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Avatar m tn Hey all, I've been addicted to oxycodone since age 14. I'm age 27 now and ready to put this behind me. I've lost everything because of it. I've lost my family, friends, multiple good jobs, lost my good credit, and it all of a sudden dawned on me that I'm an addict and its the source of my problems. I'm gonna call a methadone/sub clinic Monday. I do have chronic pain, I was shot with a 12 gauge shotgun in july 2011 and it really messed me up. Do you think a Dr.
Avatar f tn Also as a side note, Opana oral bioavailability is actually very low. Lower than morphine I believe the bioavailability is around 10 percent. However, if you reach your optimal dose, bioavailability matters little. I see that this post is from October 2011. But since I have this typed, I'll post anyway :) Good luck and gentle hugs.
Avatar n tn The abuse potential of oxycodone is equivalent to that of morphine. The usual indications for oxycodone are severe acute postoperative or posttraumatic pain and cancer pain. When oxycodone is administered, the same precautions should be taken as with morphine or other agonist opioids." "Oxycodone is an effective opioid analgesic for cancer pain.
199177 tn?1490502134 Morphine 20mg..............Oxycodone (Oxycontin, Percocet) 10mg..............Oxymorphone (Numorphan) 200-300mg.....Propoxyphene (Darvocet) 150mg............
Avatar f tn I have cervical dystonia in my neck, fibromyalgia, endometriosis, and hidertitis supperteva (sp?). I had been taking 20 mg opana 2x day along with 30 mg Oxycodone 4x day. My pain management doctor changed my dosage this last month to 40 mg opana 2x day and 30 mg Oxycodone 3x day. I have been on opiate pain medication for about 6 years, pretty much continuously. My problem is that since the dosage change, it seems like the medication is not lasting long enough.
Avatar f tn What I mean by that I'm sure u prob know but ill just say it neway but just say one takes 50mg of oxycodone orally that means 80% of that actually only works because oxycodone bioavailability is 80% while if injected 100% which means even tho the dose is the same the iv is actually stronger because more of the oxy is actually getting to the brain.
Avatar m tn I didn't ask him to bump me up but he did so, I was taking 90 oxycodone 40's for a few months. I moved to Florida at the end of 2007 and found a doctor, brought my records, etc. Within a year he had me on 120 OC 80's and 240 oxycodone 30 msg. Life was good, right? The first couple years I never abused the meds, as far as following doctors orders went. That first year in Florida I had it all under control, or so I thought.
460948 tn?1232305722 it is oxycodone. The only difference is that with the Oxycontin, it is in a tablet that is designed for sustained release to prevent breakthrough pain, last up to 12 hours, and decrease the amount of pills to take. I understand your concerns about these meds., but not everyone who takes them is an addict, and they are necessary for some folks. My advice to you would be to get a second opinion to hear some other options and get another point of view on the matter.
Avatar f tn Along with scoliosis and degenerative disk all through my spine oh and arthritis. Any ways I'm currently taking 20mg of oxycodone 4 times daily for pain. The constipation is killing me. I been reading up on a drug called Targinact and was wondering peoples thoughts on here about it. Aswell as other possible options. I meet with my pain management doc later this afternoon. Thanks for reading and any advice you may have for me.
15965 tn?1297625768 Seriously, vicoden is Hydrocone and Percoset is OxyCodone. 2. both are almost identical in there chemical makeup. 3. Oxy is slightly stronger for instance on average 10 mg of oxy is the same as 15 of hydro. 4. there half life, bioavailability , and excretion are almost identical, expect hydro is renal, and oxy is threw your ****. So for them to say your becoming a drug addict and switch to a stronger opiate is insane.
Avatar f tn It is oxymorphone and it is strongest pain medication available in pill form based on pharmacology. The oxycodone in Oxycontin is metabolized by the liver into oxymorphone. Therefore, the Opana ER would be a drug that is very comparable to the Oxycontin, only twice as strong.
1429136 tn?1287213202 this is just some of what i get when researching bupe- Because of its ceiling effect and poor bioavailability, buprenorphine is safer in overdose than opioid full agonists. The maximal effects of buprenorphine appear to occur in the 16–32 mg dose range for sublingual tablets. Higher doses are unlikely to produce greater effects. "The ceiling effect is good in some ways. It makes Suboxone less likely abused and far less easy to O.D.
Avatar n tn no theres no reason its just that ive been through this before back when i was abusing oxycontin and oxycodone before i started subutex. i know what to expect. i just dont want to taper because i want to get this over with asap.
Avatar n tn I was taking fentanyl patches 100mcg every 2 days, and percocets for break-through as needed. My tests came back positive for Fentanyl but no oxycodone (active ingredient in percocets) they kicked me out of pain management. So no big deal right I mean I just my monthly supply and a week later they inform me I'm out. So I make an appointment at another pain management place, things are great.
Avatar n tn It has a large initial volume of distribution with slow tissue release. Oral bioavailability is high, ~ 80%. Unlike morphine there are no active metabolites; biotransformation to an active drug is not required. The major route of metabolism is hepatic with significant fecal excretion; renal excretion can be enhanced by urine acidification (pH <6.0). Unlike morphine, no dose adjustment is needed in patients with renal failure since there are no active metabolites.
Avatar m tn I was snorting at least 100mg a day in addition to taking at least 40mg ER orally. Bioavailability for Opana orally is horrid at 10%. Snorting brings it up to around 40%. I no longer take any ER after talking to my doctor last week and asking if it was ok to drop the ER instead of continuing to taper. He said it was fine as long as I thought I could handle the wd. I break my IR Opana into quarters, so I snort 8 bumps a day at 2.5mg each.
Avatar f tn Amitriptyline, bupivacaine, clonidine, gabapentin, hydromorphone, levobupivacaine, lignocaine, methadone, mexiletine, morphine, oxycodone and tramadol have been used in the presence of renal failure, but do require specific precautions, usually dose reduction. Aspirin, dextropropoxyphene, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and pethidine, should not be used in the presence of chronic renal failure due to the risk of significant toxicity.
1428440 tn?1287393979 It is the drug that we use on the ambulance in overdose situations (Narcan). Naloxone has a terrible bioavailability when taken orally.... almost non existent. Which is why we push it IV while on the rig. When taken trans mucosally (As in Suboxone) the Naloxone has no effect on the Mu receptors. Naloxone was added to the Suboxone formulation for one purpose only.... to deter the misuse of Suboxone by the IV route.
Avatar m tn so my question is do you think taking that one 50mg pill is going to put him back at the beginning of his withdrawls or because it wasent oxycodone its okay for one day because i flushed the rest. he had been taking oxycodone, something called roxy , and perks basically anything he could get.
1866508 tn?1333988213 If Morphine via IV didn't do much for you, then you may need a really high dose of oral Morphine to really help your pain as Morphine is very potent via IV but the bioavailability orally is about 25-30%, which is a fraction of the dosage listed on the bottle. Oxycontin is 1.5 to 2 times stronger than morphine and I know the Percocet I take is doing 70% of the work while the morphine is doing 30%.
Avatar m tn I would just want to take something when I don't feel well vs all the time. There is an oxycodone with no tylenol. Methadone is a very good pain reliever I know people who are on it and people here who treated and were on it. It did help, it is just that normally a doctor will try other pain meds first before going on to methadone. Good luck Hang in there, it does get better.
Avatar m tn 10,11,13,14,17,18,43 For example, in patients with moderate to severe liver disease, peak plasma levels of oxycodone and its chief metabolite noroxycodone were increased 50% and 20%, respectively, whereas the area under the plasma concentration-time curve for these molecules increased 95% and 65%.11 Peak plasma concentrations of another active metabolite, oxymorphone, were decreased by 30% and 40%, respectively....
Avatar m tn My only question then, is as so many people take nexium or Prilosec why not just say nexium or Prilosec. The listed the specific names of many others. And as you said P-gp inducers but then you said omeprazole is a P-gp inhibitor so as I read that it is not the same thing. Yes as nexium inhibits gastric acid secretion I could see why one would think that but I don't see where they have said no to and in fact I did see on the drugs.
Avatar f tn My understanding was that it's on the same level as oxycodone/percocet. Anyone know anything about that? One of the reasons I'm asking is if I do have to have surgery on Tuesday, they will change my medication temporarily for post-surgery. Last time they tried Dilaudid but for me, it was like eating an M&M.
Avatar f tn i know it's difficult, but you need to talk about these things, whether it be family or friend, not just half-truths u gotta spill it all and just get it all out of you. As Jimi pointed out, the bioavailability for snorting is lower than oral, AND by snorting the drug enters and exits much faster. So instead of 2 pills oral/day you'll need more as it will wear off much quicker. When i used to snort oxycodone 15IRs, i was already needing another one 1-2 hrs later.
Avatar m tn aspirin either one is not something you want to insuffulate as tylonol is Not water soluble (apap watr sol.=8 MG. per ML.)Now if u r talkin about oxycodone 10, 15, 30, its also not good to insuffulate because the binders are poly and will encapsulate in your lungs eventually and can cause great harm, if only done for short period lungs can clear.
Avatar f tn I was on 4 30mg oxycodone a day and was switched to 2 40mg er oxymorphone a day. Plus a Clonidine patch for the inbetween times. Omg, I'm in WDs twice a day, well I did a bad thing and starting sniffing a little piece. I got up to doing it all that way but back down to a quarter of it that way. I also broke them in halfs to take 4 times a day to help make them last 6 hours each. This is so not the med for me nor the group to be in. I need to get all the way take to oral only. I have an apt.
Avatar f tn Sublingually, naloxone has a relatively low bioavailability while buprenorphine has good sublingual bioavailability. Both have poor bioavailability through the GI tract. Taken sublingually, as directed, naloxone is clinically insignificant and has virtually no effect. (Except in rare cases of an allergic reaction or naloxone hypersensitivity.
1331804 tn?1336870958 You are actually on less medication overall...as you are dropping 15mg of Oxycodone...and the Percocet is 'as needed' anyway.... So if your pain is controlled with 30mg every 12 hours...you don't have to take a single breakthrough med.. That's the part that was confusing me why you were so frantic about this.... You are only taking the Opana every 12 hours....that is plenty of time after the 30mg dose to see how you are doing....without taking a single Percocet....
Avatar m tn I have went back to my old habits of abusing the oxycodone.. My parents were my #1 source for oxycodone, and last month they told me that I was cut off and that they were not going to sell pills at all ANYMORE PERIOD TO ANYONE! They did this without warning or heads up or anything// The first of the month came and I had only been taking (weaker, less addictive pain killers) and in even smaller dosages throughout the day..