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Avatar n tn You certainly can overdose on Vitamin D3, but just go get your levels checked by the doctor. It is a simple blood test easily done.
Avatar m tn How Much Does it Take to Overdose on Vitamin D While high Blood Calcium Levels are useful to determine an overdose on vitamin d, it really takes an AMAZINGLY large amount to cause a Vitamin D Overdose. In fact, in East Germany between the 1940's and 1960's, children would ROUTINELY get 6 doses of 600,000 IU's of Vitamin D between birth and 18 months old. This gave these small children an incredible 3,600,000 IU's of Vitamin D in 18 months.
724811 tn?1291430786 t know you could get vitamin D3 in the USA. I am taking vitamin D3-analog (which may be different????) in pill form from Denmark. I have to buy it outside the USA -- we spend part of the year in Panama, where there is access to medications from all over the world, so my Panamanian doctor prescribes it, along with the Actonel I have been taking, for significant osteoporosis. It's been used for years in Europe very sucessfully for regenerating bone.
Avatar f tn I agree with the above doc had me on 4,000IU when mine went low,,,I am on chemo right now and I am afraid the D might interfere with the meds so I bought a tanning bed for my home and this way I just have to sit under the light every other day and get 20,000IU real quick.
Avatar n tn Ideally, 10-15 minutes of sunshine at noon will provide adequate Vit D3. However, according to the vitamine D council, most people will still need Vitamin D3 supplement. Stephan is the expert on this matter in this forum. You really need your level to be at least 50 ng/mL. Mine is 20.9. My doctor prescribed 50,000IU. Notice that you needd Vitamine D3 and not D2. D2 is for the kidney. Recheck the level in 4-6 weeks.
Avatar f tn And, as Ess is doing, it pays to assess all of your daily vitamin D3 intake - not just the D3 supplement - to reach the 2000 units. He also said that D3 in oil is best - like the geltabs I just got at WalMart. He said there is thought that high-dose D3 can help slow progression in established MS patients.
Avatar f tn Btw, the 30 000 to 40 000 IU per week dosing after retesting I recommended as a 'maintenance dose' of sorts. There's lack of understanding how much is actually needed for maintenance, but if you don't go out in the sun a lot, then I would imagine this would be enough since the levels would be high enough. Alternatively, the best source of Vit D is the Sun. Spending about 15 mins in the sun per day (in between 10am and 3pm) during the summer would be enough to generate 10 000 IU.
Avatar m tn started today with vitamin d3, my blood test result about vitamin d3 deficency will be available in 10 days. since i am on entecavir tx it is difficult to see if vit D has any impact on immune system but if i have deficency it will help prevent liver cancer and boost immune system a little.
Avatar f tn The Vitamin D Council actually recommends that healthy adults take 5,000 iu vitamin D3 everyday. Therefore, since you are severely deficient, like I was and must stay on guard so I won't be again, you can safely take the minimum of 5,000 iu everyday and then some. Seriously, everyone on this forum would benefit by signing up for the newsletters from this website.
Avatar m tn My Vitamin D3 is 7.85 ng/ml ( which is very low ). As we don't have any expert Dr. here. Kindly suggest me: - May i take D3 Injections or - Tablets ? I have Rock - D 300 dietary supplement which contains Elementry calcium 1200 mg, Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) 400 IU. Other Ingredients: Soyabean Oil, Glycerin,Gelatin, Soy Lecithin, Titanium Dioxide Color. If i go to tablets is it fine ? or injections ?
Avatar n tn I tested my vitamin D level. What do my results mean? I just picked the last two levels since the article is very long.... "My level is between 100-150 ng/ml Although these levels aren’t toxic and aren’t usually harmful, they are thought to be too high. There are no known benefits to having a vitamin D level over 100 ng/ml.
398059 tn?1447945633 Back when I first found out I had MS, I started taking Vitamin D3 because I read that is was the best form of the vitamin to be taking because it best mimiced the effect of the sun. Does anyone here happen to know if this really an issue.
5844567 tn?1378967719 How could i recover my deficiency of VITAMIN d3! i am 26 year female and my value is JUST 7.5 !! please help me out !! i am very worried !!
Avatar m tn Hi everyone I have got some vitamin D3 in a liquid form I'm just trying to workout what is the ideal amount to take for someone with chronic hep b its says for evey 0.5ml there is62.5 ug (its not actually a "u" looks like a "y" the wrong way around. I currently take Magnesium and calcium aswell. No probs with that but I have bought some liquid zinc can anyone give me a good idea how much is good for someone with hep B.
Avatar m tn Authored by a team of researchers at the California-based non-profit Autoimmunity Research Foundation, the paper goes on to point out that molecular biologists have long known that the form of vitamin D derived from food and supplements, 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25-D), is a secosteroid rather than a vitamin. Like corticosteroid medications, vitamin D may provide short-term relief by lowering inflammation but may exacerbate disease symptoms over the long-term.
15848200 tn?1456634289 Vitamin D2 causes the amyloid protein in your brain to clump together making it difficult to remove this build up of amyloid. This leads to loss of cognitive function and sets up the conditions for Alzheimer's disease progression. Vitamin D3 helps clear amyloid from the brain which aids in improving cognitive function. Keeping 25(OH)D3 levels at or above 50ng/ml [US] or 125nmol/l [UK] is an important factor in reversing cognitive decline.
Avatar m tn R/- sir, i am patient of Dr Rakesh shah Modasa,i have started uprised-D3 60k 60000 iu before a week,when will i it recover from cyervicle & Backpain
Avatar m tn Hi I have tried vitamin d2 from the pharmacy and then vitamin d3 prescribed by the doctor and both times my kidneys were really sore and I felt quite unwell, so now I am a bit dubious.
Avatar m tn I will check the exact contents of Vitamin-D3 and post. Calcium actually has Vit D3 additionally. I will post exact dosage and contents for both these separately ...
Avatar m tn Wouldn’t testing for vitamin D preclude guesswork? Deficiencies should be corrected regardless of treatment status, yes? And if the test results are within reference range, why worry about anything? I think the test is ‘25-hydroxy vitamin D’.