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Avatar n tn Thank you for letting me in.May the Lord help us all!The type of cough and throat tickle that has been described here by all of you is the same problem I am having now.I have had it for about two years! The doctors have given me All kinds of tests and they dont know what to say.Sometimes I have been given Tussionex,those "pearls",which do absolutely nothing!Was given allergy pills,decongestant pills,cortisone(which helps) but I cant take it for long.
436516 tn?1382388265 This time I've had a lung x-ray which was clear, and doc has tried Tessalon Pearls, Zyrtec, steroid shot and Nasamist with very little success. I have several violent spells daily and several at night.. Tomorrow I am going to an allergist to see what I may be allergic to that is causing this post nasal drip that seems to be causing these episodes. I had whooping cough when a was pregnant with my twins in the 60's.