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Avatar f tn Is there anything i can do to at least calm it down ? or possibly treat it? It does not look like a cold sore to me because usually it is around my mouth if i do get it. but this is so puzzling because it formed over night and i literally woke up like this. i dont remember eating anything that would cause this. i didnt have a cut on that part of my lip where it would have a chance to get infected. i basicallly dont feel like i did anything to make this happen. it just did. overnight.
Avatar f tn We aren't sure what they are, but thinking back about the cold sore, I could have given it to him. Anyways, the bumps don't look like the pictures I see online. They looked like small bug bites to start with, but my boyfriend squeezed it thinking it was a pimple and now it has a scab on it. They never turned into ulcers or lesions and are going away now. They never burned or anything and he said they barely itched. Anyways, it's been about 5 days and the bump looks more like a scab now.
Avatar n tn I noticed a small single blister like bump in my upper lip actually on the part that connects the lip to the gums. It did look like a waterfilled blister. After messing with it for a while with my tongue subconciously it did seem to go away within a few hours. There was no pain whatsoever and no noticable redness. I thought maybe a mucoclele until i read that they are usually only on the bottom lip and rarely the top.
Avatar m tn for the first few days it was varrying in size,feeling flat,then bumpy. just yesterday, sat, it began to look more like a tiny blister with clear fluid. this time it appeared lower on the lip than last time. No pain,swelling,change in size or burnning on the spot. I do feel some very light tingling and burning around the edge of my lips off and on trough the day. these feelings are so light that i dont know if the're real or me being paranoid. Results should be in by tuesday.
Avatar f tn Now today the redness has subsided and the patches seem to be covered in some whitish looking skin but never any blister formation. I'm curious if and when a recurring outbreak happens, does a blister always form or can it present itself in the form of those symptoms i described or is it more like chapped lips? My gf and i kissed this weekend, not much but a couple times coming and going and now 2-3 days later she's got a very sore throat and I'm concerned ive infected her.
1733934 tn?1310369905 You should see a dermatologist with this. I am not sure what it is- it does not look like eczema from the picture. It is possible that it is a cold sore, but I cannot be sure. In the meantime, treat it like it is contagious and be sure to wash your hands frequently to prevent spreading it. Good luck.
Avatar f tn Can cold sores look like pimples as in small red bumps or does it have to be blister like thing? and also, today someone ate from my fork, and in general i have a thing where i dont share cups or bottles or ustensils but a friend today ate frm my fork without realising so i made a mental note to not use it.. a few minutes later without realising i ate from the fork, LATER on i realised the person had a pimple like bump on the curve of the upper lip.
Avatar n tn What a relief. I've had a tiny blister in the same spot for the last year. I'll pop it and it may or may not come right back. Thought I was alone on this one. Thanks to everybody for sharing.
Avatar n tn I have a small blister on the inside of my lip. I've had it for a few weeks now. It doesn't hurt but it always gets in the way when I eat and sometimes I accidentally bite it. I'm also in band and when i close down on my mouthpiece, it gets in the way. I don't know what it is or what to do... Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn One more thing, I noticed there is a red spot on my buttocks, kind of like a pimple that has been rubbed/opened and only hurts if it is touched and it's more of a really slight burning feeling, the feeling you get if you touched an open pimple on your face, could this be herpes that I could have accidentally transferred before I developed the blister on my lip?
Avatar n tn It pretty-much stayed the same in look for some time...very much like a blister you would get on your foot/hand if you over rubbed it against something. It doesn't hurt unless I rub it (with a kleanex or tissue), and it's progressively getting smaller. There's no real color to it (sort of looks like my lip has been bitten), but there's small white dots next to it...not sure if they were there before. Although reading through the forum, it seems those dots are normal.
Avatar n tn About 2 months ago I got a red blood blister on my bottom lip, a month went by and I didnt really think too much about it and left it.....after that it was annoying me and I decided that my best option would be to pop the blister to get rid of it. I know now that this was a very bad decision!! The blister formed into a scab which bled a couple more times when I caught the scab....it looked very unsightly and my friend advised the best thing to do is put on some blistex.
Avatar n tn My difficulty is in being able to schedule an appointment with a doctor while a flare-up occurs so that the doctor may look at my lips and I've never had a lab culture done on the discharge. These are my questions. One, any ideas of what it might be? and two, is it possible to walk into a lab clinic and request a culture during a flare-up without a doctor referral?
Avatar f tn With no pain (until you popped it), and protected sex, herpes is a bit less likely. On the other hand, a "blister" is consistent with the way a herpes outbreak would look. But typically there is more than one, and you would normally have also had a fever, swollen groin lymph nodes, etc. It's possible your Dr tested you for HSV 1&2 or not, it seems to vary from doctor to doctor. But usually you can call in and clarify which tests were run.
Avatar n tn For a long time, maybe about 6 months, i have had a blister on my bottom lip. A long time ago, ive popped it several times, and there was blood and something stringy. After popping it over and over again, I've left it alone. It still exists but has shrunk and is painless. I have not had any doctor look at it. Just yesterday i got a small colorless blister on the right inner-cheek. it is too small to pop, but it really bothersome. It is painless.
Avatar f tn Let me start by saying I have been with the same man for 25 years. Last year I had an enouncter with of all people my girlfriend. We kissed and she performed oral sex on me. I know it was not planned somethng that just happened. A few days after the encounter I did not feel normal downstairs. I felt a little raw and irritated. I kind of brushed it off but then started thinking what could I have picked up. It got worse before it got better red irritated never saw any bumps or lessions.
Avatar m tn Ok so like many others on here I made a huge mistake! I’m a male, in my 40’s in a long time marriage, four months ago I had unprotected sex with a female coworker (oral and vaginal). 2 days later started getting a sore throat, that progressed into what I thought was full blown strep, within a week got small blisters on inside of lip, freaked out! Herpes!?
Avatar f tn This morning I noticed what sort of felt like a chapped lip on my bottom lip, which was unusual because I just had rubbed lip balm all over my lips an hour prior. So I went to the bathroom and took a closer look and looked like dry scab on two parts of my lip but are very tiny you have to get tremendously close to even see it. There is no pain or irritation jus feels weird or not normal. Could this be a an oncoming OB ?
Avatar m tn Around the same time, a few days after my barber shaved under my mustache with an electric clipper, I developed what may have been a cold sore right above my top lip. I felt some swelling below the surface of the liplike a very tiny bb. I felt like there may have been a pocket of puss under the surface, and I tried to pop it as soon as I could. I popped it and some watery puss came out.
Avatar f tn For the last 6 or 7 weeks now, I've had one blister under my vaginal lip that wont seem to go away unlike the rest of my blisters that have disappeared in a couple weeks or so when they appear. It looks like a herpes blister. Has a off-whitish look to it. Now I'm paranoid what if it is another std, like Hpv or something?? I'm going to call my doctor tomorrow. But any suggestions? Can a single herpes blister hang out THAT long and while on a suppressant?
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Avatar n tn I don't think it is a cold sore (herpes 1) because I have never had anything at all on my lips, it does not look like a blister, it is not clustered with anything else, nor has it began to ooze. Can you in fact have a cold sore without those symptoms? Prior to this unknown bump appearing, my lips had been really dry so I was using a lot of vaseline and chapstick - not sure if it can be a clogged pore. It is not a mucocele, however, as it is on the outside of my mouth.
Avatar m tn 2 days after this a blister formed right where the dentist cranked on my lip with the mirror. The blister does not appear to look like anything found via a Google Image search for gonorrhea or syphilis.
Avatar n tn Another description is that it look as if I bit down on my lip real hard which I did not do. The dark discoloration in my lip does not hurt, blister, or itch. I do not believe that it has grown in size but now I am concerned that I may have received a disease from this girl. I have applied chap stick, balm, etc... Nothing works and the line is still present. Now when I say line I mean that it is about 1/4 of an inch in width.
915277 tn?1252576713 If the bump looks like a blister which is on the skin rather than a bump or cyst that is under the skin, it is probably not a rheumatoid nodule. Still, with your fingers hurting and the bump near a joint, I think you should have your doctor take a look at it. It is possible to have more than 1 type of arthritis at once. I know because I do (leave it to me to pick a short straw!) Please let us know what you find out.
Avatar n tn it is a hormone imbalance that causes the skin pigment to change color.....makes me look like i have two little spots of dirt on my upper lip...it does go away when the hormones level back out, however i have never had the skin raised.
Avatar n tn feels like a piece of tape stuck to my lip - annoying. Went away for what seemed like a couple of days and then was back and now it's been another 2-3 weeks. BUT, I also had been dieting and using supplements and cleansing products which I have since stopped taking. I wonder if those had something to do with it. Can't keep enough lip salve on it and can't stop messin' with it by biting or picking at it. SOOO annoying. Hoping it goes away now that I've stopped taking the diet pills.
Avatar n tn http://img186.imageshack.us/my.php?image=tubercle1ti7.jpg Does that look like a normal middle upper lip to you? Is it safe to say it's not swelling from herpes? Should that have blistered by now if it were? Also, here's a picture where you can see spots (presumable from popping the tiny 'pimples') around my lips. Does anything look herpetic to you (sorry for the low resolution): http://img245.imageshack.us/my.php?image=all1qs7.
Avatar n tn Well not too great because it doesn't last long but it does help with the chapped lips and offers a temporary shine like I have used lipgloss. My boyfriend has even resorted to using it so he can kiss me. He is not allowed to kiss me when he has chapstick on becuase I have had small reactions that way as well.
Avatar n tn As for the lip ulcer, it does not look anything like a typical cold sore. And I was under the impression that contracting HSV 2 was not likely in the oral area. I have never had a symptom like this and have recently been tested for all STDs other than herpes test was not offered. I also rarely engage in sexual activity due to the hypochondria. I guess my main concern is spreading it and the psychological effects I know I will have if I am labled to have herpes.