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Avatar f tn My problem is I felt fine other than a productive cough prior to taking the mucinex so is this feeling from the mucinex or am i developing pneumonia? Has anyone who has taken mucinex while pregnant felt this way?? Sorry for the overly long question, thanks in advance for any advice. Oh and of course OB an Primary doc's office are both closed so i can't call until tomorrow. And Baby is still pretty active so I don't think it affected her.
Avatar f tn I am suffering from my second chest cold in as many months. I haven't had the flu in years (never get the flu shot), and in the past I have been able to fend off serious colds and flu with homeopathic remedies and things like Mucinex. But last month I suddenly developed a mild sore/ticklish throat and by the next day I was heavily congested in my chest. No stuffy nose, no fever, just horrible coughing and phlegm that was difficult to cough up. I also had very achy joints and bad headache.
Avatar m tn I just had one of the worst colds ever, I went to the doctor after 5 days and he prescribed antibiotics for my sinus infection I have been taking lupin + mucinex dm for the bad cough my headaches have gone away but my cough is still with me I'm posting here wondering about a chest pain on the right side of my chest it hurts when I move around or cough.
Avatar f tn I need some Nyquil... not mucinex. I hate the medications pregnant girls are allowed to have.
1524212 tn?1291840800 I think most are usable as long as they do not contain aspirin. There has been discussion here that some may stimulate palpitations. I suffer from permanent AFib, but don't detect any increase in intensity form use of over-the-counter cold/allergy medication. I buy Walmar "Equate" lower cost if I can. Examples are equates for Benadryl and Sudifed (Spelling?).
Avatar f tn My OB says Mucinex (the regular kind, not DM or anything) is okay, but a lot of women try to tough it out with honey and humidifiers. Sorry you're feeling so bad, being pregnant and sick is not fun.
Avatar f tn I have had a cold for over a week, and my Dr just said take mucinex. I have been taking it since Thursday and it's not helping. I have such a bad sinus headache that I can feel it in my neck. It's horrible. I've had the This headache for a week now. Has anyone Dr given them the OK to take anything? I'm 16 weeks.
Avatar m tn What can I take to get a good nights sleep? I have a really bad head and chest cold, taking levaquin 500 mg & Mucinex 1200 mg.
Avatar n tn Please help! I feel pretty awful... I had what I thought was a cold for a few days stuffy nose sore throat but now my chest is all congested and its kinda hard to breathe sometimes especially after doing something. I've been coughing for three days straight been taking an expectorant but haven't had too much luck yet... I think i'm running a fever not super high though... and I just feel super tired all the time...Any idea of what I can do to feel better?
268356 tn?1236006204 Well, the head cold has now moved into my chest. I've been sleeping in a semi-sitting position so as to avoid too much drainage into my lungs. I went to the doc at the walk-in clinic on Saturday and all they could give me was a z-pac and told me to take both benadryl and sudafed at the same time (so bubs hasn't been as active lately, I'm sure he is just as dopped up as I am). It is already hard to breath when your this far along and now I feel like my lung capicity is almost nil.
Avatar m tn Just got over moderately severe chest cold. Still extracting mucous from lungs with Mucinex. Developed severe chest pain over last two days. Coughing causes worst stabbing chest pain discomfort. Also experience major discomfort when exerting force using to left arm. Little discomfort from right. Been told possible pneumonia or pleurisy. Any thoughts or ideas welcome.
Avatar f tn All off a sudden, out of the blue I get this terrible cold, cought chest congestion, ringing in ears. Im so tired I dont have energy to get out of bed. Went to urgent care and they gave me iv fluids, I was dehydrated at that point. Dr couldn't give me anything. However, recommended robitussin peak cold, no alcohol in it. This is for the cough and congestion. Cephacol cough drops to soothe my rawt throat and tylenol regular strength to help with the pains. Twice a day only.
1451438 tn?1285240145 Um.... It probably is the cold or it could be a chest infection/virus.
Avatar m tn try Sudafed, its always hel;ped me when I had sinus infections, u can take mucinex for the mucus, Tyenol cold and sinus congestion, and Claritin allergy if its allergy related, get losts of rest, Vitamin A,C& D is a good supplement for sinuses. hope these help u and hope u feel better soon! good luck hun!!!!
1375148 tn?1323170521 Mucinex(real, brand-name expensive Mucinex since the generic kind only lasted me 3 hours a pop), and real Sudafed(not the PE crap that isn't regulated). My chest was so congested, it was hard to breathe without coughing before mucinex. My sinus pressure coupled with ICP was making me way more miserable before i sent Hubby to the pharmacy to buy sudafed. I also suck on throat lozenges or butterscotches thanks to the kids' Halloween excursion when my throat is raw-feeling.
Avatar f tn Now I know we can't take just anything to for a cold but I was wondering if you girls had some like natural remedies to help a developing cold? Im 25weeks pregnant and I really don't want to take any meds but if really have to I will. Thanks in advance!
Avatar n tn which first i lost my voice, then the next day I had coughing that hurts in my chest when I cough. I also have really bad chest pains- I took Mucinex to break up mucus- but that made me feel like I was gurgling on my mucus with each breath. I can't even lay down because I feel like I'm choking on my mucus- so I sleep sitting up . So far no fever, but slight body aches. I am taking lots of vitamins but don't know what else I can take. Does this sound like something in particular?
Avatar f tn I was severely congested, had a loose cough, runny and stuffy nose. He also recommended Mucinex. I didn't buy it because when you take it, and if you have chest congestion, when you cough, it literally makes you cough up that mucus and Mucinex doesn't care where you are or what you're doing LOL! It depends on your symptoms. But check with your dr. 1st to see what HE feels safe with. Ask him about these meds. If you have insurance, it may cover it if he prescribes them.
1323278 tn?1298126088 However if you feel that cold has changed and shifted to chest, or throat is worse or sinuses are in pain then it is likely that you have an infection and antibiotics would be necessary. I have not heard that antibiotics do harm and many people appear to take them regularly e.g. for urine infections. However they can upset the balance of good bacteria in your gut if you take them and some people may take probiotics to help with this.
4364093 tn?1365873259 it kind of hurts to swallow but its not too bad. I'm really hoping it's just a chest cold. But any suggestions on things that are safe to take?
Avatar m tn I feel like my head is swollen, I feel flush, the back of my eyes hurt, and it becomes better (no fever) after I sit up or go walking around until I lay back down again. I have tried chest congestion otc medicine (mucinex, tylenol, ibuprofen, antihistamines, nasal sprays, antacids of all kinds). For the last three weeks, also, I have been sick.
Avatar n tn I am 38 years old. I have have a very severe (what i think to be) chest cold. I seem to get this maybe 2x a year. Recently I developed the problem in Oct.07 and it seems to knock me down for 5 days in a row. Then to make matters worse it now comes back every 2 weeks. I've had numerous xrays, heart ultra sound, and pulmonary function test. They thought maybe it was asthma but thank goodness it isn't. The problem is, we have no clue what it is.
Avatar m tn My dry eye is treatable with Celluvisc and Refresh Gel drops and like all with dry eye ( moderate and above ) there are good and bad days--However I have run into a difficult situation related to the common cold. What meds can I take that will not effect my dry eye ???? I recently had a cold and took cold meds and my eyes burnt so bad ( even with drops ) that it was near unbearable . The Doc and Pharmacy both said it was the antihistomine and I quit the meds which relieved the dry eye symptoms.
Avatar f tn If you get a lot of mucus you are allowed to take the plain mucinex. I've personally used mucinex and zyrtec. Also, only regular tylenol is safe. I hope you feel better!
Avatar dr m tn Every time you get a cold, notice how it usually starts in the throat with a tickle, a scratch, or a slight cough. It then progresses into chest congestion or travels up into the ears and the sinuses. You’ll have a low grade fever, mild chills, and a runny nose. Even if you start out with a runny nose, eventually, you’ll have throat symptoms later on. Sounds like a classic cold, right?
Avatar f tn My daughter is now having quite severe upper left chest pain after taking medication for the relief of menstrual cramps today. She took ibuprofren and later acetimenophtn. What could be causing this? She has has this same type reaction 2 times before this and we have taken her to the emergency room. The first time they said it was from the Mucinex, an over the counter medication she was taking for sinus problems.
Avatar f tn Am I going to be ok ,and I am also have twitching ,and muscle spasms in random part in my body.The cold part in my chest went away I feel much better after I been on these pills that reduce Anxiety attacks.My major concern is the random chest pain's in my chest ,and my random back pain ,and muscle spasms.Will it go away after time?I just want to know if I will be ok.Thank You Please email em at ***@**** If any professionals could give me some advise that would be great.
Avatar f tn My daughter is now having quite severe upper left chest pain after taking medication for menustral cramps today. She took ibuprofren and later acetimenophtn. What could be causing this? She has has this same type reaction 2 times before this and we have taken her to the emergency room. The first time they said it was from the Mucinex, an over the counter medication she was taking for sinus problems. The second time, she had been to the doctor that day and was prescribed a medication.