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4347786 tn?1357713425 Any of you mommies-to-be play World of Warcraft in your spare time besides me??? Lol if so what realm and what's your toon's name?
Avatar m tn First off I just want to say I don't know where I to post this but this is the close one I can find to mine or maybe not the same at all sorry! Hey my name is Louis I'm 19. I've had some type of viral illness for about 23 days now I think. I don't know what kind it is but I'll walk you threw everything.
Avatar f tn 5) fibrosis units in patients with genotype 3 in India and higher in patients who acquire infection after 30 years of age. The median time for progression to cirrhosis was 16 years [7]. According to a recent meta-analysis, the odds ratio for the association of genotype 3 infection and accelerated progression of liver fibrosis was 1.52 in single biopsy studies suggesting faster fibrosis progression compared with other genotypes [8].
Avatar f tn some one said it sounded like some type of airborne virus. docyors gave hm a ten day supply of antibotics. any body heard of any thing like this before?
Avatar f tn Super Mario is my favorite!
Avatar f tn My symptoms are sore throat, sever neck pain and cough.
Avatar n tn My partner has experienced a fever that is lasting 3 days. The fever has broken several times but comes back. He has Irritable bowl syndrome. I doubt that is related to the fever, I figured it wouldn't hurt to include it. He's also experiencing joint aches all over his body. I'm anxious to see some comments, I am a bit worried.
Avatar n tn 8 i went back and i was tol that my culture came back positive but they didnt test my blood sample so i dont know what type i have so the nurse wanted to take a look and i told her the lesions wasnt there anymore they been disappear and she looked shock like that didnt suspose to happen and gave me 11 refills on the pills i havent use them at all and havent had any other problem since my culture results say human herpes simplex virus isolated and identified i been waiting to get retested again b
Avatar m tn m worried that I may have infected others...... So my question is 3-fold..... Can I infect someone by giving them oral and therefore in effect give them HSV-2 (genital Herpes) because I have HSV1? secondly, how concerned should I be about spreading this disease if I'm not experiencing an outbreak? And lastly, I could have had this virus for years (this is the 1st time I ever got tested for is it possible for someone to have HSV1 and never experience an outbreak? .....
Avatar m tn Fever started to reduce and am getting more energy but it seems back then what made things worse was the antibiotics given for a virus infection that made me weak and loose apetite. Anyhow, HIV is eliminated but will still have a rapid test again next week. But it seems CMV can make a low grade night fever and sweat last long. Thanks for your reply!
Avatar n tn During the last day of the sore throat, I started having severe burning sensation like a localized high fever running down from my throat (2 days) to my armpits (3 days) then to my left stomach area (my guess is my spleen, for 3 days) and then down to my crotch (2 days), it was hell for more than 1 week, 1 sweat so much that my bed was drenched. I felt very weak and could not do anything but stay in bed the whole time. I also lost my appetite.
Avatar f tn 3)  I've had HSV I for many years (probably since childhood).  I haven't had a cold sore in 2+ years.  What are the odds of me shedding the virus?  And how often?  Should I be concerned w/ fellatio if my bf is HSV I & HSV II negative?
Avatar m tn Most doctors do not believe that the body completely clears the virus. Rather they believe that small amounts of the virus clings to DNA forever but it becomes dormant. The amounts are so small that the tests which women can get can show negative results. For 90% of the infected, the virus becomes dormant and you are no longer infectious. No one knows who is in this 90% and no one know can tell anyone how long a person is not infectious. It could be forever. It could be for a few years.
Avatar f tn Hello! I am in a relationship with someone who is HIV positive. He and I have been having unprotected sex for more than a year now and he's been recently tested positive. Like 7 mths ago.. It's obvious that Ive been exposed to HIV virus and I've taken the tests twice now and I am negative. Although I'm glad, I don't quite understand how that could be possible? Also how long does it take before you infect someone?
Avatar f tn Not really. It could be lymph nodes which have become inflamed due to a virus. You don't have to have symptoms of a virus for lymph nodes to swell up. It could also be more serious and you should really get checked by a doctor.
Avatar f tn A lot of days I only find motivation to get up so I can play World of Warcraft lol and I try to clean up as much as possible when I get bored of WoW. Sometimes I go a whole day without showering too (very unusual for me, I normally shower at least twice a day) and I feel so gross but it's all just blah. I feel like if I shower I'll just feel like sleeping under the warm water then end up back in bed anyway.
Avatar m tn Definitely time to see your vet. Actually, your Dad was correct in his first aid measures. My vet recommends the same thing for the first 24 hours of gut issues. Beyond 24 hours, you need to consult your vet. I'm not certain about the "slimy" urine, but my best guess is that he's got a urinary tract infection that will need antibiotics. A UTI often causes incontintence as well.
Avatar m tn hello sometime last year i had a protected sex with a csw, i kissed her on her lips and i caught up with some kind of infection. i developed an ulcer inside my mouth within a weeks time, experienced on and off tingling for a month. i have white patches at the back of my throat and few white spots on my tonsil for an year now. it is not causing any discomfort though. I have tested negative for hiv, hsv 1,2 igg at 6 months mark, hep b and syphilis.. my question is: 1. what is this infection?
Avatar n tn 3-4 drops of blood from my wife's (who is a HIV +) breast entered my mouth, i immediately washed my mouth with water, is there any chances of me getting infected with virus. I am worried please reply me back.
Avatar m tn It is written only drying can kill HIV virus and in-wet form HIV virus are still active. No where it is written any particular duration when a virus will inactivate. So by any mean apart from Sex/Drug use, if wet semen/blood/vaginal fluid comes into contact of private part(i.e. Cleaning private part with cloth with semen, by mistake wearning someone else underwear with semen). Still virus can come with private as touched with these fluid like Sex only.
Avatar f tn To add to that, I meant I worried if i could have infected someone immediately after (about an hour after) my own infection because I did not know. I'm hoping it is not likely to shed the virus this soon after infection..
Avatar f tn ve been struggling with an addiction to the popular video game World of Warcraft. I know a lot of people dont view video games as real addictions, but when it affects my life, and i can't quit it, i consider it to be a real problem. I've began analyzing why I cant stop and I've come to realize, that my avatar is not just a character in the video game to me, but an entire idea and idealization of my life.