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Avatar n tn 12 days and I'm still vomiting bile, horrible horrible horrible, I'm going to make my doctor admit me today, I cannot go another night like that, please wish me luck This feels like its never going to end!!
Avatar n tn my cat is vommiting repeatedly a mushy pile of cat food. she eats dry food she is still playing and drinking and acting normal. she seems to be eating more often than usual what could be wrong.
Avatar n tn I ended up back into the hospital two different occasions complaining of vomiting bile and pain. I was pretty much told this is normal with Gallbladder surgery, so basically.. I had to rough it out. Well, it's June now and I still suffer from these horrible, painful episodes of vomiting green salty nasty bile. AND Now, I'm having trouble pooping, which is real lovely cause I've never had this problem before.
Avatar n tn He's trying to vomit but only a little bile comes out. He usually doesn't vomit bile, only food twice a month maybe. Is that a sign that my cat is having URI again or could it just be stress?
Avatar f tn She threw that up as well, and we switched her to a special iodine vomit form the vet, for her thyroid, but after a few fine days she is now throwing up again. It's definitely vomiting, she often has bile when she throws up- sometimes there is still food/partially digested food in the vomit. I might give her that cat grass, though, do you think it will help with vomiting?
Avatar n tn There can, of course, be other causes for the vomiting that your veterinarian can investigate. If her vomiting continues, definitely take her to your veterinarian. Vomiting or not eating can lead to dehydration. She is at greater risk for dehydration due to the fact that she is nursing. This can lead to greater problems for her and the kittens.
Avatar m tn My 5-year-old neutered, male indoor cat is throwing up dark brown bile. It's happened once or twice a day for the last week (I have 4 cats, so it took me a while to figure out who was sick). It's about a quarter size of bile at a time. I haven't changed his diet (he's on specially formulated food for urinary tract health) and he seems to be eating and drinking fine. However, he looks like he's lost a little weight. He's still happy and playful.
1137771 tn?1260749872 He is starting to lose hope and the doctors and nurses dont seem to be bothered that he is not showing any signs of recovery. Can anyone tell mr if this is a good sign that he is vomiting bile or what he can do to get better. He was originally told he could be out of hospital after 5 day, but its now been 3 weeks he is so unwell.
Avatar n tn My symptoms started the 2nd week of September, 05. Vomiting bile, nausea, etc. I finally went to the emergency room 10/24/05 and after numerous tests (CT Scan, Ultra Sound, x-rays, finally a test where they ran dye in my veins), it was found my GB was functioning at only 3%. It was removed 10/26/05, I went home 10/27/05 thinking "thank you, Lord - it's over". LOL... On 10/28/05, the symptoms started back over, nausea, vomiting bile, excessive bowel movements, diarrhea.
Avatar n tn i found out today that i ha ve bile backing into my stomach, they did the tests because i have been having pain under my right ribs severe at times,also very tired and sick, they said they had another test they can do. i'm so tired of tests i've had ultra sound, hydra scan, cat scan, then today colon oscomey,and upper gi i don't know if thats the proper word they use. has any one else had these same symtems and if so what did they do for you?oh i also get very bloated thats painfull also.
Avatar n tn The fact that your cat vomited pine needles indicates that they were likely the cause of the vomiting which could have resulted in this dramatic action, or even a brief moment of unconsciousness from the breathholding that may have been a part of a protracted and painful vomiting episode. It would not be unreasonable to have the cat examined, as in a 12 year old, a seizure could be a realistic occurrance. If so that needs to be pursued.
Avatar f tn Turned out after a week they finally did something I remember them calling it a “Sphynxectomy”, where they cut the muscle that controls the flow of bile through the bile duct. I was told I had billary sludge and may have had a gall stone in there when I first came to the hospital and that this minor surgery would fix that, allowing everything to free-flow through. In the meantime, over the past year I’ve also had lots of diarrhea, very yellow fluid.
Avatar n tn I have had 2 back surgeries, lumbar laminectomies on L4-L5 and L5-S1. I have been having bile duct spasms again for the past 6 months. Some of them have had me in the ER. My Gastroenterologist tried me on Bentyl, I took 1 pill and ended up in the ER with an anapylactic reaction to it. My other allergies are Peanuts, Aspirin, Toradol, Duracef, Zofran and Vioxx. I was just in the ER last night for back pain after an accident where 2 large boards hit me in the back.
Avatar n tn my husband has an ulcer and cannot stop vomiting bile. His food stays down, but the bile keeps coming up. Zofran has not helped and none of the other medications have helped either. is there anything we can do at home to ease this? We have gone to the emergency room and all they do is give him Zofran and Protonics then send him home. he has no gall stones (2 cat scans and 2 ultrasounds confirm this). Please help!
Avatar n tn My 6 month old kitten was spayed yesterday and seemed fine. Today she is vomiting and her poo is loose and she is just lying around. Her vomit was a pinkish bile colour and am worried that this is blood.
Avatar n tn I havea 2 year old shih tzu and I also have a cat. My dog use to get into the cat food and she would vomit yellow bile. The vet said that it was from ger eating the cat food. The cat food is very high in fat and isn't good for the dog. The vet suggested I get some chicken and rice wet food and feed it to her if she pukes again or I catch her in the cat food. It helped and she doesn't puke anymore.
Avatar n tn My 14 year old neutered male cat, who is a house cat, vomits clear liquid. While he is wretching he pees. Then he goes and eats and drinks. This happens daily. His behaviour is no different, his appetite hasn't changed.
Avatar n tn George did well the first two days and then began vomiting bile. He was unable to eat, pass stool or keep anything down. We returned to the vet in which he was admitted for dehydration,and to rule out pancreatitis, peritonitis, or acute renal failure. After three days of IV fluids, amoxicillin and reglan, George was discharged with all normal lab values. He has again thrown up and started refusing to eat-but will drink lots of water.
Avatar f tn As a teenager and young adult, my episodes started any time of day, but since then, they almost always start with sulfur burps, intestinal discomfort and gas in the wee hours of the night (2-4 am), leading to bowel movements leading to diarrhea, and then 99% inevitably several bouts of vomiting and diarrhea. Once I've vomited up absolutely everything, including the bile in my stomach, it's over. The sulfur burps stop when I'm done vomiting.
Avatar n tn Last week, I went away and had my mom cat-sit for me. When I came back and brought the cat back to the house, she's been vomiting BEFORE i feed her. Which makes no sense. Her food hasn't been changed. I feed her the Iams hairball care/weight control for indoor cats. She seems fairly active, and I don't see anything visibly wrong with her. Her poop is also solid so no diarrhea. And she has no symptoms for worms.
Avatar m tn Hello all and I have a question regarding my 3 yr old male outdoor/indoor cat. He sometimes will throw up after eating his food if he doesnt chew it enough. Any way tonight I came home from work and he had throw at least 4 diff. times in diff spots. It is brown and liquid like and doesnt seem to have food mixed in with it. Also he usually hops in bed with me but has been sitting by the door to go outside which is unusual.
Avatar n tn That is a must once they are 6 months. Next-a cat has to eat regularly or their liver will become damaged Next-a cat that is vomiting constantly will get dehydrated and will need IV fluids Next--if this all of these things are happening with one cat only--he will need to see a vet. Now I know they can be expensive and your mom must be supporting you , right?
Avatar f tn My cat is 2 1/2 years old. He is crate trained and loves to stay in his condo. ( 4 feet X 3 feet X 3 feet) He has a covered potty box and is a very clean kitty. Night before last he was normal, eating, drinking, and playing, all was well. I went out yesterday morning and arrived back around 6:00 pm. He was a bit fussy but nothing appeared wrong. About 8:00 pm he started vomiting, clear liquid, sometimes foamy.
148354 tn?1211237506 I noticed he has lost weight,by nature he is a slender long cat ,but it is noticable, and he is bony,he has been vomiting bile 5-6 times a day ,dont seem interested in eating,depressed and tired.He dont seem to be in pain or crying but he isnt his usual perky affectionate self,my other 2 cats seem to be fine.I've thought of everything from liver/kidney failure,to the food scare last year,any insight would be helpful,this is my baby!
300987 tn?1219987265 With the overpopulation we have in the world, it's best to get them fixed. She will be a happier cat too. She will be calmer. Just give her time to heal. I had a couple of cats fixed. Don't worry, she'll bounce back. Just remember, she just had surgery! If you just had surgery, you wouldn't want to play right away either! It's normal for them to not want to eat right away either. I know I didn't want to eat the day after I had surgery. I wouldn't worry about cleaning her right now either.
Avatar f tn I was also having bouts of nausea, with no heaving or bile. The doctor thought it may be IBS. I changed my diet and still no change. He sent me for ultrasound and tests came back good. But then he sent me for a cat scan and found unrelated kidney stones. I passed them and these symptoms continued.