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506212 tn?1210871814 When I try I feel like I have worms in my mucsles, I breathe hard, I have gained 40 pounds, I sneezing with no ending and that is scary! I feel like I will have a heart attack. I am truly scared.I have a new respect for drug users trying to get off of them tho I used to think that they should just go cold turkey and gut it out. Now I know differently. I am scared I have health insurance thru Kaiser and my doctor is supposed to call me tomorrow to discuss things.
Avatar f tn Sore muscles, anxiety of talking to people thinking they will think i look high because i felt funny. Now i dont like to he around people because my body feels funny so i panic thinking they think i look high. Is this normal, if so how long does it last or am i losing it?
Avatar n tn Now she is 7 months pregnant and is worried about her baby going through withdrawal when she is born. Does anyone have experience with pregancy and Oxycodone?
Avatar f tn Yes, this site has literally saved me today as I work at a place that absence is not tolerated and so, I'm sitting here with my skin crawling everywhere and I just can't shut my brain off while pretending to look like I'm working. Hearing that my panic is normal, that really does help, thank you.
3655415 tn?1352840877 I just feel like I'm stuck and don't know what else to try. I have asked for an extra pill each month so that I can take it during the night because if I lay too long my back begins to hurt so bad I can't sleep. His nurse wouldn't even asked the doctor to up my dose. She just told me 4 is enough. I do hate running out a few days early though. I just wish so bad I didn't have to take them at all. I hate being dependant on them.
Avatar f tn When he quit smoking he just stopped and did not miss a beat so he really does not have a clue what I am going through now. My health, aside from all the orthopaedic issues is good. I've read some of the "recipes" on other sites for easing withdrawal but don't even know if I could get some of that stuff where I am (Canada). I am starting to ramble but God bless you for listening. Also, any idea how I am going to handle the pain of surgeries in spring?
Avatar f tn I recently asked him to increase my oxycodone to 30 and he acted like i told him to cut off his arm. So i began snorting them which again at first seemed to help some but now again im back to suffering debilitating back pain. I dont do the shopping or cooking or anything else normal ppl do...i just exsist. Ive done alot of reading on the net but yet hv i found the "right"answer to my questions so im hoping maybe i can get some advice~no lecturing plz!!~.
Avatar m tn Omg, I' m trying to stop using oxycodone this is day 2 of not using and i can't take feeling like this. I've been hooked for 2 yrs and can't stand the person i've become, lying, stealing, hurting myself and others that care about me. My whole body is shaking, Ihad sweats real bad last night, restless legs, chills all symptoms, feeling worse today what hell will I have to endure tonight. wish I never took one pill. Trying to be strong but about to break!
Avatar m tn If you can stick to a taper,it may be easier in the long run. It sounds like you've had what you're going to have so far...As you decrease your dose,you'll have symptoms but it sounds like they're tolerable. Now that the weekend is here,why don't you just jump off?
Avatar m tn Yes, for some of us it can be unusual to stay at the same and same medication for 3 years and not become tolerant. Many Drs do not like to prescribe higher than 30 mgs of Oxycodone Have you talked to your Dr about trying another medication? It makes no sense to keep you on something that isn't working any more. You might be able to switch to a different med at a lower dose and do much better on it.
Avatar n tn but taht doesnt mean taht they both arent terribly bad in wd effects, they are nothing taht can be messed with, theya re oxy/H wd's times a billion and lasting 300 times as long, ugh its terrible..anyone trying tog et off stronger opioid like oxycodone, heroin, morphine, fentanyl, hydromorphone(dilaudid), etc. will ahve a lot harder time tapering off even with the help with your doctors, if you try tapering and dont succeed i would honestly try giving suboxone treatment a good shot..
Avatar f tn Sounds like how I started. If you continue your tolerance will get higher and higher. You will start to obsess about them. if you dont stop soon it only gets worse. pain pill addiction just ruins lives and the ones you love. I am an addict. I am now clean but I have ruined the life that I used to have. It got so bad that I put the drugs over my family. My brain was telling me that if I did not have them I would die. For the last year that I was using I wasnt even feeling any euphoria.
Avatar f tn It MAY have helped me.....??? Like I said, what did I know? Pretty much nothing......just that my life was unmanageable, I was a mess, I was broken in every way. It was simply TIME to get r done and I was ready. (kind of a "do or die" moment for me) The thinking "I need a drug to get off a drug" is just our drug seeking addict minds feeding our fear, imo. Not that having some meds to ease w/drawal is not a good thing.
Avatar n tn I have a serious question, and no, i'm not joking, a friend of mine offered me 30 10mg Oxycodone tabs a week ago, I took them all over the past 7 days, and now I'm out, and apparently I'm in withdrawls and it sux to say the least. I'm looking for advice, honestly, i know you might say, 1 week, 30pills, your nuts, it's true, i've never felt this awful in my life, no sleep, hot/cold, shoulders hurt, stomach upset.
Avatar m tn I'm aware that seeking medical care is best, but given the circumstances (my career for example) I'd like to avoid this at all costs. Does anyone have any experience with oxycodone for approximately the same amount of time I've been taking it? I'm curious to know how long I can expect withdrawl symptoms. Basically, how long for "restless leg syndrome" to subside...I feel this is the main reason I dont sleep at night, and in my line of work, I need to be well rested.
364605 tn?1200708575 Has anyone had any experience with going right onto a maintenance dose. Should I just ask the nurse if I could just speak to the MD about my question. I like this nurse & think she has my best interest in mind but I think everyone is different & detoxes @ different rates. Please anyone let's hear your thoughts or experience.
Avatar m tn Hey bro, You wrote a long post how much the blues s.ck. How they are ruining your life. Let me say Im 36 daysclean from blues. I live in fl too and know exactly what your talking about. They are way to easy to get. I feel bad for the young people. Im sooo glad those werent around when I was younger. Im 35. Ive been addicted for afew years as well. I never shot up but that doesnt matter. Dont beat yourself up over this man. Ive tried to quit before too. Many times.
Avatar n tn if he does...Does he puff and not look high? percs often do that to people...at least it has to me and a few people I know How do his pupils look? often with long use your pupils are smaller....not larger like other drugs can affect someone......
Avatar m tn My very good physical therapist is also focusing now on my strength and fitness now, no longer on my knee that already does what I want it to do. So this should just be a matter of continuing to exercise, exercise, exercise. And I will continue to work outside the house the rest of today and tomorrow - while hoping the depression waves finally stop. So I do have some semblance of a structure plan for a little ways ahead. Sorry I'm such a talker - inherited from my dad, I guess.
Avatar m tn For about the last 8 months or so I have been taking up to 8-10mg Oxycodone tabs (bad hips are painful). It may not sound like a lot, but to a guy that has really never taken any meds it seems like a lot to me. I totally cut them out 3 days ago (72 hours) and to say the least it has been HECK! I can't sleep, I am emotional, I pee all the time (like every 15 minutes), the second day I felt physically ill (like I had the flu) and my body feels like it has pins and needles in it.
401095 tn?1351395370 you're right on the money....they just don't make 'em like they used to....still love the old stuff like that....my hubby is even MORE adamant about that than i am....he swears it will never ever be the same again....i'm still a 38 special fan though....love zz top....but 38 special was it for me....hubby is always wanting to go to concerts like that....i, like you, most of the time just don't have the "get-up-and-go" to do it like he does (in more ways than one)....
Avatar f tn It really sucked sitting in his office after peeing in a cup and having my doc look at me like he did and talk like I was selling the patches or something. Have you thought about getting your hair tested?
Avatar m tn Us opiate addicts, thats all we do is pop pills knowing it is the wrong thing for us and we murder ourselves every single day with negativity it never ends does it? A say look at this in a good way meaning the golden question... WHAT MADE YOU RELAPSE? You see for me when I first relapsed it was simply out of boredom, so I had to fill that time. Dig deep down in you and find out why you relapsed and lets go from there.
481056 tn?1240142327 i started with 10mg a day and now i swear im up to 40mg i just keep breaking peices off of an 80mg which used to last me 4 days but now its more like 2 or 3 but i went through some w/d's last week and i couldnt stand it you have weened down so im gonna say your symptoms should not be servere nor should they lastlong but i dont know for sure i know someone with some knowledge and maybe some experience will be able to help...my question is does the weening help?
Avatar m tn My husband broke three ribs in Feb. & has been on delodid (sp?), then Percocet, now Oxycodone. He quit cold turkey two days ago & is going through pure hell! How long will these symptons persist? We called the pain management Dr. today & he suggest taking another oxy & weaning his way off. He is afraid to take another pill...thank GOD! He want off but is feeling extremely depressed...aching all over, chills, etc. Any help or suggestion on what to do is greatly appreciated!
Avatar m tn After 10 days you should be ok..Excersie even if you don't feel like it. a quick 10 minute walk does wonders Good Luck If I can do it YOU can too!
Avatar m tn I am trying to taper on my own plan since the Doctor really does not have a plan. Last week I was on 20mg Oxycotin in the AM and 5mg Oxycodone 12 hours later in the PM. I have just dropped to a 10mg Oxycotin in the AM and 10mg Oxycodone 12 hours later in the PM. I do use an occassional supplement (10mg) for pain flair ups. I will continue this process untill this Saturday. I can definitely feel the discomfort....I basically don't have any energy or will to do anything.
Avatar n tn It'll take 10 or more days to start feeling a bit better, but that being said, then you will suffer from depression and a total lack of energy for what seems to be like forever. Vitamins anino acids, bananas, tons of water can help to some degree.
Avatar m tn you have no idea what that dose to people like me who need this because of the chronic pain i have... it's so bad that i'm always reashering myself that I'm not an addict! hell i take one pill a day... sometimes i go 4 or 5 days without any pain so i don't have to take anything.... Here is the odd thing, I have a bad knee ( hockey) and a few other growing pains but the Oxy doesn't take the pain away from that!!! it only works for my headaches...