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1686743 tn?1306009051 For the last year I have been taking15 mg Morphine2 times a day, and 5mg Oxycodone HCI For pain in back and hips, and knee. At this dosage I have been getting some relief.Could one say that I'm chemically dependent. I'm 6 ft tall and 172 lbs. What is the suggested dosage for 61 yr old? I just had surgery in my chest and the pain level is 10 by times 10. they increased the oxy to 10 mg every 4 hrs and the Morphine 3 times a day 30 mg a day. with little effect.
Avatar n tn I have been on a high dose of oxycodone for Lupus for the past 8 months. I take up to 150 MG a day of oxycodone, I am trying to get off because I feel as if I don't need the meds anymore, I have found a different non-narcotic to help ease the pain. I am not pain free but the oxycodone is worse than the pain I am in. I can't seem to get off the oxt though, I am experiencing extremely bad withdrawals, and I can't seem to get any help from my doctors.
Avatar m tn I'm going on 3 years with current doc and am getting almost no relief anymore and when I talk to my doc about it he says sorry that's as high as he can go with my dosage. Is it normal that my tolerance is gone this fast and my relief is minimal at best for maybe a half an hour to an hour after I take my 30 mg pill? My condition is severe kyphosis and scholiosis which had led to EVERY disk in my back either bulging, partially degenerated or totally degenerated.
Avatar n tn I have to force myself to eat sometimes . Your not alone . I am on a dosage of 30 mg oxycodone twice a day and 20 mg OxyContin twice a day .
Avatar m tn From that point in time I was prescribed a daily dosage of oxycodone that averaged about 15 mg/day, a relatively low dosage. After finishing several weeks of physical therapy, I started my cold-turkey withdrawal 4 days ago - no more drug, period. So this is a very typical profile of a person who has had NO other addictions to any drugs and does not have any chronic pain problems that requires continual usage of oxycodone.
Avatar n tn The potent ingredient in any opiate compound is the opiate. 5mg of Oxycodone is exactly that - 5 mg. Her doctor was trying to lower her dosage, which may or may not be effective...pure Oxycodone (AKA Roxycodone) is "rapid delivery," and is released into one's bloodstream within minutes, unlike Percocet, the delivery of which takes approximately 30 minutes. It COULD work as well for her - (faster!!) but...well, every body is different. Likely, very likely, it doesn't work as long.
Avatar f tn the dopiness mentioned was more of a drugged out stupor for me and only occurred at dosage changes. Tingling in the fingers or toes lessens over time; occasionally have bad days. I do tend to have numbness in the tips of my fingers most of the time. These things I've gotten use to. What I've finally discovered from reading here, is the cause of the hair loss which was extreme over the last six months.
Avatar m tn The Truth is if you would of had a proper amount of Oxycodone prescribed you would of had maximum pain relief with minimum amount of side effects and none I have yet to find that can be deadly, Like Liver damage, Kidney Failure, Mood swings, suicidal thoughts etc. etc. etc. The list is ridiculous.
29837 tn?1414538248 I'm going from a maximum of 2 pills (10 mg.) Oxycodone at one time, to 80 mg. of Oxycontin at one time. I spoke to the pharmacist today and she said it is metabolized in the kidneys not the liver. True or false? I am very reluctant to take any drugs and will obviously take one when the pain is unbearable (like at night). My gastro said no to Oxycontin but yes to Oxycodone. I remain more confused now than before.
Avatar m tn Draw up your dosage plan. 1/2 pill every 5 hours for example. For a maximum of 1 1/2 pills per day. 3. Drink plenty of water. More than usual. Also drinks w electrolytes. 4 minerals & vitamins especially magnesium calcium & zinc. 5. Get Imodium in case of loose bowels. 6. Epsom salt baths. Cut your dose back by 1/2 pill every 5-6 days till you are pill free. Get some aleve or Extra strength Excedrin for pain after taper complete. Pamela.
Avatar f tn How do I request higher pain pill dosage from my pain clinic doctor. I have used oxycontin, and oxycodone for beak-through pain, over 10years but now it is less helpful without an additional pill for the day. I have recently been able to sleep less, causing some need because am awake more. I don't want to sound like 'drug-seeker'. in fact would rather not go up on dosage at all.
8124038 tn?1396634160 As far as I can figure, oxycodone is just a bit stronger than hydrocodone, I would guess a hydrocodone dose of 20mg is the same as a oxycodone dose of 15mg so what my Doctor did was in reality, reduce my dosage when she tried putting me on oxycodone. I tried to see what it would take to place my relief back to where it was when I first started the hydrocodone and it matches when I use 30mg.
1155483 tn?1262436247 Until recently, I have been on a daily regimen of 10-20mg Oxycontin in the AM and Percocet PRN in the evening if I've over exerted it during the work day. I have never increased the dosage of either medication and have never abused the medications in the 5 years I have been taking them. 2 months ago I requested to drop to the 10mg Oxycontin. I also have been taking Meloxicam and Cyclobenzaprine PRN.
Avatar n tn The main ingredient in both percocet and oxycontin is oxycodone. Elvis, Percocet is oxycodone and acetaminophen (Tylenol) so you can't take as many mg of oxycodone per day in the form of percocet as you could with oxycontin because you would truly overdose on the Tylenol alone. The maximum daily dose of Tylenol is 4000 mg. Also Percocet is immediate release but Oxycontin is extended release.
Avatar f tn Careful! Learn to break those Pure Oxycodone Tablets in half! Why? Because oxycodone will MESS with your tolerance BIGTIME unless you are super-careful! Okay I'll elaborate. You know how on an aspirin bottle, it says "take 1 to 2 tablets..." etc.? You're NOT going to feel that much big difference between 1 and 2 aspirin. BUT, when you go from ONE percocet to the equivalent of TWO percocet (your 15mg roxicodone), it will HIT YOU HARD.... (i.e.
Avatar f tn This is when the written instructions come into play to let the patient know what is the safe maximum dosage that can be taken. In the case of Tramadol, it is 8 pills per day. So if the patient had 9 pills that could be taken and still balance out at the end of the month, only 8 could be taken safely.
Avatar f tn 5 mg of oxycodone. I am very familiar with the euphoria (feeling of well being/happiness) the oxycodone produces and trust me it doesn't last forever. Over time, your body will get used to the medication and the euphoria will be reduced or not occur at all. So don't get too focused on that effect. The side effect of euphoria is what makes percocet and the long acting form (oxycontin) so addicting. Chasing that effect will require you to take more and more of the medication.
Avatar f tn Hi everyone, I am well aware that the maximum daily dose for acetaminophen is 4000 mg. I am currently on a regimented pain medication plan but fear that coming close to 4000 mg daily is bad for me. I never go past that dosage and I don't drink alcohol, but is it dangerous or bad for your liver to always be near the max daily dose? I try to give my liver some breaks by cutting my dose way down for a few days here and there, but I still get scared.
1887358 tn?1320934731 My family doc prescribes me Percocet 10/650mg 3 times a day but these don't seem to last more then 2-3 hours per pill and she won't increase my dosage becasue she says she is not a pain mgmt doctor. Don't get me wrong, I love my doctor and will continue to see her for family issues but I guess I need to find a pain doctor. So with my current prescription I run out a week early because I usually need 4 to 5 pills a day.
Avatar f tn I do know about the FDA's efforts to reduce the maximum dose, but my family members take extra strength tylenol and I would like to understand more about how dangerous that might be. I was under the impression that 1000 mg is safe for use as directed for healthy people.
Avatar n tn While there are pregnant women who need to take narcotics during their pregnancy, it's always best to check in with your OB/GYN to make sure it is safe in your situation. They may want to change your pain meds, adjust the dosage, etc. I honestly believe in this case, it's much better to be safe than sorry.
Avatar m tn We feel she needs to end the vicodin usage asap and up the dosage of the oxycodone. She has been bringing this up to her pain management phys-assistant for 6 to 8 months and she tells her just keep doing what your doing! I cant find much info on this subject(s) such long term use and hep c. Also she has had staph infections on and off for the same amount of time, and now the staph will not go away! Can this be related in any way?
1084115 tn?1385232189 I would suggest taking the smallest dosage of Ibuprofen possible and stay under the total limit allowed for a 24 hr period and stop taking it when you don't need it anymore. Drink lots of fluids for your fever and don't bundle up too tightly.
2126606 tn?1346348724 Opioid-induced hyperalgesia is often times mistaken for a growing tolerance to pain medication, which is why dosages are increased. Unfortunately, increasing the dosage is not only ineffective, but can worsen the hyperalgesia and cause even more pain, creating a dangerous cycle. The most effective and safest way to remedy the condition is to decrease the dose or detox and eliminate the pain medication altogether.
1064524 tn?1257203355 The maximum recommended amount of acetaminophen is 4,000 mgs per 24 hour period. However that recommendation is being reconsidered of late and there has been talk of changing the dosage guidelines. The researchers for the medical profession are now leaning towards changing the recommendation to a max of 2,500 mgs per day. There are 7.5 mg hydrocodone bitartrate and 325 mg acetaminophen tablets available. I would suggest that at your next refill you request the 7.5/325 dose.
Avatar f tn Next, my chronic fatigue has worsened so badly these past few months, that I'm at the point were I can only stay out of the house for a maximum of 6 hours, 8 hours means a bad day, take naps or just lie down and stare blankly in my car when I get to my destination but am too tired to get out, so I decide to just nap for a while, take 4 hours naps during the day, often go to bed at 5pm, strive to be home by 3pm so I can lie down on the couch with heating pad and computer, etc.
Avatar n tn He is now taking 40 mg of Oxycotin twice daily plus Oxycodone (dosage unknown). I recently discovered that he was injecting the Oxycotin. After many long talks, he says he is now ready to detox. A facility in Nashville has described their program as a 4 day inpatient detox. As the amount of Oxycotin is decreased, Suboxone is given. I don't know the dosage of the Suboxone, but it is my understanding that it is very addictive. Also, the underlying issue of pain will still exist...
933174 tn?1375796153 Why is it so hard now. I figured out that I am taking minus tylenol, maximum 20 mg of oxycodone a day. I work in the medical profession at a hospital. I work long hours at night when I work, then I have kid when I'm off. My ex and I are separated and have shared custody, split the week. You know whats weird, I have an easier time dealing with withdrawal, or wean when I'm working than when I 'm taking care of my kid.
6814174 tn?1385052560 I'm prescribed anxiety meds as well as a low dose of oxycodone currently by my OB so that has been helping me a great deal in kicking my H habit. My baby is perfectly healthy and once my withdrawals are over with I am 100% for sure not going back to drug use. I know I should not have waited this long but I'm doing it now and that's what matters.
535089 tn?1400677119 Last night I really needed a pain pill because of my painful neck and took 1 15mg Oxycodone. I couldn't believe it...It actually worked. It was like taking pain medicine for the first time in my life. It was powerful. I haven't had that feeling for many, many years. I am now ready for my Surgery. I see the Neurosurgeon on the 30th and he will set up the Surgery date.