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4377655 tn?1354246709 i had oral sex with my bf who is hbv infected and he had blood in his penis after i give him a *******.. should i panic now?????do i get the virus???????????????????pls reply!
711224 tn?1344771687 It has been classified by Microsoft as the most destructive virus ever. This virus was discovered by McAfee yesterday, and there is no repair yet for this kind of virus. This virus simply destroys the Zero Sector of the Hard Disc, where the vital information is kept. COPY THIS E-MAIL, AND SEND IT TO YOUR FRIENDS.
Avatar f tn To shed some light on viral illness problems.... I used to think of viruses as... "just a virus", like a cold. There are a couple viruses that caught my attention to some degree. AIDS and Hepatitis are "just a virus". Later, I came to be terribly aware how bad a virus can be simply because there are no antibioics that can solve the problem.
535822 tn?1443976780 I received today from a reputable source that there is a huge VIRUS ALERT...... go to Norton anti Virus and Snopes...they are gearing up for a huge Virus..... DO NOT open anything that says POST CARD FROM HALLMARK or an image of a POSTCARD Check it out for yourselves....
314833 tn?1263259499 With the influenza virus (H1N1) being widespread and pandemic in certain countries, people are scared to even get out of the house! Taking care of our health is of utmost importance, especially now that there are so many diseases cropping up, it’s crazy! Companies like Blue Cross North Carolina that offer health services could really help. They provide quality products and services, as well as information to improve the health and well-being of their customers.
Avatar m tn First off I just want to say I don't know where I to post this but this is the close one I can find to mine or maybe not the same at all sorry! Hey my name is Louis I'm 19. I've had some type of viral illness for about 23 days now I think. I don't know what kind it is but I'll walk you threw everything.
Avatar n tn However, it is the only real cause of cervical cancer in women and so she must be followed until the infection has cleared or to see if she needs treatment for damaged cells before they invade deeper tissues. However, this infection is NOT passed back and forth. If you clear the virus you are imune to that particular strain, and will not be re infected by her. If she clears the virus, she will be immune to that strain and will not be re infected by you.
Avatar m tn That said, the only way to be 100% certain is to visit a doctor or clinic promptly (within a couple days) the next time you have an oral herpes outbreak, so it can be tested for the virus. The preferred test is a DNA test, such as PCR, although culture is acceptable if it's the only test available to the doctor or clinic. And of course you should now be on the alert for possible mild outbeaks of genital herpes you might have previously missed.
Avatar m tn I'll attempt to spare you the long and somewhat confusing backstory and get to the general question. Is is possible to transmit herpes to someone a week after initial exposure to the virus? I know the timeline since the female I was intimate with is the carrier, and within a week, I was intimate with someone else and the condom failed (broke) while we were intimate.
Avatar f tn My symptoms are sore throat, sever neck pain and cough.
Avatar n tn now i found out that HIV infection symptoms cant be treated with drugs rather the symptoms fade away by themselves.i ave no rash,no swollen glands,no cough or sore throat.Now i feel slight pains in my bones and muscles. Also the unprotected sex was breif and there was no 4 consecutive days. kindly tell me if am not at risk and possibly the cause of the fever. i just relocated to europe from africa 6 weeks ago.could it be a result of the change of climate. thanks .
Avatar m tn Because CMV-specific IgM may be produced in low levels in reactivated CMV infection, its presence is not always indicative of primary infection. Only virus recovered from a target organ, such as the lung, provides unequivocal evidence that the current illness is caused by acquired CMV infection. If serologic tests detect a positive or high titer of IgG, this result should not automatically be interpreted to mean that active CMV infection is present.
Avatar f tn A non primary (meaning you already have antibodies to one strain of the virus) infection and outbreak can be milder than a true primary outbreak, but since you are alert to the possibility, which is small, that you might have been infected, I think you would notice any symptoms.
Avatar f tn Other than this, prolonged anticoagulant therapy can result in high INR if the body’s stability is threatened due to infection, diarrhea etc. At times a viral infection can cause low grade disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) which can raise the INR (due to low platelets and fibrinogen). While not all raised INRs will precipitate bleeding, you need to be very alert about this and immediately inform your treating doctor about any bleeds. Take care!
1405965 tn?1281330202 My 10 & a half month old daughter has had diarrhea for the last 2 days, and hasn't been urinating, she's still drinking, but isn't eating. i had an after hours GP out to see her and he said that he thinks she just had a virus, but i'm at my wits end, she cries in pain won't eat as mcuh as usual, and has done all of 5 wee's in the last 48 hours :( i don't know if i should just take this doctors word for it or get another opinion!
Avatar m tn 2) Yes, your infection likely was acquired many years ago. See the discussion above. You should be alert to recurrent genital herpes symptoms that you didn't previously notice. Research shows that around 60% of people in your situation -- no symptoms but positive HSV-2 blood test -- come to recognize recurrent herpes outbreaks. However, that resarch mostly involved people much younger than you (most in their 20s-30s); at your age, I suspect you'll not notice anything.
358455 tn?1277433619 lost some weight then gained some he is still currently at the hospital and now weighs 5 lbs 1 oz! he had gotten an infection and had to stay a little longer but with luck he will be enjoying life at home next week. hes an angel and a trooper and God's way of telling us that miracles do happen ladies, every day. so i just wanted to tell everyone that and i hope everyone has a wonderful day!
Avatar f tn some one said it sounded like some type of airborne virus. docyors gave hm a ten day supply of antibotics. any body heard of any thing like this before?
Avatar m tn Definitely time to see your vet. Actually, your Dad was correct in his first aid measures. My vet recommends the same thing for the first 24 hours of gut issues. Beyond 24 hours, you need to consult your vet. I'm not certain about the "slimy" urine, but my best guess is that he's got a urinary tract infection that will need antibiotics. A UTI often causes incontintence as well.
Avatar f tn Typically a fever is not associated with meds treated for the Hep C virus. She needs to alert her Drs that she's running a fever. It's important that her Dr is aware of this situation as it could be an infection related to liver disease and harmful to her health. Please let us know what the outcome is after talking to her Dr. Be well ......
Avatar n tn 8 i went back and i was tol that my culture came back positive but they didnt test my blood sample so i dont know what type i have so the nurse wanted to take a look and i told her the lesions wasnt there anymore they been disappear and she looked shock like that didnt suspose to happen and gave me 11 refills on the pills i havent use them at all and havent had any other problem since my culture results say human herpes simplex virus isolated and identified i been waiting to get retested again b
Avatar m tn Be aware that the antibiotic may cause you to have a metallic taste in your mouth. Increase your fluid consumption and be alert to any signs of a secondary fungal infection from the antibiotic. Yeast infections are frequently seen when taking any antibiotic, since they kill off bacteria, both good and bad. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Is this really true. Can you have had wart virus dormant in your body for ten years and not infect anyone else, then it just appears and you get visible warts which you can then infect others with? So potentially a very long term relationship could have one partner develop warts out of the blue with the other one not being infected. Obviously once the warts are visible the other partner would be at risk of infection. Can people clarify this for me please? I really need to know this. Thanks.