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Avatar m tn Each teaspoonful (5 mL) of TUSSIONEX (hydrocodone and chlorpheniramine) Pennkinetic Extended-Release Suspension contains hydrocodone polistirex equivalent to 10 mg of hydrocodone bitartrate and chlorpheniramine polistirex equivalent to 8 mg of chlorpheniramine maleate. TUSSIONEX (hydrocodone and chlorpheniramine) Pennkinetic Extended- Release Suspension provides up to 12-hour relief per dose. Hydrocodone is a centrally-acting narcotic antitussive. Chlorpheniramine is an antihistamine.
1003776 tn?1360201182 This was often helped by the prescription given to her by her loving doctor, it was tussionex. After having this problem for years, one year, 2009 in January, this lady's illness was much worse than ever before. So the tussionex was prescribed again and again and again, hoping that after many tests, the problem would be solved and she could come off the tussionex. But lo and behold no problem could be found for that fair maiden and she remained on the tussionex for many, many months.
Avatar m tn Well, tussionex is part hydrocodone which is a semi-synthetic opioid and part chlorpheniramine which is a type of antihistamine. So some people can be more sensitive to the hydrocodone (vicadin) part of the cough syrup. It is a fairly addictive drug and some people have genetics (an enzyme called cpy 2d6) that increases the duration the hydrocodone is elevated in their blood. This leads to exaggerated effects or feeling of euphora and other symptoms.
Avatar n tn Steve, A few days ago I posted a question regarding withdrawal/detox from Tussionex suspension. I used the name rcm; I wanted to know how I could stop taking Tussionex suspension, a potent cough medicine which contains hydrocodone polistirex. I've been taking this medicine for three years now, nearly everyday, and I wanted to know if you or any of the other doctors could help me with this.
Avatar m tn Check with his doctor to see if he could take any of a number of cough medicines to relieve his cough, such as Tussionex® (hydrocodone) and any of a number of codeine containing cough syrups.
Avatar n tn This cough syrup combines an anti-histamine (chlorpheniramine) with a codeine-like cough suppressant called hydrocodone. Tussionex stops coughing well, but it carries a risk of potential side effects, including drowsiness, constipation, lightheadedness, and vomiting. The hydrocodone component is also an addictive medication and should be used with caution.
Avatar n tn tylenol), they are two chemically different drugs but hydrocodone is more potent than codeine. hydrocodone works on defferent ypes of pain for me than codeine, like headache, 2 tylenol4 would help with a headache for me but no amount of hydrocodone is. On average I would say a tylenol3 or 4 might help with the same pain as 5 or 7 mg of hydrocodone xo- D.
Avatar n tn im am addicted to this and hycodan at the same timw for about 3 years i take about a 1 1/2 to 2 ounces of tussionex a day i have drank 3 and 4 ounces in a day many times with ease thought and put any where from 2 tsp to a whole ounce in sprit and i never dont have a cup i also take klodipin i take 2 to 4 mgs a day and take at least 100mg of lortab about ten 10mgs a day but sometimes it does reach up to 20 tens a day plus the cough syrups how bad is my withdrawl for the codiene going to be i
Avatar n tn In the meantime, as the appropriate medicines you've been given take effect, you might get some relief from a codeine containing cough suppressant or a medicine called Tussionex® (hydrocodone bitartrate and chlorpheniramine maleate). Do not be discouraged. You made an excellent decision when you decided to stop smoking. Stick with it.
Avatar f tn Hey! Hope you are doing well. The clonazepam(klonopin) that you took last night should have helped with the w/d symptoms. Then you took half a vicodin or norco? So you probably eliminated most or all of youe w/d symptoms with that. Clonadine is usually given during opiate detox but it is not a benzodiazepine like klonopin. Often benzodiazepines are helpful in w/d. Klonopin is a little different than most benzos.
Avatar n tn It is a narcotic but a different schedule than morphine or hydrocodone b/c it is not nearly as potent, it has a very different chemical structure than most other opiates. It's also a partial agonist to your opiate receptors. Morphine and codeine are full agonists. Hydrocodone is a partial agonist also but is more potent than codeine. And yeah Ultram binds to some of your serotonin receptors also. An increase in serotonin has been known to aid in pain for many people. xoxo- D.
Avatar f tn when i first tryed to pin you down about adictions you had, why didnt you menton the darvocet, ultram, codeine, and morphine at tht time? if you are trully a dr or therpist, you kno that you don't have to be a full blown addic to fit in. we respet your knoledge; plese dont offen us with makin up storys. i kno i will catch hell for ths but i am speeking to you from my heart.
Avatar n tn I was prescribed tussionex which has oxycotin (which I didn't know). I took this during the week at night in an interval when I normally do not take my tylenol 4. That made about 2 weeks of constant use of an opiate. I ended up REALLY sick afterwards with symptoms that appear to be drug withdrawl. I think the cough syrup was just enough to push me over the edge. I'm not SURE, since the flu is rampant at work, but it's definitely a possibility.
Avatar f tn The typical descent into opiate addiction starts usually at lower potency opiates/opioids like codeine, darvon,which is the weakest of all opiates where 100mgs of darvocet is equivalent to 650mgs of aspirin,its that low. Codeine is considered to be the second weakest opiate and is prescribed very frequently commonly in the form of Tylenol 3's.
Avatar m tn i dont know anything about cough meds that youve been taking but if they are codeine(opiate) based you may be in for some physical withdrawals over the next week, you will find lots of helpful advice here on how to manage them.
Avatar n tn Don't I know how you feel hunny! Except I'm not tryin to get off tussionex or vicoprofen anytime soon. The withdrawal symptoms can be very dangerous which most prople do not know about prescriptions. Lortab is basically just a stronger vicodin. It is hydrocodone with acetominophen(tylenol) If you would like to get off of this medication you can talk to your doctor about the best way to wean yourself off of it.
Avatar f tn She too has prescriptions to take it from her doctor for chronic pain but takes more than she should and, I suspect, greatly exaggerates her pain to continue to get the RX. She is also addicted to Tussionex which is a cough syrup that has codeine and hyrdrocodone in it. I worry so much about her taking too much of both and can relate to your descriptions of your dad's behavior. I agree with others and have seen in my own life that an addict has to really want to stop using.
Avatar f tn For example Lortabs are hydrocodone and acetaminophen. Tylenol-3 - acetamenophin and codeine. I didn't know that opiods cause the release of histamine. No wonder I itch like crazy when I take them. I just knew that the itching was a side effect. I wonder if you could use an opiod cough med for pain? I know a lot of people use the pain meds for cough. They generally don't have the additional pain reliever in them. Tussionex (pricey) has an antihistamine in it. Just some thoughts.
Avatar n tn But they are both VERY worth it if you are not taking an antidepressant. I have 4+ years personal experience with Vocodin and codeine withdrawl and I will help anyone I can get through it. I also have some unique ideas about "bridge" medications you can take to get you through to your next script. Be careful with all of these things combined!
177036 tn?1192290235 , sit out back on the lake and chain smoke and basically put a straw in my tussionex bottle and take vicoprofen, pure liquid codeine( have a straw for that too), and xanax, and just cry and sleep. No TV, I never take my comp. with me out there. It's just in my nature that I have a need to be alone more than most. I have not abused my meds this year so far. And I have a whole lot of them cause I'm sick. I have just been sitting on the lake chainsmoking and crying.
211417 tn?1189759422 And during this time of year I go out to a condo we have here on the lake with no computer, no tv, just me and my meds chainsmoking on the lake practically with a straw in my tussionex bottle and bottle of liquid codeine, with some vicoprofen, and this has yet to happen this year and a big part of that is the people in this forum who have been friends to me. But to be attacked when I'm just starting to open up about things I didn't know I could- yeah, I'm more than frazzled, I'm pissed.
Avatar n tn my name is emily and for about four years i have been on and off painkillers, mostly vicodin es and tylenol with codeine#3. I have endometriosis and anyway, my last pill was two weeks ago today. I am nervous because even after two weeks, i am still so tired- i feel like i have to take a nap in the middle of the day, and i am sluggish all the time. I was taking 4-6 pills a day on and off(on for a few months, off for a few weeks, etc.
Avatar n tn Yeah tom - how'd you swing the oxy's with a nervous doc? Black market huh? Those are something that I'll never get from my doc...can't afford black market - at all, but would love to try. I got ahold of some Tussionex after reading about it on this board.(This board is a catalyst...check out barbara now!) Drank 1.5 ounces, laid down and just closed my eyes. Had conversations while laying there, eyes closed, just as happy as can be. I swung it due to the fact that I needed it.
Avatar f tn And just maybe it can help them get through at least today... I will start first with DOC was lortab 10 mg, cough medicine w/codeine, or any opiate i could get ( except OC's, methadone, suboxone).. years abuse was 3 yrs Amount i was taking was about 15 a day sometimes a little more, somedays a little less... Went C/T and I will have 9 months on the 4th of June.....
Avatar f tn I would love to say it works great but I have a court case pending from last year you would think that would straiten me up but no I still keep on doin it. I usually call in tussionex or hycodan where each bottle is the equivalent of taking 45 vico's and I drink that down in a single day. The reason I use that is people don't look at you as weird when you are picking up cough syrup as opposed to pain meds.
Avatar n tn I have severe allergies and chronic sinus and respiratory infections. This has gone on since I was 2 months old and nothing ever helped until I got on tussionex when I was 19. Until then I was always miserable, I couldn't breathe through my nose until I was 10 years old. Anyhow, the medications you have been on have probably just not targeted the actual issue you have been struggling with. If you do not have low serotonin levels then SSRI's like prozac won't help you.
Avatar n tn Hey Jenn, I saw your post about Tussionex Syrup and I have to tell you that I was hooked on that stuff heavy! It is loaded with Hydrocodone (same as Vicodin & Lortab). It has 10mg of Hydro per 5cc. I am sorry, but you will have withdrawals from it. That really sucks that your DR did that to you. I would get ready for WD by getting back on the Thomas recipe. You have to be careful with any cough syrup. Most of them have some opiate in them, even if it is just a little codeine.
Avatar n tn I have to admire anyone with codeine in the house and not drink it.I'll just say that I poked a pinhole in a tussionex bottle last night trying to get a drop lol It's not really funny but humor is the best way for me to cope.i hope we can keep you laughing through this hell...... This too shall pass.In the meantime,i'll go throw out those pins before another bright idea hits me.
Avatar n tn I didn't take my hydrocodone last night and I have a head ache right now, and I have some midrin or tylenol with codeine but if I take them, I will be wiped out for the day b/c I now am on xanax b/c I just can't deal with all the freakin poop that has occurred over the last two years in my life. It's amazing I haven't had a psychiatric admit, even though I am a very strong person, you can only take a certain amount of stress and then you look like an idiot to everyone around you.
Avatar n tn i really hope you didnt take any of my posts in a argumentive way, not what was meant, i am a very NEGATIVE person and trying my hardest to only think positively to get through this mess i am in, and i really dont think i am talking out of my *** either, i have plenty of experience with drugs (unfortunately, and i am NOT bragging, i am TOTALLY and UTTERLY ASHAMED of the things i have done) in and out of foster homes, tons of abandonment issues, so here we go....