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Avatar f tn org You may benefit from daily doses of Vitamin D3 instead of the high dose. Besides taking the high dose every other week is probably not helping in the long run. D2 (your current script) is not long acting. For some really low numbers with symptoms, taking the high dose weekly can supposedly help bring the numbers up quickly, but won't help you maintain that better Vitamin D numbers.
5844567 tn?1378967719 My doctor prescribed me high dose vitamin D to take once a week for 12 weeks. Now I take over the counter vitamin D and lot of sun.
382218 tn?1341181487 The purpose of this study is to determine the safety and the immunologic effects of supplementation with low-dose and high-dose cholecalciferol (vitamin D3) in patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis." http:// /ct2/show/NCT01024777?
Avatar f tn A thyroid specialist recommended it to me because he feels my dose of vitamin D 5400 IUs D3 daily is too high. (PremCal is 4000 D3 daily + calcium and magnesium in two tablets). My reservations about this cal-mag-D3 product is that the dose of magnesium is too low, the form of calcium is carbonate not citrate, and the D3 is in tablet not gel cap form. He did suggest that my D levels be monitored more regularly every 2-3 months so that I can stay on top of it which I think is good advice.
Avatar f tn A third of the kids received an inactive, sham treatment. Another third got the recommended 200 IU/day dose of vitamin D3 (as a weekly dose of 1,400 IU). And, after an earlier safety study showed it would not be toxic, the remaining third of the kids got 2,000 IU/day of vitamin D3 (as a weekly dose of 14,000 IU) -- 10 times the recommended dose for adequate daily intake.
Avatar f tn My feeling is that it might be too low of a dose, specially, should you have vitamin D3 resistance, which is a possibility if you have: a. Low or high corisol b. Low cholesterol c. Obesity d.
Avatar m tn However, 3000 IU of vitamin D3 per day sounds much too high, so that could well be a factor, also depending upon the reliability of the brand's ingredients. 400 IU is a good starting point.
Avatar n tn I tested my vitamin D level. What do my results mean? I just picked the last two levels since the article is very long.... "My level is between 100-150 ng/ml Although these levels aren’t toxic and aren’t usually harmful, they are thought to be too high. There are no known benefits to having a vitamin D level over 100 ng/ml.
Avatar m tn I have MS and started supplementing with high dose vitamin D3 over 10 years ago now. I read several articles giving conflicting advice about the optimum level of D3 supplementation for MS patients. At first I was aiming for 80 nmol/L, then 150-200 nmol/L and I even read an article suggesting that vitamin D3 toxicity only occurred above 500 nmol/L.
1183618 tn?1277365106 There are two views on the best way to receive high dose vitamin D. The most common form of high dose vitamin D in the US is a prescription form of ergocalciferal also known as vitamin D2. But as vitamin D2 is less potent than vitamin D3, many doctors now recommend high dose vitamin D3 which can be purchased in a health food store or on-line. VITAMIN D2 (50,000 IU/week) Dr.
Avatar m tn The RDA was miscalculated according to peer-review and needs to be closer to 10 000 IU daily (of vitamin D3). As for getting to sufficient levels, 20 000 IU is perfectly fine. It's quite safe to take long term even. But, personally, I'd take 20 000 IU daily for about 45 days and then reduce to 10 000 IU daily for maintenance.
Avatar n tn Does anybody here have experience with taking high dose of Vit D? Will Vit D at this high dosage level cause any harm to liver? Many thanks!
2064671 tn?1335562853 ve read on this board and many others, that is a low maintenance dose for someone who is at an adequate vitamin D level of say 60-80. I tried 10,000 IU of vitamin D3 a day with food for a week but gave up due to stomach upset after each dose. I'm thinking of trying liquid D3 at 5,000 IU a day. Any suggestions on how to proceed with recovery? I still have all the same miserable symptoms.
867582 tn?1311627397 (I believe you have to convert D2 to D3). Many people do quite well on high dose d2 then drop down to maintenance doses of D3 or D2 once they get their counts up. I did not do well on D2 -- I'm old and develop lots of side effects. I'm currently on D3 4400 units per day and doing fine. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn With my time on this site I have not seen anyone on as high a dose as you have been prescribed for D3. When I first started by level was 11ng/ml. My doctor prescribed D2 50,000iu weekly, after about a year of that dose and still not getting my numbers to optimum levels he added D3 2,000iu (at my insistance from my research here). I would really question your doctor's instructions. You are your best advocate. Are you his/her first adult diagnosis of VDD?
Avatar f tn depends on blood levels of vitd25oh, intact pth and calcium.anyway 5000iu is not high and 6000iu daily is the dose for pregnancy (note most studies on vit d dose has been found null recently, the ones with low doses in particular) 2) I haven't done blood test for my vit25(oh) ... Should I wait til this test is done before I start taking this supplement? no because we can t have high levels of vit d, we are all deficient 3) what would be possible side effects of any?
Avatar m tn vitamin d3 (high dose under doctors monitoring protocol coimbra) during treatment with tenofovir peginterferon plus tenofovir but hbsag got down only adding gcmaf and high dose vitamin d3, without these add on hbsag even went up despite peg and tdf my genotype is D, hardest to respond to peg now my hbsag is around 1300iu/ml, it went up from 699-900iu/ml when stopping both vit d3 high dose and gcmaf but it is stable around 1300iu/ml so i dont care about it too much and just keep my vitd25oh l
Avatar m tn You do not need a prescription to buy vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 is also available in supermarkets, pharmacies, health food stores, and online websites. The upper tolerable limit of vitamin D is 4000IU daily. There are vitamin D3 supplements that contains 1000IU per capsule. If you do take higher doses of vitamin D you must take into account magnesium. Vitamin D "uses up" magnesium to convert to active vitamin D in the blood.
Avatar f tn The anxiety and panic thing including palpitations happens to me when my vitamin D dose is too high. I just played with the dose...I found I had to increase very gradually to therapeutic levels which, of course, slowed my recovery down.
Avatar f tn m older in my sixties so my age might have had something to due with my inability to process and perhaps convert D2 to D3. But once I found the proper dose (for me) of D3 (with support from people in the Forum like Gadgets), my D levels started rising slowly but surely and my deficiency symptoms resolved. The dose that worked for me which I'm still on is D3 gel caps 4000 IUs daily. Here's hoping you feel better, hang in there and keep us posted!
Avatar f tn I tried to take vit d3 in a liquid form (dropper) 1,000 mg a day due to d3 deficiency two different times. Both trial periods, I felt weak, dizzy with heart palpatations. Have u ever heard of this reaction to d3?