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Avatar f tn Has anyone got a urinary tract infection during pregnancy? Was it uncomfortable and a little painful at times? once treated did the uncomfortablness go away? I think I have one I have a drs appt in 4 days is it safe to wait until then?
Avatar n tn Hello, my girlfriend has what she believes may be a urinary tract infection. She feels a pinching/burning sensation at the end of urinating and though the condition is somewhat mild for now it has gotten slightly worse over the last 24 hours.
Avatar f tn My wife has had urinary tract infection since the begining of the pregnancy.Now she is 27 weeks and 3 days. Docotors always prescibed vitamin C until now. She doesnt have any systom. Her doctor wanted to prescribe Ceftin but she is alergic to penicilin and he prescribed trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole. Is this antibiotic safe during this time? anyone has had a previous treatment with this kind?
Avatar f tn In my 2nd pregnancy, at about 35 weeks, i got a urinary tract infection and had to go on antibiotics. No harm was done to the baby although he was born the next week. The doc said that the urinary tract infection can cause u to go into labor early and sure enuf i did...whether that was a coincidence or not, i will never know.
Avatar f tn Yes, definitely. A UTI can turn into a kidney infection fast, which can poison your blood stream and cause serious harm to your baby.
Avatar n tn I am 20 weeks and had a Urinary tract infection last week. I went to the Dr's and they gave me 7 days worth of antibiotics, and told me to drink lots of cranberry juice and water. It's common to get one while pregnant, just means the baby is lying or sitting on your bladder. I had one with my 1st pregnancy also. You'll be fine.
Avatar n tn two weeks ago my 11 month old daugher was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection when she had a fever of 105 with no other symptoms. Luckily we caught it early and the antibiotics took care of it. The thing that is really scaring me is the doctor said she wanted my daughter to come in for some tests to look at her kidneys via ultrasound, and also do a test which involves putting dye into her through a catheter and taking x rays.
Avatar n tn I have hep c and doing treatment my girlfriend has a urinary tract infection will this have any affect on me?
689528 tn?1364139441 He just got out of the vet from having trouble not being able to pee. lt ended up being a urinary tract infection and he had a lot of crystals in his urine. He was quite blocked up...it was even hard to get a catheter in him. Are there alternatives to prevent this from happening again? I have him on special food and cut down on the amount but is there anything I can give him to help?
Avatar n tn Hello, These symptoms can be due to a urinary tract infection or urethritis. It is a primarily female syndrome in which women suffer from irritative bladder symptoms (urinary frequency, urgency, burning , and a hesitant or slowed urinary stream) in the absence of any objective urologic findings.In this the diagnosis can be made only by the proper collections of urine specimens from both the urethra and the bladder.
Avatar n tn To me it looked like a Urinary Tract Infection(UTI), howerver after being at ER for 8 hours (took that long to get an urine sample and wait for results)...Dr's gave her meds for constipation, test results showed nothing wrong with urine. It's now been just over 2 weeks. We've been back to family dr...he gave her cream (thinking it may be a yeast infecion)...that hasn't worked and today she's back to screaming in pain when she has to urinate and it's still really hot,murky and fishy.
219836 tn?1213547452 You have a urinary tract infection? It shouldnt harm your baby woman get them all the time(preg) i had a uti and kidney inf when i was 8 mos pregnant. I had to stay in the hospital. But you need to make sure you get antibiotics and take them ALL even if you are feeling better.
Avatar f tn I had a urinary tract infection. Apparently it's very common in pregnant women. I was given a prescription and I'm fine now.
1121548 tn?1264802168 Group B Strep (GBS) urinary tract infections are usually treated without any further problems to either the mother or the baby. GBS urinary infection does increase the risk of infection for the baby: this is why it is important to treat the urinary infection as soon as possible.
Avatar f tn Drink pure cranberry juice like they said but...most women get a urinary tract or bladder infection due to wiping wrong (Always wipe front to back), and/or having sex & not going pee after. A lot of people do not know it but if u wash ur hands before & after going pee (dont quote me on exact %) i heard it decreased you chance of getting any infection, (esp bladder or a common cold) by 50%.
Avatar n tn 1) If your girfriend is prone to UTI's, she can put a glob of neosporin at the entrance of the urethra and it will help to prevent bacteria from entering the urethra during sex (it helps to double as a lubricant during intercourse so you get a 2 for 1 - not a bad deal) 2) her doctor can prescribe an antibiotic that she can take right after intercourse (just one pill, he'll giver her a bottle but she'll just take one, its very low dose, and this will help as well) =============================