What does a chest cold feel like

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Avatar n tn Hi All, I am new to all of this and based on my readings here, I am not sure what I am feeling is actually a PVC or not. What do they actually feel like to you? What I feel and it doesn't happen to often is almost like a flutter in my chest that last for just a moment. Maybe not even a flutter, more like the feeling of a stomach turning over, but higher up in my chest. No pounding or anything else. It seems to happen as I breath out and happen most after I eat.
Avatar n tn today my cough is bad and it seems like when I cough or take a deep breath I feel a sensation in my chest area..not a big beat or a skip..(I have had these in the past..had two ekgs and the docs say don't worry oh and I do have anxiety) just a sensation, a fleeting feeling. I have some chest conjestion and alittle short of breath but thats it. I can hear the conjestion..should I be worried and go see the doctor? Thanks in advanced.
Avatar f tn My go to cold remedy is always this: Black tea (like Lipton) as not as you can stand A teaspoon on Cayenne pepper A tablespoon of honey (raw if possible) And fresh lemon juice with the rind threw in If you can drink 2 or 3 coffee cups a day it will knock it out in no time. This is coming from someone who hasn't had a flu shot or taken any cold medicine for over 10 years. Best of luck.
Avatar n tn what can cause someone to be cold and shiver uncontrollably but seem to have no other symptoms?
Avatar f tn What can I take to get rid of a cold while pregnant and my son which is almost 11 months has it now too. I dont like medicine but I really dont want to be sick anymore.
Avatar f tn I am starting to think maybe I should get off of Singulair because lately I have had what feels like an infection and my ear canals feel irritated with major sinus headaches all the time. Symbicort I think is causing throat issues. I have yet to catch another cold since the first one which gave me asthma. I really hope it clears up fast and don't end up completely out of breath like I was last time. Infections are more common for asthmatics because the medications weaken the immune system.
Avatar f tn All day I have had this cold feeling in my chest and back. It feels like I have rub vicks on me. It does not hurt just that cold burn in my chest it is between my boobs up to my neck and back. It feel like it is on the out side not a pain I think.
Avatar n tn My AF is rapid- in the class of SVT, upwards of 250 bpm, then as low as 50 bpm. That is what AFib does- very erratic beat. Mine feels like a rapidly quivering, totally out of sync heartbeat. It is not pounding like when I have just the SVT, but rather, almost a light, distant feel to it. It makes me feel very light-headed and very cold all over.
Avatar m tn i know but since i still have a cold like symptoms for a month now I am following up to see if its just a cold still? is it normal to have a healthy immune system and be sick with this cold for a month?
Avatar f tn I get predominantly PVC's, but I also experience PAC's as well. My PVC's feel like a right in the center of my chest just below the sternum. They are quite noticeable, and there's no mistake when they occur. I also may experience an occasional PAC. These sometimes occur during heavy physical output, and was confirmed during a stress test. When I pointed out to my cardiologist who was administering the test that I was felt a light PVC, he informed me that I was throwing an occasional PAC.
178590 tn?1294180367 I haven't had time to get away from the computer but I will try a cold rag.....It not a fun feeling it feels like just ran a mile and I'm gonna hyper ventalate....I've not had many bad spells in the past 3 weeks and was hoping I was getting over them but I've had 1 other bad one and a cold shower was the only thing that helped...
Avatar n tn "What does it feel like to have a fatal heart attack?" Maybe I'm thinking along the wrong tracks here? Can anyone who has a 'fatal' heart attack describe how it felt?
Avatar f tn The only way I can describe it is as if it is cold outside and you feel an aching feeling when breathing deeply. It feels like a straining in my chest and throat. I occasionally feel as if I cannot get a breathe, only for a few seconds, as if I can breathe in but the air has nowhere to go. Along with the aching of my chest, I occasionally have an ache under each of my armpits but do not feel anything swollen.
Avatar f tn Kind of like trying to explain how my feet now feel ice cold and pain and numb at the same time. Maybe that's why they have a hard time beleiving me. I did periodically get this weird zapping kind of pain that went from my elbow down to my hand ,that if it had lasted more than a split second at a time, could have been excruciating. And that did last for weeks.
562884 tn?1279635934 Poor DH doesnt know what hit him. I feel bad and apoligize and then he does something to set me off again! My back is killing me too and my inlaws are coming this weekend so I have been trying to get things ready for them and I feel like ****. I just want to sit and be cranky. I guess this is our welcome to the 3rd trimester??
Avatar m tn After 5 months, alot of blood work, and hard work by my doctor the only thing that has turned up is an active thyroid. Hypothyroidism is what we "think" is the concern. It has been checked 3 times, and twice it was off. My doctor proscribed some medicine(Levothyroxine, lowest dose possible for now- .25 or 25) for 2 months. In 6 weeks we'll do blood work again and see if I still have the inner cold feeling.
Avatar f tn I'm waking up in the middle of the night with coughing attacks that last anywhere from half an hour to hours. I feel like I'm going to die, but from what I've read, this seems to be pretty common lately. Without my inhaler, I would be in serious trouble, it seems the only thing that helps. I really don't want to go back to the Dr. I feel like I'm just wasting time and money. Does anyone have any advice on this? I'm really getting depressed, it's embarasing and my back is killing me!
Avatar f tn I have not "officially" been diagnosed yet but I have a question. Does anyone ever feel like food is getting stuck in their throat when they eat? This is a problem I've been having and it started the same time as all my other symptoms. My PCP thought that part might be my thyroid as I have had a goiter before. But my bloodwork and thyroid ultrasound were fine. She is now wndering if it might be the MS.
793305 tn?1493929118 And I never know what category I fall in now that I don't have a thyroid. Straight hypo, I suppose. Have Hashi's so still autoimmune? What does being autoimmune mean?
Avatar f tn I just wanted to find out you know when you get the dizzy spells, is it like the rooms sways back and forth a bit like being on a boat or is it more like the world turns upside down, inside out and you just can't stand upright? I ask because ive been suffering dizziness for the past month now that hits me like a bolt out of the blue and sends everything inside out, upside down, it lasts for several sec's an i have to grab the nearest stable object to stop myself from falling flat on my bum.
733362 tn?1489798536 You are doing a phenomenal job...I know it doesn't feel like it at the moment, but you sure are! The thing that helped me most with the RLS/cramps is a magnesium citrate supplement called Natural Calm. I found it at my natural food store, but it can be ordered online. I also use it in place of Xanax when I have had a stressful day or feel anxious. Just follow directions and start with a low amount otherwise you can have tummy problems.
Avatar n tn Is there a benefit for taking pills everyday, compared to the PRN? Also, the wellbutrin is like one every 4 or 8 hours, can't remember. what happens if I miss a dose, am I going to be all dizzy and moody?
Avatar f tn What is the difference between what a PAC and a PVC feel like? When I feel thumps and skips, I am wondering what I'm feeling. I always assumed it was a PAC that triggered my SVT . From what I understand, a thump like you're being kicked inside your chest is a PVC and a skip is what a PAC feels like. Thanks!
Avatar m tn About 4 years ago, I was at work, having a moderate to busy day and got a feeling like my chest was being crushed. Became dizzy, cold sweats, nausea, felt like I was going to pass out. I had to leave work and went to my doctor. He took my BP, normal, he checked me heart rate, normal, he gave me a blood test and an ECG, all normal. He told me about panic attacks, I told him I had never had one before and was scared someting was wrong with my heart.
754522 tn?1328823419 The one reason I think of MS, is because the only doctor who has been there when I had a convulsion attack told me it looked to him like MS. A year ago, age 21, I experienced small spasms throughout my whole body which developed into jerks and then full on body convulsions within a few days. I was taken to the hospital and given many tests from blood tests, CAT scan, MRI, an EEG (during an attack), all came back negative. I was a healthy female, no traumas or accidents to the head.
Avatar f tn all was normal except some low vitamin d, maybe thats the cause of my brittle hair (or a crappy shampoo) I eat alot of multivitamins and omega 3, vitamin d, c and so on.. feel like its helping a bit!! I've also started taking antidepressants.. couldn't deal with this on my own.. Im about to meet a neuro soon hopefully i'll get an MRI of head, neck and back. I've read a bit about all the chiari related conditions..
Avatar n tn I've searched on-line and I can't seem to find anything about colding cold items triggering angina. Have you ever heard of such a thing? Any other ideas of what this might be? I'd feel pretty rediculous to go to a cardiolist about this, especially since I'm only 36. Thank you for your time!