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Avatar m tn some life insurance policies want a current hiv test.
Avatar m tn in next three month i am getting married .sir i am very confuse ...i am not able to consult a doctor because due to company work i am at construction site where no doctor is near about 800 km in oman. sir i try to start morning walk & little exercise these days in morning . & planing to do yoga kapalbhati & anulom bilom .....
729288 tn?1251254433 Rain, here are my 2 cents - i'm not familiar with precisionrx, but i was on their website and it seems that its a mailorder pharmacy that is contracted with your insurance company. most ins companies only contract with one mail order company. my suggestion is get on the phone with your insurance company's member services (ugh, i know) and find out from them what exactly your out of pocket expenses will be.
Avatar f tn I think I found an answer to my question on the COBRA web site: "Pre-existing conditionsSome health insurance companies cut their costs by invoking something called a "pre-existing condition" clause. The notion of a pre-existing condition makes sense when you're talking about car insurance: your windshield was cracked before you bought your coverage, so you can't expect the insurance company to replace it once your policy is in force.
Avatar f tn - And perhaps most relevant to current discussion about insurance companies canceling substandard policies, your insurance company must cover what are called “essential health benefits.” What are “essential health benefits?” They are clearly defined on HealthCare.
Avatar n tn They deliberately deceived me and the insurance company and tried to keep all this extra money I had to pay. I won and had to instruct the insurance company how to get their monies back. Don't let them fool ya. ALso the specialty lens (Multifocal) were horrible. I've since undergone and IOL exchange.
352007 tn?1372857881 I am sure as the sun rises in the east and settles in the west that at least one of you have dealt with your insurance companies giving an authorization for a MRI with and without contrast. Im in a rush for time because it is now Monday and still no authorization from insurance company for my Thursday appt. of MRI. I have an appointment on Feb 13th for brain MRI with and without contrast. The secretary just called me to tell me that my insurance feels I do not need the contrast.
419990 tn?1228259126 Ok, so I just need to vent a little bit. I had to call my stupid insurance company because I'm going to a different fertility clinic next week and since I have a new insurance company I needed some info on what they would cover if anything. So this is the part that doesn't make any sense to me. They cover all testing and consults to TEST for infertility but they do NOT cover any treatment FOR infertility?
10169340 tn?1415846161 Hello everyone, I was wondering if there was anyone out there who has had constant denial from the insurance company for surgery,I have spent the past 6 months doing appeals with a state advocate's help and still only to keep getting denied,In the mean time my condition is getting worse.i dropped my insurance..and went on my husband who originaly approved the surgery, and now they denied it. I am at a lost !
Avatar f tn If you have insurance through work, you can contact human resources. If it's private insurance, you should call the company to check their policy. Sorry I'm not much help, but every insurance company is different.
Avatar f tn In the UK you MUST tell both the DVLA and your insurance company about MS or it is invalidated. They cannot increase your insurance premiums though.
Avatar f tn You should be able to call your insurance company and they can refer you to a provider within their network.
1950158 tn?1324493957 But, if your doctor says you have MS, and orders your meds, then the doc should go head-to-head with insurance company. There are checks and balances in place for good reason, but if your dxing doc is a neurologist, and he/she did not need/order the tap for further evidence, then this should not be happening. A letter from your neuro to the insurance company is in order. Hope you can clear this up.
Avatar f tn Was wondering if trials were covered by the med company or insurance? I have an appt for boce trial and they asked about insurance, I was figured pharm comp doing the trial would cover it.
Avatar f tn what do you mean by stable? if the viral load are high but not in millions and you dont have complications or taken any meds for hep B. will that make your insurance rates go higher? or will you get decline?
1139443 tn?1369553584 I really don't understand insurance company policies concerning our meds. I just had my pain med filled-no problem. The problem I have is with my Zofran for nausea. They will only let me have 8 pills a month. (My last insurance company let me have 24.) My doctor tried to get a pre-cert for more and that's all they'll let me have.
Avatar f tn Is this for Medicaid or your private insurance?? It sounds strange to have to prove ur pregnant 7 times, hun..:-/ if its private id wonder what kind of company your paying a premium to!! Goodluck, hun..
Avatar f tn Going into this we were under the impression that my insurance company covered IVF. When I called my insurance company they told me that I was covered. So we meet with the doctors to find out we are NOT covered. I have a $15,000 infertility maximum, but that only covers testing, not treatments, which is was IVF is coded as. My husband's insurance has no coverage at all. I do work in Illinois, where in Illinois, it's a state law to cover IVF. But my insurance is Blue Cross of Iowa.
Avatar n tn Do insist that your physician file the correct CPT code for the lens to your insurance company. They just might pay for it. I had to really push and follow up with the insurance co. The doctors office submitted it finally but as a non-medically necessary facility charge. Of course ins. doesn't pay for this. I hit the roof. Insurance has paid and since the doctor was a provider he had to take the discounts and I've gotten back a lot of refunds. They are extremely unhappy.
Avatar f tn Like someone else said , the ONLY way to know how your insurance works and what is covered is to call your insurance and ask about your specific policy. I worked for a major health insurance company for years and the biggest mistake you can make is not calling them in advance. I also recommend finding out what options you have for permanent coverage for your baby.
1664208 tn?1332782950 has anyone else insurance company stated that you have had too many MRIS & refuses to pay for anymore?
1260255 tn?1288654564 I have a consultation scheduled with the ophthalmologist on September 20, after having done more research and talking to my health insurance company. I plan on having the laser iridotomies done and insurance will cover all but the copay, with this being done as an in office procedure. Thank you for your professional advice, which was consistent with everything else I had learned.
Avatar f tn I am towards the end of my second year without any treatment for my ruptured disck (C5). It is from a work injury and I am still fighting with their insurance company for coverage. My symptoms are very bad headachs, tingling, pain and coldness in arm, shoulderblade pain, upper back pain, numbness and pain in thumb, blurred vision when I have the heardachs, and loss of stregth in the arm. I am worried about perminante damage of the nerves what else might I expect?
763297 tn?1281379425 The man from the insurance company said that there is no individual plan that would cover fertily. It can get very expensive.