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Avatar f tn Depending on how far along you are in your pregnancy will you notice a difference. The prenatal vitamins they say help with hair growth, however I believe its more hormonal changes within you. When you notice your hair growing you will also notice your nails growing faster than usual. I have been taking prenatal vitamins for only 3-4 wks... I would say its more hormonal changes than the vitamins, for myself atleast.
Avatar f tn If you take prenatal vitamins they are rich in folic acid and B vitamins which are great for your baby and have a side effect of increasing your hair growth rate as well as its thickness. Also they will increase the growth rate of your fingernails and skin cells. Many women who are not pregnant take prenatal vitamins to help with thinning hair, weak fingernails, or skin problems.
Avatar f tn , after pregnancy ended I lost a lot of hair too it was so depressing because it was so beautiful but its defenitly worth it I still got my hair to grow nicely but yes I think vitamins helped
Avatar f tn Ive googled &seen that they benefit not only with baby but with hair growth &nail growth… ive been taking mine &icut my hair in first of september &still feels short -,- its not growing fast or "glowing" is there a certain type of vitamins that really help??, iam taking some gummy type in a clear jar plastic green twist off taking 2aday.
Avatar f tn Have u tried the gummies?
Avatar f tn kay i wanna grow my hair longer my normal hair is curly when its curly its short but when its straighten its longer but this is my question does anyone know how i can grow my hair long without strengthening it what kind of home remedy or hair products or something
7136384 tn?1390142888 s because of your prenatal vitamins. They help hair and nail growth. And the idea about it being a boy because you have a lot of extra hair, could be true. Before I got pregnant I just had peach fuzz on my tummy and now it looks darker and longer, and I'm having a boy. But yet again, I shave my arm pits and legs a lot more than usual. Also your pubic hair will probably begin to grow so much you can't keep up with it.
Avatar f tn Maybe i need to cut my hair nd then see wat happens cause my hair has gotten shorter up top from me having a mohawk at one point nd it broke my hair off in the middle
Avatar f tn My arm hair and leg hair seems to grow back super fast it's annoying. Anyone feel me on this ?
Avatar f tn There is nothing in prenatal vitamins that encourage hair growth. That's a myth. This is a hormonal thing that differs from woman to woman in pregnancy. Just like some people are sicker than others.
8464451 tn?1409883976 t pregnant that take prenatals for hair growth, nail growth etc.
Avatar f tn The prenatal vitamins that you take daily are what's suppose to help with the hair length and nail growth.
Avatar f tn If you just take regular prenatal vitamins, your hair and nail will grow super fast. Because the prenatal vitamins have vitamin d & foliage acid which helps with hair and nail growth.
Avatar f tn I am more of facial hair, the more kids I have the more facial hair I get thankfully it's fair.This is my worst nightmare coming true.
Avatar m tn Others are sure to post and share their experience. Overall, I think you will see most people do experience hair re-growth. I wish I could give you a time frame but all I can really do is encourage you to hang in there.
Avatar f tn Telogen effluvium during medications are common, but hair growth is replenished in time.The thing to look out is Iron deficiency, and hypothyroidism.
Avatar f tn Well i've only got 28 days until my little man is due (yay!), and i'm wanting to continue to take my over the counter prenatal vitamin after birth. I was wondering if that was safe? Or if it'll still give my hair and nails the same awesome effect with growth... I don't see why it wouldn't be safe, seeing as how it's a vitamin, but i'm just curious.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know how to tell the difference between NEW HAIR GROWTH and HAIR THAT HAS BROKEN OFF? I see a lot of little hairs sticking up, but I'm not sure if it is just breakage. I've been taking tons of vitamins and also I'm using Nioxin hair products for about 3 months.
Avatar f tn My hair use to grow so fast... Does anyone know if hair skin and nail vitamins are okay to take on top of prenatals while pregnant?
Avatar f tn I don't know what those are but your prenatal vitamins contain folic acid which promotes hair growth.
Avatar m tn hi my hair started fulling out in November i have lost a few big patches which is scary. I was advised to try Nourkrin tablets which are expenice but any price is worth my hair growing back. They take a couple on months to kick in they say. Ive been taking them for 5 weeks now and just now 5 weeks in i can see slight hair growth on my bald patches.
Avatar m tn Hello, For hair growth, you need to pay attention to your diet. Your hair needs vitamins and minerals to grow that it can only get from the bloodstream. So if you want to speed up your hair growth and thickness you should limit the intake of fat and salts. Selenium, zinc and magnesium are some of the minerals that your hair needs and also amino acids and vitamin E will help in growing hairs.