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Avatar f tn Which app are you talking about? The weight tracker shows history via a chart and I believe the exercise tracker does too. I'm not sure what type of chart you'd want for a food tracker.
783304 tn?1283398688 I was just wondering if there was a way to go back to my weight tracker in 2009? It kept my info of my starting weight and my goal but I can't seem to see my chart.
Avatar n tn How do I enter my daily weight on the Weight Tracker? Every place I click just wants me to add more fields to the tracker. I can't figure out how to enter my weekly weight. Thanks.
522699 tn?1250594316 as these make a big difference to weight with fluid retention. Also on the Blood pressure tracker can we add a pulse rate graph.
Avatar f tn I'm guessing you've got a lot of these but it would be fantastic if you could put all your weight tracker data in one page for printing, sending or saving.
Avatar f tn Used in conjunction with other trackers such as the Weight Tracker, Exercise Tracker, Diabetes Tracker, Cholesterol Tracker, and Water Consumption Tracker, the Food Diary will be the perfect addition to helping users achieve their health goals. Follow this link to start tracking today: http://www.medhelp.org/land/food-diary Enjoy!
403156 tn?1290153618 Weight Tracker Is it possible to add where your weight is displayed a calculation showing your total weight loss?
1097457 tn?1258118343 There is a bug in the customization code that removes weight from your chart if you remove weight training. For now, we've added both weight and weight training back to your data entry. Please do not try to take out weight training until we resolve the issue.
Avatar n tn Here's another member's weight tracker you can check out. He's been using it for awhile, and you can see what looks like after awhile. http://www.medhelp.org/user_trackers/show/560030?personal_page_id=2306435 Let us know if you have any further questions.
Avatar f tn I would like to change my goal weight and date on my Weight Tracker. I did the change in "Settings", but it's not showing up as changed in the chart or on my Profile Page.
Avatar m tn Can I print a years worth of weigh tracker on one chart and if so how?
10947 tn?1281407852 Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight, or just keep track of your weight, this tracker will help you do just that. Want to add a mental note or before-and-after shots? You can add a journal associated with your weight tracker as a diary of your thoughts and as a collection of your photos. You can also view your friend's public weight trackers and give them support by leaving them a note on their tracker page.
769602 tn?1236364991 Used in conjunction with other trackers such as the Weight Tracker, Exercise Tracker, Diabetes Tracker, Cholesterol Tracker, and Water Consumption Tracker, the Food Diary will be the perfect addition to helping users achieve their health goals. Follow this link to start tracking today: http://www.medhelp.org/land/food-diary Enjoy!
Avatar n tn i would like just a blank chart for me and some of my church member to track our weight from start to finish we are praising our way to weight loss were can i find a free chart
502219 tn?1311361510 Hi , How about a Liver Disorder Tracker. The Hep C Tracker doesn't cover most Liver disorder problems , or test results.
184674 tn?1360864093 I'm using the Baby Tracker for my son, who's almost four years old, so the only things that apply to him in the baby tracker are his measurements of height, weight, head size, and immunizations. A Child Tracker could include a chart with more age appropriate symptoms of children in toddlerhood/childhood, such as allergies, behavioral issues, nutrition, illnesses, etc.
Avatar m tn I love using the weight tracker through iGoogle, but my weight has fluctuated enough over the time I've been tracking it that the chart pushes the data entry fields out of view. Is there a way to prevent this from happening, or to give users like me the flexibility to set the size of the gadget?
476246 tn?1418874514 Meaning that I am normal weight. On the tracker chart, it puts me at 2977. This would put me on the border of obese. BMI Categories: Underweight = <18.5 Normal weight = 18.5-24.9 Overweight = 25-29.
1530342 tn?1405020090 I'm 2lbs overweight according to the womens weight chart. I guess trying for a baby isn't gonna make that go down.
554138 tn?1312364487 Sorry that the changes to the weight tracker made it less motivating. We've moved the neck measurement to its own chart so that you'll be able to see more granular movements in your trackers. Hopefully this will get you motivated again! We'll let you know when the body measurements are available. Thanks!
Avatar m tn I think the scale on the weight tracker should be changed, and possibly let the user decide. For instance, I'm about 10 lbs above where the blue tracker line wants me to be at, but because of the graph layout I can obviously see todays weight, but the blue line is not shown. Minimally the graph axis should be set so you can always see your weight, and the blue line, for TODAY.
1964726 tn?1368051414 Even on vacations I weigh myself as often as possible. When I got on the scale up here at our cabin I knew there'd be a difference since I weighed myself Friday morning. How do I know that? It's not that I over ate. When I weigh myself at home it's at 4:30 a.m. prior to eating or drinking anything and I'm just getting into the shower. When I weigh myself on weekends or vacation when I'm getting into my shower it's after I've had a couple cups of coffee, about 32 ounces of water and breakfast.
Avatar f tn I can't find the actual chart that show how many carbs I have eaten (I mean the chart like the blood glucose and weight chart where you see the graph.) Maybe there isn't one for carbohydrates? Also, I am trying to stay under 40 carbs in a day. I have lost weight on Adkins many times in my life. I am on another round. I am almost the heaviest I have ever been. I have moved my addictions from drinking and smoking to eating. Hopefully I am on the right track, again!
961490 tn?1260627260 I really like the personal athlete tracker page with a history tracker at the bottom, a chart on the top right, and calendars on the left for easy access. There are a few things I would want to change, and this is why I sought and found MedHelp- Instead of check boxes for missing days exercising, I would want my choice of what to put in the box, and that will chart- I would enter for myself 3 important things to remember: meditation, alcohol use, and I'm not sure what my 3rd item would be.
645800 tn?1466864555 Hi Dennis, cool graph - I am guessing it might be the BP tracker here on MH. Am I right? If so, do I win a prize? :-) The missing info to go with this type of graph is what were you doing at each of these BP readings? That could be useful to understand the spikes. I still say your BP should be managed - it is running too high and that is an increased risk for stroke, heart attack, and/or long term damage. The recommended BP is 120/80 as the top end.
4451013 tn?1360552820 Unfortunately, there isn't a way to see a year's worth of data in the weight tracker, but you can use the slide bar to review past months. On the baby page, if you click on "See All" for the immunization schedule, you can see the history. This link will allow you to see one of yours (I realize you have it set to private, but no one else will be able to see the info if they click on the link) - http://www.medhelp.org/immunizations/show/388?
483733 tn?1326802046 exercise with exercise tracker, weight with weight tracker, asthma with asthma tracker, etc. I too have noticed that sometimes the actual headings of the types of exercises in the exercise tracker may not fit. What I have done is to track as best possible with the given options, as well as the option 'other' and always do the journal portion of the tracker with each entry as well.
Avatar f tn I, too, am finding it impossible to input data for the blood pressure tracker and the weight tracker. When I click on the chart, instead of the normal page that has spaces for systolic and diastolic pressures and heart rate, I get a page that mentions all three in a horizontal format, as opposed to the original's vertical format, but will not allow me to input any information. The weight tracker does a similar thing.
776572 tn?1360294339 this chart doesn't seem to take into account the fact that smaller women often do end up gaining an average of 40 pounds. I gained 38 with my first child and assume that I will be around the 40 pound mark this time around too. Gah! When you are already feeling gross about your swollen ankles and giant waistline, I do NOT appreciate this 'judgement' or 'reflection' on the status of my pregnancy weight gain as 'too much' or 'negative'......