Vomiting yellow stomach acid

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Avatar f tn vomiting, diarrhea, temperature, no acid reflux, have not eaten anything solid, drinking small amounts however vomiting.
Avatar m tn I am having a lot of acid reflux and in the mornings or so I am puking up stomach bile. . And I was wondering if the red I'm seeing in my bile / acid is blood. I have been eating pizza lately. But I don't throw up pizza. Just acid or bile and it is yellow and some red. If the red is just sauce ok, but why puking stomach acid and or bile.
Avatar f tn Stomach acid. If there's no food to throw up...You will throw up your stomach acid.
Avatar f tn So it's most likely stomach bile that your throwing up (stomach acid). Try to not go to sleep on an empty stomach/ when you wake up eat some crackers. There's not much you can do to stop it.
Avatar f tn since it is the morning I wake up hungry, meaning no food in my stomach, so i throw up stomach acid for hours. I;m not sure if its rly stomach acid, its yellow/light/dark, and last time it was blood as well. I am feeling better know but I will really like to know what is going on.
Avatar n tn I have some type of stomach problem, while laying down at night my stomach fills with acid and in am I vomiting some bad yellow vomit. What would cause this, my diet is ok and I barely eat three small meals a day. My doctor told me to take prylosect for 14 days, which caused me to have diarrea, when I stopped the vomiting continued. I am 43 and made 3 trips to general doctors in 2 months. Could it be more than acid reflux.?
900720 tn?1241996271 t necessarily that bad of a situation. If she is vomiting yellow bile, it may be because she has nothing else in her stomach such as food or other liquids. It's kind of like dry heaving, but you still have the acid in your stomach. Especially if she is having alot of heartburn, that means her stomach is producing an excess amount of acid, therefore that is the yellow bile she is heaving. Now as for the blood...
Avatar f tn m getting severe acid in my chest and throat a few days before I get the whole stomach attack. I vomit a lot of thick mucus also and sometimes it comes up with I'm trying to burp and gets stuck. Beneath the mucus vomit is this nasty egg smelling acid that burns the crap out of throat and nose. The vomiting and diarrhea last for at least an entire day. Throwing up doesn't help the nausea feeling. I'm scared now. Going to my doctor this morning.
Avatar n tn have been vomiting the most acidic putrid yellow bile after eating to where my stomach is full but dont vomit when i go with out eating. its erroded my teeth to the point i have to swish with sensodyne toothpaste because my teeth are too sensitive for a toothbrush from the horrible acid. I could eat a whole pizza and im guaranteed to throw up..its not the food though, just the acid /bile. sometimes when i try to avoid the forced throwing up to get the acid out for too long.
Avatar f tn Lately everymorning I've been vomiting white/yellow fluid. Any ideas on what to do to ease it out ??
1538414 tn?1293650156 My friend has had naseau for 3 weeks now but only recently begun vomiting yellow liquid. She has also become constipated. There is no feverish symptoms only chronich naseau and now recent vomiting of a yellowish bile substance. She has had a pregnancy test and it is negative. Any advice or suggestions would be highly appreciated.... Thank you.
Avatar f tn It's bile/stomach acid, happens to me everyday, it's when your stomach is empty
Avatar f tn yellow foam means there is nothing i your stomach and its the acid in your stomach you are bringing up. You need to see a doctor as soon as you can because that will mess up your stomach and throat because the acid is eating away alittle at everything it touches on its way out including your teeth which most pregn women have to worry about teeth problems. btw babies usually use alot of your calcium in your teeth if you don't keep it in your system.
Avatar n tn Has your doctor performed any tests, like an endoscopy and colonoscopy? You may have a gastric ulcer, and this pain is not normal. You're vomiting bile, stomach acid, but this can cause other problems for you, it can erode your esophagus, and eat away at the enamel on your teeth. Obviously your doctor has no clue, I suggest a new GI for starters. Take care....
2043760 tn?1330016594 I have been vomiting this yellow, orange, white foamy mucusy texture type stuff about 5 days a wk for over 5 yrs.I have been to dr's and they have done ultra sounds on my gallbladder and say that it looks perfect. I have no insurance right now but I guess my question is "what other tests can I ask them to do or can this be from something else"?
Avatar f tn With this pregnancy the first time I threw up was week 14 and it was green with mucus and a lil blood. But I had just woken up and had an empty stomach. It could just be your stomach acid. I never mentioned it to my doc cus I don't think it was something to be to concerned about (the blood was because I was having a really hard time getting it all out) it could just be stomach acid from an empty stomach or if you're concerned call your doc.
Avatar f tn Every pregnancy is different. I've had absolutely no morning sickness as of yet and my sister was sick up until the day she gave birth. It's completely normal you just have to keep on top of your fluids. If you don't find yourself drinking much water, try having some gastrolyte or hydralyte (that what it's called in Australia) to help replace all you've lost while being dehydrated and vomiting. The "yellow stuff" you'll be vomiting up would be stomach acid.
Avatar f tn Do you have any kind of a reflux disease by any chance? Also do you have any crampy pain besides the burning? Also this may sound gross but do you have any diarrhea with it? You could just have a slight stomach bug where you feel hungry but everything you eat is going to irritate it.
1283791 tn?1276818314 t getting enough food and the stomach acid chourning in an empty or unfull stomach may be causing her to throw up. the yellow foam is stomach acid. i would just suggest either leaving food out for her around the clock, or simply upping her amount of food.
Avatar f tn I'm 9weeks pregnant and i don't know if its healthy or normal to be vomiting every morning when i try and brush my teeth and i vomit yellow since i don't have anything in my stomach?????????
Avatar n tn but no longer had it when he turn 2yrs old.now for the last 1yr and half been randomly vomiting acid yellow mucus for 2 dyas at a time and all they say is that it might be a stomach virus.it happen every 3 to 4 months and last for between 1 to 2 days .is it possible his acid reflux is back of he might have other problems ,we have a history of remove gall bladder remove,pancreis remove ulcer problems etc.
Avatar f tn There are also about 2000 other reasons why you are vomiting stomach acid. Please have it checked out. Make that appt. with your Doctor. Better safe than sorry. Please take care and good luck.
Avatar f tn I'm on day 10 of withdrawling off percocet and I can't stop filling up with this uncomfortable stomach acid... Green and yellow. I've tried Prilosec,tums, and drinking tons of water. What should I do? Also what food do you suggest I try eating?
Avatar n tn It turned out that I had epigast and had developed an ulcer. The dark yellow clumpy/liquidy stuff is stomach acid/bile. Did/do you have a constant burning sensation in your stomach? If so, stay away from tomato based foods, - basically anything acidic and high in fat (fries, ice cream, soda) for like a week. If that is the problem, taking the time off will give your stomach time to heal.
1086217 tn?1256696089 I mean right as we go to bed. IMO, the bisquit absorbs the stomach acid for the night. This has solved the problem for her. Good luck & I hope she feels better, soon.
Avatar f tn It's just all the acid from the bottom of your stomach..
Avatar n tn I am struggling with vomiting yellow Bile in the morning please help everybody I m in pain,
Avatar f tn Smoking, alcohol use, gastritis, acidity, tumors of stomach and food pipe, bleeding gastric ulcer, cancer of stomach, erosion of lining of food pipe, bleeding veins at esophageal (food pipe) sphincters etc all cause vomiting of blood. This can be fresh red if coming from a place above the stomach. It can be brown or coffee colored if coming from the stomach.
Avatar n tn Stomach acid. I am 20 weeks and have been throwing up for weeks and weeks. It's awful and I hate it when it's stomach acid..... it taste gross and it burns my throat.