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1345268 tn?1276406032 FUS is just a catch all term for any type of urinary track issue and includes anything from urinary track infection (very common in adult male cats) to bladder or kidney stones. Increased thirst (a good thing) and decreased and painful urination are typical symptoms. The change in diet is to lower ash and magnesium which affects pH and exacerbate urinary track infections. The chemical smell may be from a build up of these chemicals that he is now excreting.
1356964 tn?1302091035 It is completely safe and non toxic for animals and helps to keep the urinary tract clear from infection. My poor cat is running back and forth to the litter box, I know this is not pleasant as I have been there, done that.. Any experience with D-Mannose anyone??? Anyone have any other suggestions ???? Anyone have a cat or had a cat that has this issues and how did you treat it ???
Avatar m tn I hate it when Vets give out antibiotics without doing a culture to be very sure there IS an infection present.....its not common to have an infection, only abt 5% of cats. what male cats usually suffer from is crystals these can be very painful its a condition called FLUTD. these crystals can build up especially in the urethra of a male cat and BLOCK the passage of urine, than its an emergency b/c the bladder will burst. http://www.marvistavet.com/html/body_feline_lower_urinary_tract_dis.
Avatar f tn i thought it may have been a result of the urinary tract infection we just treated last week, but he is still acting strange. this morning he was all off balance and staggering a bit. he also has an increased appetite, a wetter nose than usual and possible diarrhea. he was relatively active and playful last night.
Avatar n tn o Allergy symptoms o Depression, fatigue and anxiety o Endometriosis o Fibrocystic breasts o Hair loss and facial hair growth o Headaches, dizziness and foggy thinking o Low sex drive o Osteoporosis o PMS o Urinary tract infections and incontinence o Uterine fibroids o Weight gain, water retention and bloating o Wrinkly skin Symptoms of hormone imbalance are caused primarily by the incorrect relationship between progesterone and estrogen levels in the body.
162279 tn?1270604959 ) to check urine for a urinary tract infection (thank goodness it was clear, but HORRIBLE to watch), a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia (the dr says it hides sometimes because she wasnt coughing, except just a little), and bloodwork. Everything came out fine, which was great because by the time we had blood tests I was so worried that she might have a blood infection. The Dr said it was just viral and give it 3 days. Her fever broke by the next day, but she has still has a lingering cough.
Avatar m tn He was given laxative oil that day + pain meds, but he didn't improve much by evening so he got antibiotics (the vet thought that the likely reasons were either constipation or urinary tract infection, or he'd swallowed something dangerous). 1h after giving the antibiotics he indeed peed and felt better. He also ate (very little, but still), but I had to feed him chicken broth for 2 days as he refused to drink. 5 days he didn't move an inch, sat up at the most.
Avatar n tn From what I've read, some people present with only urinary tract symptoms, before being diagnosed with Lyme. Good luck with the doctor appointment.
Avatar n tn Well I seen a different doctor he said was not urinary tract infection but he doesn't know what and said I never had urinary tract infection. Still no answers. But I got on the internet and was looking up stuff and seen I had symptoms of ovarian cancer. But I am worrying myself sick. I can't get to the OB/GYN until November. They are not concerned. But I have pain during intercourse, My stomach is swelled. I look like I am 6 months pregnant.
363281 tn?1518219421 Tingling sensations, anywhere on the body, including the hands, feet, legs, arms, head, mouth, chest, groin area Throat or mouth clicking or grating sound/noise when you move your mouth or jaw, such as when talking TMJ Trembling or shaking Twitching Unsteadiness, dizziness, feeling dizzy or lightheaded Urgency to urinate, frequent urination, sudden urge to go to the washroom (similar to urinary tract or prostate infection symptoms) Warm spells Weak - feel weak, weakness, low energy, li
Avatar n tn Hi, To be given the diagnosis of IC you have to have pain related to the bladder, plus either urinary frequency or the constant urge to void. You cannot have had a recent urinary infection, bladder surgery, cancer or other urologic problem that explains the pain. You therefore don't fit the definition of IC. Your symptoms do fit a category of problems called Bladder Hypersenstitvity Disorders.
746512 tn?1388811180 frequency, straining, blood in urine occur in male and female cats, and are usually unassociated with "infection" but rather inflammation. Culture of the urine of these cats rarely reveals bacteria, therefore there is no infection. The terminology is important to understand that while an antibiotic may have been given to prevent infection as a secondary result of inflammation it is not a primary treatment for inflammation.
Avatar f tn In this disease there is inflammation and swelling in the urinary tract which can cause urination to be painful. The symptoms are much the same as for regular urinary tract infection. However, an anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety, and anti-spasmodic medication are used along with other therapies for this condition. For all urinary tract problems the following helps during treatment and as a preventative: 1. Cosequin for cats (or equivalent). This helps the joints and bladder. 2.
Avatar f tn I believe that my female cat has a urinary tract infection, she has all the symptoms; blood in urine, urinating frequently, finding other spots in the house to go, small amounts of urine. Is there anything over-the-counter I can get to treat her? I really can't afford vet care at the moment. I really appreciate any advice you give me.
Avatar f tn Beta was done 11 days past ET and I got a BFP!!! Try not to worry to much, alot of people say they feel no symptoms at all and still get a BFP. Best of luck to you.
Avatar n tn Most cats will stop eating when suffering this infection due to mouth pain. Adult cats usually aren't as affected as kittens are, but this is a tough infection for cats of every age and can be fatal if not managed. Hospitalization is needed from time to time if the cat will not eat. Calici is often carried for months, even years, and may cause milder flare ups throughout the cat's life. The other most dangerous upper respiratory infection that can cause these symptoms is feline herpes.
Avatar m tn There may be a combination of several factors, for instance interstitial nephritis can occur with a bacterial urinary tract infection. Blood in the urine can occur with all of the above. Since this is the third occurrence in your cat a culture and sensitivity of the urine may be warranted as well as a X-Ray of the bladder to see if there are bladder stones. If the results are normal than stress may be a component. The medication, Amitriptyline is very helpful for stress in cats.
Avatar f tn Both sound like a urinary tract infection and the inflammation is causing swelling at the base of the sheath and resulting in pressure upon the urethra. This pressure can cause a difficulty in urinating. Anti-inflammatories should help. Good luck.
1206168 tn?1280370831 I recently had a lady where i work make a comment she was going to get rid of her animal, because she thinks that is why she was having problems with a urinary tract infection? That was interesting to hear. Looks as if i am not the only one.
Avatar n tn Have you been previously diagnosed with a urinary tract infection? If yes, have you complied with your medications? Drink plenty of water and do not try to hold urination especially when you are busy at work. Moderate exercises like brisk walking may improve circulation when done regularly. Good hygiene and using only mild soap when washing the area will be beneficial.
931217 tn?1283484935 Spayed females had an increased risk for urinary tract stones, urinary tract infections, and urinary tract tumor, but not other causes of FLUTD. Intact females had a decreased risk for most causes.[122] While most cases of FLUTD are treatable and not life-threatening, urinary tract obstruction in males is a very serious condition. This occurred in about 12% of cats with FLUTD symptoms, and the risk is higher in castrated males cats.
Avatar f tn This is a common issue that arises with cats (urinating in the sink etc) but unfortunately the treatment is not an easy one. It sounds like either a urinary tract infection or something more serious (due to the weight loss and depressed attitude). I believe the skin lesions are not related. Unfortunately there is little that can be done to help without a vet's visit. They will need to examine your cat, assess the urine and prescribe medication.
Avatar f tn Hi there, and yes, it's very stressful when our kitties get sick. This sounds like it could be a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection), but that is only a guess of course. UTI's are Very painful. I'm happy to hear you'll be seeing her vet tomorrow. Keep us updated, k?
1200566 tn?1265384652 I have a cat that does a similar thing. She will pee on any clothes I have on the floor or a random for say shoprite bag that gets to the floor. She has even done it on my like bookbags.
Avatar n tn sounds like it could possible by a urinary tract infection, good idea to get him to the vet before it goes to his kidneys
1232362 tn?1333139006 So that is her way of trying to attract a male cat... or she may have a urinary tract infection. Is she running a fever or have any other symptoms?
803133 tn?1237916136 Luckily after I posted this my hubby was able to leave early from work and we took him today. the vet thinks its a urinary tract infection, gave him a shot, n me some meds to give him 2x a day for a week. he says if that doesn't work he's gonna have to do the whole catheter thing and stuff. after we brought him home he's now going maybe ever30 min to the box and a sometimes its a few drops others about a tablespoon or 3 of urine.
Avatar n tn this is very common, more so amongst males, but females can also have it. It is also very PAINFUL....if you've ever had a urinary tract infection you'll know what I mean. Its not only painful, if there are crystals present they can collect in the urethra and block if up, causing the bladder to rupture.... Have you notice is kitty straining to have a pee? If so this would be a medical emergency.
Avatar f tn On March 20 I was again in the ER (at the insistence of my family doctor) and was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection (UTI). The CT scans revealed a small kidney stone, so I went through a procedure for them to remove it and there was pus behind it. So, I was on antibiotics for over three weeks straight, Ciprofloxacin by mouth at home, but IV antibiotics while I was in the hospital for another 5 days..
587315 tn?1333556383 Possible causes are severe constipation, urinary tract disease, or lower urinary tract obstruction. The latter is common in males and can be fatal. Immediate veterinary care is critical. Vomiting - vomiting several times within the hour, especially if blood appears in the vomitus, the cat is lethargic, or refuses to eat. Possible causes include ingestion of a foreign object, liver and kidney disease, gastrointestinal problems, and poisoning.