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Avatar m tn and when it closes and it keeps the food in the stomach so undigested food and acid does not go back up. Undigested food coming up the esophagus is exposing the esophagus to stomach acid and it can become damaged from the acid. May be the muscle weakened or could be something else. You need to go to your doctor to be examined, find out why it is happening, and be treated.
Avatar f tn A physician can answer you questions about stomach acid much better than I. However, I will try to explain about stomach acid. Stomach acid, known as gastric acid or gastric juice is concentrated hydrochloric acid and can destroy metal in a few minutes if it were collected from the stomach. The reason stomach acid does not destroy your stomach is because your stomach is lined with mucus membranes.
Avatar f tn 24 hours after going to the loo, I vomit pretty badly sometimes its stomach acid, sometiimes its bile. What can I do, the vomiting is making me feel really bad and I finding it harder and harder to recover from.
Avatar f tn I am 12 weeks and i get the same thing..it really ***** but i find that if i drink as much water as i can before i throw up even if it means taking as big if drink as i can in between dry heaves it makes it so the tummy acid doesnt taste as bad if any comes up at all cause if u drink enough it usually is just water coming up.
Avatar n tn The vet told me to give him a little bit of petobismol 15 minutes before he eats his food and to split it in half each time i feed him. The peptobismol made is vomiting worse. They said that it might be acid because he eats his food really fast. We are still feeding him in small portions and when he eats in the morning he is fine he doesn't vomit all day while we are gone but he eats again at 5 in the evening and about 5 hours later he vomits some of it back up.
Avatar n tn Okay, So I have a 5 yr old son who vomits on a monthly basis. Prior to the vomiting there are no signs of stomache, nausea, anything. It's just random. This has been going on regularly since May 2009. If it happened before then it was sparingly. I've tried convincing myself that it's a stomach virus, but this is monthly, literally. Sometimes it'll last one day, other times it will last one week, and I don't know what it could be. Any thoughts as to what this could be?
Avatar n tn It is very painful because the vomit is usually dry and I have to cough it out unless it is bile. My stomach will feel like it is on fire occasionally also. Sometimes there is bright red steaks but I am not sure if it is blood or not. It has gotten increasingly worse and I can't take off work from it anymore. Latly I feel as if I have been urinating very frequently and sometimes become very dizzy. Last nite I fainted. I started to feel very dizzy and about 30 seconds later I hit the ground.
Avatar f tn If it burned coming up could have been stomach acid. Sometimes if blood and acid mix it can turn black. I would maybe bring it up to your doc at your next appointment. It could also just be one of those one time things that have no explanation. I wouldn't worry to much.
Avatar f tn since it is the morning I wake up hungry, meaning no food in my stomach, so i throw up stomach acid for hours. I;m not sure if its rly stomach acid, its yellow/light/dark, and last time it was blood as well. I am feeling better know but I will really like to know what is going on.
494192 tn?1209582569 What is this, could it be this so called acid reflux, what is causing this so much large volume of acid liquid in my stomach, have started to lose some weight and I am thinking that this could be being caused by this large amount of acid in my stomach so that the food is getting disolved by the acid so quickly that it is not there to be used by my body. Any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn My stomach is sensitive to acid. When I was drinking froaen orange juice with breakfast About 1 1/2 hours later everything would come up. The last thing I would taste would be that orange juice. I have to either buy oranges and squeeze them myself or buy low acid orange juice. I cannot drink frozen because it is boiled to pasurize it (and that kills all the enzymes) and makes it very acidic. I have been fine since I gave up the frozen orange juice.
Avatar f tn and tell him you are having like a stomach bug. Lots of vomiting and don't forget to add diarrhea because if you don't, they may think it is something else. He will most likely give you Phenergan. Tell him that you don't know if you can take it and keep it down. He will give you a couple of suppositories to go along with pill form.
Avatar f tn If it is to the point of vomiting I would assume its more likely to be acid reflux than just regular heartburn. Most PPIs are safe for pregnancy (Zantac, Prevacid, Prilosec) but be sure to check with your doc to check first. If it is that severe home remedies arent going to do much, but keep in mind with these meds it takes around 1-2 weeks for symptoms to subside, its not an immediate cure. So if you've tried them before try to hold out for 2 weeks and there should be a substantial improvement.
Avatar m tn When I am sick to my stomach after chemo, I always vomit greenish bile. I was given Reglan to help with the excess acid, and because I don't digest food quickly. It has taken a couple of months to do any good, but I do believe it has finally started to help. Good luck to you. Hope you find some relief soon.
Avatar f tn I was just concerned because my first son had pyloric stenosis and needed surgery for the incessant vomiting as he had a blockage in his stomach but Brayden seems to be gaining weight but I do think we overfeed him as well.
1435895 tn?1304294841 But now makes 3 times that I have started vomiting and not been able to stop. To the point of vomiting up stomach acid. One of those times I popped a blood vessel (capillary I guess) and was vomitng blood. This week has been 2 different times already. Of course we all know what wretching does to your head. The more you vomit the worse your head hurts. It just starts a vicious cycle of pain. Wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this.
1285120 tn?1273755207 Recently I have been throwing up stomach acid , have a foul taste in my mouth with nausea and coughing up stomach acid too. My Pulmonologist said that the acid reflux can back up into your lungs if you are overweight with a Hiatal Hernia which I am. My Gastroenterologist does not think at this time that I require surgery to fix my Hernia. I am on alot of other prescription medications for other health reasons too, which I must take.
Avatar m tn I am having a lot of acid reflux and in the mornings or so I am puking up stomach bile. . And I was wondering if the red I'm seeing in my bile / acid is blood. I have been eating pizza lately. But I don't throw up pizza. Just acid or bile and it is yellow and some red. If the red is just sauce ok, but why puking stomach acid and or bile.
Avatar n tn I would say you don't have IBS (that is mostly intestines not stomach) or acid reflux (that would be happening all the time). I would say that because it is happening only three to four times a year it is just related to having a sensitive stomach to certain foods. I would just avoid those foods or deal with the symptoms. There isn't really any treatment for this. However, if when this happens you are vomiting continuously for a while then you need to see a doctor.
Avatar n tn Hello - thanks for asking your question. You note vomiting stomach acid. Upper GI shows a hiatal hernia, endoscopy shows damage from chronic acid reflux. You also note ultrasounds and MRI's. You have tried prevacid, zantac, tagamet etc. If medical therapies are not controlling your reflux, you may want to consider an evaluation by a surgeon to see whether surgery is an option. I would suggest a 24-hr pH study to document the severity of the reflux and an opinion by a surgeon.
Avatar f tn That's not good for you weather your pregnant or not. If you're throwing up stomach acid it means you're getting sick on an empty stomach which can cause dehydration and there's probably blood because the acid is burning your throat. Throwing up blood is never ever a good thing. Try to keep something in your stomach even if its just lots if water. Even that will protect your throat if you can't stop getting sick.
Avatar f tn He has had and endoscopy that showed scaring in his stomach and stomach emptying scan that was fine. My question is, what else can he take or tests can be run to help him? He is 9 yrs old and has been throwing up since he was born and it is now starting to prevent him from having a happy active lifesstyle, he doesn't want to do things because he is afraid he will be sick. He is a very picky eater and grazes most of the day. Any help you can offer would be wonderful.
Avatar f tn Sometimes the only relief is to stick my finger down my throat and induce vomiting. The food doesn't go down into my stomach but stays in the esophagus region until I have to "get rid of it". Sometimes theres so much acid thrown up that it has the appearance of "boiling" in the toilet bowl and even 1 hour after eating, the food thrown up has not gone through any digestion at all (probably because it hasn't made it to my stomach yet).
Avatar m tn Within an hour of vomiting I was on the floor with excrusiating pain in my stomach and still vomiting although it was way more extreme. So extreme that I broke a blood vessel in my eye. This was 3 months ago. Since then I have had constant pain in my stomach and asophagus. I have been to the emergency room 3 times. Prescribed Prevacid, Nexium, and something for nausea as the doc thought it was GERD or severe acid reflux.. Nothing helps. I had a blood test for H.Pylori and it came back negative.
Avatar f tn He will wake up with Pain raiting of 8 in his stomach which he will end up vomiting a Yellowish bile, this will releive the pain for a short bit but then it comes back. he is unable to eat or drink anything during the run on this. We have tried hospitals which they will give fluids through IV then give him something for Vomiting then pain meds, after this he will be ok for a few days or sometimes longer.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am not sure if I got acid reflux or just some sores in my stomach. They took tests and my throat was okay. The doctor saw some sores in my stomach. I can't keep any food down. I have been taking 2.5 mg of Zyprexa an anti-pyschotic pill for five years. I think this is how I got acid reflux. I weigh only 97 lbs at 5'6. I lost 10 lbs. I never really gained alot of weight with Zyprexa. My top weight was 120 over a year ago. I am taking liquid supplement drinks to gain weight.
Avatar n tn however, repeated vomiting only brings the stomach acids up into the esphopagus and can cause damage. I must repeat...see a dr and post an update.