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Avatar f tn Didn't know if I should repost to your question as to what type of progesterone I was on. It's Medroxyprogesterone, 10 mgs. and the patch is Vivelle .1, But, I only use either 1/4 to 1/2. I seem to need 1/2 when I'm on the Medroxyprogesterone because sometimes the night sweats come back during those 10 days. I also have Prometriu which I don't use. Can someone switch from Medroxyprogesterone to Prometrium. My girlfriend takes the Prometrium every day instead of Medroxyprogesterone for 10 days.
Avatar n tn This wild yam is not sweet potatoes,it is a herb. If you use all four,you would need a quarter tablespoon of each.Boil the water for tea.I crush them and put them in a coffee strainer .Pour the water over the mixture ,let it sit for a few minutes and then drink it . This doesn't happen overnite ,but after you have been taking it for a while ,everyones body reacts differently ,some grow faster than others .
873692 tn?1337279333 It is a birth control and is not intended for use in early pregnancy. Another name for this drug is Provera (popular birth control). It is a category X drug in pregnancy, meaning it can cause permanent damage to a developing embryo. I don't know how long it can stay in your system so that is probably why you cannot take it in early pregnancy. Next, call the pharmacy and speak with a pharmacist. Let a professional explain to you why you should not be taking this drug while pregnant.
Avatar f tn My friend mhv ported this earlier. Any thoughts on that. I have always wondered if the suppositories affect the eggs and she thinks that prometrium caps are better. Any thoughts about this ladies?
1433738 tn?1284359825 Hi I didn't get a period for a year but did get one on aug 5 after drinking Provera (Medroxyprogesterone Acetate Tablets) It lasted 7 days .On Aug 25 I did have unprotected sex 3 times that day(sorry for tmi) and not once did we use protection.On Aug 30 I notice a pink mucus discharge .it went away but came back without the mucus (sorry again for tmi) It did last on and off 5 days.Today on the due date for my period it was all gone...Can this be my period or can i be pregnant .
Avatar n tn I was taken off Bellergal and put on Medroxyprogesterone 10mg.My question is I have terrible hot flashes.I'm on Tamoxifen and Had a hysterectomy.How do I know 10mg is enough.I had the same trouble with Hormal replacement. It took another doc. to recommend a high doseage that help a lot. I can't have estrogen.Is 10mg enough...And if it's upgraged what are the mg's..thankyou..
Avatar n tn //brevets-patents.ic.gc.ca/opic-cipo/cpd/eng/search/advanced.html What they have done is apply for patents, which is different from actually having a patent issued. Provisional patent application 60/636391 is dated (priority date) 14 Dec 2004 and 60/668739 is dated 5 April 2005, Applicant: MOTION INVESTMENT Ltd, PCT/IL/2005/001345(I used Canada PTO).
Avatar f tn OH and the blood that is coming out right now is BRIGHT red and thin, not thick and more clumpy rather then watery like my normal periods. I guess my question is what would be the cause of this and should i go in to the doctor or ER??? please help??
Avatar n tn I am told it is from something wrong with the sinus node. For some to tell you this is what you have and then blame stress is contradicting. It is an "appropriate" response with stress. It is "inappropriate" when there isn't any apparent reason for it to occur. My cardiologist told me exercise is still very beneficial even with the beta blocker hindering your heart rate. By the way I am 43 and not menopausal.
Avatar f tn It means that when you tested for ovulation if you got two dark lines you should be having sex to get pregnant. With one dark line that is the control strip line of what you need to see.
Avatar n tn so 1)the problem with not have children later does not accrue and 2) the shot is 100% out of your system for when the child is produced. the first few months are the most important for the baby for it is the when there organs are developing and the brain is most frugal. if you are on the shot while pregnant i am sure that could cause problems for these developments for your baby.
237300 tn?1231458318 once you start after your 10 day use of provera what kind of period is it? Is it very heavy ?
Avatar f tn I've had an abnormal flow for a very long time. I use to be on birth control but stopped taking them a year or so ago. In February my boyfriend and I were messing around. We didn't have sex or anything but some of the things we did made me really paranoid that there was a small chance I could be pregnant. I stressed out really hard that month and missed my period. I took two pregnancy tests and they both came out negative, afterwards I went to the doctor and was prescribed Medroxyprogesterone.
392087 tn?1252608959 i am seeing him again on the 13th march he said he will put me on metformin!! is there anything you would suggest for me to ask for what will help me to concieve?? i dont know about the cysts yet i am having an ultra sound and a transvaginal scan on the same day as my appointment.
Avatar n tn My questions are this, what are the chances that this is cancerous? Most of what I've read say that drs. tend to leave the spots there if they feel really good that they are harmless. Could the hormoes be to blame?
Avatar n tn Had a blood test again still waiting on the results, and i've also been booked in for an ultrasound.. but i was wondering what the ultrasound will be looking for? Also what is likely to be the cause as i'm not stressed everthings normal and i have no other symptoms except no periods??
Avatar f tn He took a sample of the uterine lining, told me not to panic and wait for the results to see if it showed polyps. I have a few questions 1) what could the uterine tissue samples show and what does it mean to have enlarged uterus and lining 2)Is it premature to discuss hysterectomy already? (I am 33, done having kids) 3) I would really prefer not to be on the pill, my husband had a vasectomy so that I wouldn't have to deal with side effects I have had in past from birth control.
Avatar f tn ttc about 3 cycles now, I am not on any meds. Just a history of m/c, and irregular cycles and cyst. What is Provera?
3170786 tn?1344108061 i dont ovulating soo find dr who can help me and she told me to get (HSG) done soo i did that and the dr who did it say that my ovaries are open and i told my dr that everything look good soo she give me clomiphene 50mg and medroxyprogesterone 10mg and been taking them for 3 months nothing happed i do have period but not ovulating soo my dr is give me 100mg clomiphene aug 10 2012...
Avatar f tn that is awesome thanks for the post it is good to hear positive personal experiences
1611503 tn?1325485790 That's the generic for Provera. What it does is induces a period in a woman who is anovulatory and not getting her period, which you already know. I was on this medicine for a few months to help try to get my cycle restarted correctly. It didn't help me. All it did was induce my period and then I would go another month an a half without ovulating before I'd call for a refill. Some women it does help to restart their bodies into ovulating, but it's not reliable.
Avatar f tn What is the reference range for the Free T4 and Total T4 and T3? Ranges vary from lab to lab and have to come from your own report? Unfortunately, Total T4 and T3 aren't very useful for determining thyroid function. Your doctor should have ordered Free T3 instead of the Total T3, but we'll use what we have. Am I understanding correctly that you were already on the medroxyprogresterone when you had the original TSH test with the result of 5.0?
Avatar f tn I am trying to concieve. I have been for about 6 years. I finally went to a gyno about this problem. My periods have always been irregular my whole life. I only had about 6 by the age of 17 before I got pregnant w/my son & then just maybe 1 period a year after that. But there was 1 time that I had a period for 3 mo straight and it was very heavy!!! I had to take Loestrin 3 times/day for a week to stop my period & I havent had one since then.
170623 tn?1242667663 I had bloodwork done yesterday on my progesterone levels and they were a 10.3, which I heard was great. But what is great when it comes to testing progesterone levels...? Does it mean I have a good chance to conceive. Is there a way to know if I conceived without testing? I want this so bad, I am almost worried that I am psychicing myself out with the symptoms. I have had 3 miscarriages in the past so I am trying not to feel the same things I did for those. Any advise would REALLY help.
Avatar n tn is suggesting premerin, and you react to synthetics, you really shouldn't take the premerin..
Avatar n tn knows MY body (unlike friends - both cyber and real life), and has special training and experience to help me. What I try to use for my own benefit are questions I take to my dr. every apptmt to discover more and more about MY body and how IT works.The more or better I study my own body (taking note of everything I feel & do related to my cycle) the more experience I get. I hope I made sense and helped some of you!
Avatar n tn These drugs have been used as a test for pregnancy but such use is no longer considered safe because of possible damage to a developing baby. Also, more rapid methods for testing for pregnancy are now available. If you take PROVERA and later find you were pregnant when you took it, be sure to discuss this with your doctor as soon as possible.
Avatar n tn I got my first blood levels back and I am trying to understand what is what. My estradiol was 8. Seems pretty low to me! This is using the estrodial gel. My progesterone was 2.2. The thing is that my free t4 was a bit high (1.8) so my doc is telling me to not do anything with my hrt and just reduce my synthroid a bit. With as lousy as I am feeling I highly doubt that reducing the synthroid a tad is going to fix much. Also, my face suddenly broke terribly.