when we stop the ribavirin. That drug is tough. Good luck Maj.
Avatar f tn Store ribavirin tablets and capsules at room temperature and away from excess heat and moisture (not in the bathroom). Store ribavirin oral solution in the refrigerator or at room temperature. Throw away any medication that is outdated or no longer needed. Talk to your pharmacist about the proper disposal of your medication. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Avatar n tn I've always taken my Rebetol with food / a smoothie at the least and never had any problems at all. Headaches are one of the sides though....I am sure someone will come on with an answer I just wanted to say sorry for the pain - nobody needs THAT while on tx!
Avatar f tn Both AUC and C-MAX increased by seventy percent when Rebetol Capsules were administered with a high fat meal: (841 kcal, 53.8 g fat, 31.6 g protein, and 57.4 g carbohydrate) in a single-dose pharmacokinetic study If you do the math you will have to eat 26.9 grams of fat with each dose for a 35% increase in absorbtion . He felt like this was too much fat to take in.
Avatar n tn This is not the perfect solution, but we keep plugging along. Our doc's don't seem to think there is ANYTHING out there that a person can take to boost platelet counts, I'm going to keep investigating.
220090 tn?1379170787 Warnings and Contraindications Anemia associated with the use of REBETOL in combination with interferon alfa-2b (REBETRON Combination Therapy) may exacerbate symptoms of coronary disease or deteriorate cardiac function. It is advised that complete blood counts (CBC) be obtained at baseline and at weeks 2 and 4 of therapy or more frequently if clinically indicated.
Avatar n tn My meds were packed with a ice pack before ,but I got Procrit and Nuepogen too. When I just got Peg-Intron and Rebetol they weren't on ice.
Avatar n tn i was looking at this it includes an example of an attempted suicide taking 50x200mg of rebetol in one day with no adverse effects recorded. They also took quite a lot of interferon.
80575 tn?1207135964 Wow....thanks for your responses!!! I'm new to this site and the knowledge base here is impressive. Below are my stats: 1.) I'm on Peg-Intron at the maximum dose of 1.5 ug/kg. 2.) Additionally taking Rebetol at 1200 mg/daily. 3.) 6'3", 185 lbs. (200 lbs. @ start of tx). 4.) Genotype 1b. 5.) I've never been treated before. 6.) Estimated 20 years for infection. 7.) All labs for blood work are great (red,white,Neutrophil) 8.) ALT/AST have normalized. 9.
Avatar n tn I believe that most who are treating with infergen are people who have already shown a less then effective result from using one of the pegylated interferons. As a type 1a I treated with Peg-intron and Rebetol(Ribavirin) for 48 weeks and relapsed. The general consensus is that side effects are milder with Pegasys and the copegasys is just another brand of Ribavirin.
Avatar n tn My doctor prescribed Pegintron with Rebetol, but I wonder if anybody knows of a comparison in results with Pegasys/Copegas. Thanks in advance for any input.
1031592 tn?1252379644 Some like overhead fans on bare skin or cooling packs on itchy areas. You may not find the perfect solution since the issue comes from *within* but many things we do can improve on our situation, or keep it from getting worse. A serious rash cab cause dose reductions of riba generally or even stop TX.
Avatar n tn A suggestion for your injections is to ask your doctor to show you how to inject in their office with a harmless iv solution. You can then do what you learned at home with the real meds. About the sides, don't freak out if the first injection throws you for a loop. It happens to many of us and things get much better after 2-3 injections.
Avatar n tn Recently I've read of some negative effects of insulin too so I guess there is no perfect solution to this serious disease. But, I do think glucose control is the primary objective regardless of how it is achieved.
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476246 tn?1418874514 Am drinking lots of fluids and chillin' at home... Geno 3a doing tx for 24 weeks, hopefully 180mcg Pegasys 800 mg Rebetol I was supplied with enough Peg for 8 weeks and enough Riba for 6 weeks. Will have first PCR at 4 weeks, the sensitivity of the test they use is 20 iuml. My doctors and nurses are great!!!! They answer all questions and are positive, friendly and compassionate. I have really been blessed with good fortune, I must say.
Avatar m tn "pegylated interferon alfa-2a and ribavirin (Rebetol) -- is highly toxic with a response rate of about 50%, clinical data show. That number is much lower in real-world cases, according to a number of physicians who testified during the public hearing." I have always contended that response rates are lower despite the many posts we see stating a 50% chance or greater of SVR with the current SOC.