Chest cold lasting 3 weeks

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Avatar m tn I had protected sex 1 month ago and about a week and a half later I ended up with a minor cold (minor sore throat, chest and nasal congestion and productive cough and no temperature). The cold lasted about a week and a day. Around 3 days after the cold symptoms diminished I got a sore throat again, only very minor and in one general spot near my right tonsil and slight tenderness under my right ear. As stated the soreness is minor but has lasted nearly 3 weeks now.
Avatar n tn However, I had never had one as long as I did the last one. It lasted 3 weeks. It was bright red and wouldn't let go, but has seemed to stopped right now. I had an ultrasound and it shows that I have 1 cm of thickening in the endometrial lining, and I have an enlarged uterus. The doctor called and have to get a hysterscopy and a D & C. I am really scared about this. Any advice?
Avatar n tn My mom has had some kind of cold/bronchitis/cough for the last six weeks, and it doesn't appear to be getting any better. You can hear the mucous rattling around when she coughs, but she says she cannot get it up -- it just moves around in her upper chest. The cough is a full, phleghmy bark, and it tends to come in fits. She'll be fine for a while and then hacking.
Avatar n tn a dry cough that occurs at night and clear mucus in excess which will for a duration of 2 weeks it the cold goes away and returns. This was recurrent for the past 3 months. Then there was a change. These symptoms continued however as of last month a new symptom occured. I don't realize I'm cold but I will be find in regard to body temperature I don't feel cold--nothing till I go for bed and get under the covers I have a severe case of chills throughout my body.
Avatar m tn sensitivity to cold around my nose and face; stinging eye (eye doctor said allergies, even though I have never had any before); perineum/generalised twitching; sore throat for two months. I know this is contagious as I have passed it on to someone else who suffers from similar symptoms. I was checked out at 3 weeks by an infectious disease specialist (before some of the major symptoms started).
175861 tn?1428186013 I could feel them tensing and shaking--like you would if you were shivering in the cold. Violent shakes. Went to the ER and they did blood tests and urine test and whatever they did came back ok. My thyroid was checked about a year ago and was fine. I've been having hot flashes/sweats a few days before my period--dunno if that's related. I just upped my Prozac to 40 from 20 like 3 days ago. I've been on 40 b4, most of my life in fact, and this never happened.
Avatar n tn - I think the symptoms get worse before I get any other sort of virus or infection, like a cold. I went back to the doctor. She told me that my bilirubins were back to normal and that I probably had a long lasting virus that cleared out of my system. She doesn't understand why I'm not feeling better. The next step is to order an upper endoscopy. With my symptoms now, I have some days where I feel almost normal, and some days where I can't even get out of bed because I feel so ill.
Avatar f tn She told my my chest pain was most likely caused by being sick weeks before and to not worry too much about it. She said when she listened to my lungs I made a "wooooosh" instead of the normal, non-sick "woosh".
1328913 tn?1279182846 ive seen 3 cardiologist and had all the test! (8 EKG's, 24 and 48 hr holter, stress test, echo, 2 chest xrays, 3 lots of blood tests and all normal cept a episode of fast heart rate lasting 15mins and my cardiologist is unsure whether is normal or abnormal in the 24hr holter so they put me on a 48hr holter to try catch it again. My 48hr monitor im still awaiting the results of and of my lastest blood test. i've been assured that the pain is not cardiac but i can't accept it.
Avatar n tn I have had a few cardiolite stress tests over the years and all show there is no evidence I ever had a heart attack. Six weeks ago I was drinking a very cold frozen beverage and felt like I froze my esophagus. I went into atrial fibrillation a few minutes later and drove to the emergency room. It converted on its own (heart returned to normal sinus rhythm) before I could be given medication (the episode lasted about 2 hours), so they sent me home.
Avatar f tn I had Anterior Cervical discectomy and fusion C-3/4. 2 weeks ago. Throat was sore and it was hard to talk and swallow solids. 3 days after I got , what I thought was a simple cold with nasal congestion and low grade fever lasting couple of days. The nasal discharge has been copious and clear. My concern is the severe congested cough that has developed and lasting over a week/ my nasal discharge has lessoned and is still clear or white.
Avatar m tn 5mg 2 times a dayfor the first 2 weeks then for the last 2 weeks I was told to split the tablets and take half 2 times a day I felt great I was back to normal untill about 2 weeks going off the meds I was swimming alot and was develeped the following symptoms vertigo/out of body feeling, massive head ache, Deffnezz/felt like cotton in my ears and dizzyness that lasted 2 days I went to the emerg and was told by the doctor there I had a inner ear infection they gave me a shot of gravol and a week
Avatar f tn congrats on wanting to get your life back it is no fun being chained to a bottle...this is 1/3 phyical and 2/3 mental so be ready to fight it out on both fronts....
Avatar n tn My first experience with this was a few years ago. My first extreme cold spot was right in the centre of my chest. It woke me up and it was summer time, I was dressed and even had the sheets etc; over me. Yet there was this spot so cold it was like I'd had an icepack on it. The whole area gets that feeling you get from leaving an icepack on too long where it's numb but it also pains! I tried everything to get that part warm and nothing worked.
Avatar n tn I thought i was imagining it but i have been getting cold symptoms, sore throat and very tight chest every month since christmas! I am asthmatic so put it down to that originally. I haven't taken any form of pill for approx 5 years and i have a non-hormonal iud. Seeing my asthma nurse next week so am going to ask her advice and will let you know. thanks for helping me realise i'm not crazy!!!
Avatar dr m tn Typically, it’ll last anywhere from 3-5 days. A small minority will progress into one of the classic complications of a common cold, such as a bronchitis or sinusitis. Any time I see patients in the office that come in with any of these classic symptoms or one of the more severe complications such as sinusitis, I always ask about the few days or weeks prior to the onset of the throat symptoms.
Avatar m tn I was previously a heavy drinker however in the last 4 months I have cut back to safe levels. Three weeks ago I had a funny turn whilst sitting on my bed watching TV. The episode included lightheadedness, chest pain, cold sweating, shaking, nausea, shortness of breath and tingling in my left arm. I reported to A&E that evening and was given an ECG which showed up fine however my BP was 150/85.
Avatar n tn Second time today within 2 or three hours both times after sneezing. And I have been sick with this chest cold for days. I am 48 years old! I don't ever remember something like this!
Avatar f tn Pulmonologist says I have bronchiolitis. I've never heard of that lasting so long! Now it's 3 months later, still have a bit of a cough, trying to ween myself off the tussinex (doctor's advisement), still tired, achey, lungs hurt and spasm a little with deep breath. Has anyone heard of this type of thing? I'm at a loss and frustrated that I've been sick for so long. Any ideas would be welcome.
1542723 tn?1294451038 The pain is sharp but appears and ends abruptly lasting a few seconds. Other then this I have done 10 mile treks, walk 3-4 miles most days, sometimes jog, walk up steephill at a brisk pace every other day. Sometimes walk up the stairs 30 times, which gets my sysyem going but don't suffer any pains. In the recent freezing temps we have had in UK I have walked and jogged in the park and had no problems. But why do I get pains when I relax in bed or twist or stretch myself?
Avatar n tn I did well for about 2-3 weeks then started having chest pain and right shoulder pain, getting worse with activity. I have had many tests, heart tests, MRI, x-rays, and they can't find any reason for my pain. My cardiologist didn't help me much after the procedure and now I have gone for a second opinion and hope and pray that he can help me! I just want to be able to do normal things without pain. I know this is not normal and it didn't start until after the ablation.
Avatar n tn old female who is having chest pain. I have lost 25 lbs in the past 3 months and the pain started 3 weeks ago. The pain is on my left side right through my heart. I experience spurts of rapid heart beats (especially when I lay on my side) flutters, knifing pain right through the heart, pinching and also I have had a tightening feeling in the center of my chest, like I need to take my bra off. But when I do, it only relieves the pain a little.
10175413 tn?1427173851 I went to dermatology 2 weeks eot for a red itchy rash on my chest, it was so bad. I felt just as bad right after eot as I did during. It takes quite a while before you feel better. Continue with your good Tx practices, and be patient. Try baby oil on the itchy spots after you shower, when your skin is wet. Hang in there, it gets better soon, it really does. Don't over do it simply because you are done.
Avatar n tn Tietze syndrome usually comes on abruptly, with chest pain radiating to your arms or shoulder and lasting several weeks. It differs from chostochondritis as Tietz syndrome involves inflammation...should show with blood tests, and apparently the blood tests are negative! If those tests are normal and your physical exam is consistent with costochondritis, your doctor will diagnose costochondritis as the cause of your chest pain.
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Avatar n tn My main symptoms were labored breathing I had not had before under light exercise, with a little chest pain. Twice diagnosed as minor mitral valve problem, 1 year ago and 3 years ago. Stress tests were negative. Then end of December 2005, frequent chest pain getting longer and longer with cold sweats. Daytime, nighttime, walking uphill. Walking in the mountains. EKGs showed a healthy heart, enzyme tests said no heart attack had occurred. We finally insisted on an angiogram. Result ?
Avatar n tn It is mostly on the left side of my chest, near the center. I went to the doctor 3 times. The first time he did an EKG and a chest x-ray, and did not find any problems. He said it wes probably heartburn. The second time I went, I also had some pain in my back, between my spine and shoulder blade, on the left side. A different doctor there said that I had a pinched nerve and that the pain was radiating into my chest.
1210142 tn?1266080631 My pain never stopped after that- I was experiencing constant chest pressure and shortness of breath but my doctor here did not pay any attention. He was saying that “etiology of my pain is not known but it shouldn’t be anything cardiac since my stress test was ok”.Last month I ended up in the emergency room with re-stenosis /one of the stents was clogged 99% and another stent was placed on the top of those two. This time was Xience 5- drug eluted stent that went on the top of the other two.
Avatar n tn I prefer sleeping on my left side. Oddly, 3 weeks ago, one morning at 7am, I was having a dream I had just arrived in the states after doing a 1.5 year round the world trip to find I was so jet lagged I had acute chest pain. I do not know if I was actually experiencing the chest pain while dreaming, because it seemed so real, but I immediately woke up and no pain. As you can imagine this makes it hard to go to bed. I wonder how common this is?