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Avatar m tn It sounds like you more or less took it as directed if you took it over the period of a week.I think you're over reacting just a little. Stop beating yourself up over it, it's not the end of the world.
Avatar n tn If you can get some sedatives (prescription or over the counter) it will help you. It's rough but not as bad as like alcohol withdrawal. The important thing is to be somewhere where you can't get the drug, because I've found from multiple failures that when I tried to kick it, if the drug was available I ALWAYS went back to it! It's just too hard to resist in the detox stage.
Avatar f tn ) Anyhow, during withdrawal muscle relaxants, NSAID's (motrin, naproxen) and/or over the counter meds like highlands can be very effective. If this is not due to opiate withdrawal or any secondary causes (I can give you a list of some of the things that can agitate or cause rls like symptoms) then I can give you specific diagnostic criteria for RLS and at that point your friend really should look into some treatment options with a doctor.
Avatar n tn i just wanted to start eating my pills the way im supposed to do 2 -8mg four times a day for my cronic neck and back pain, i want to know can i go from injecting to eating them and getting away with 4 a day , i just dont want to get sick, and if you could also tell me what i can also take over the counter vitamins to help i f ill have w/d so after and almost dieing last summer im scared but i got to stop this craziness.
Avatar f tn I agree with everything you just wrote I am one of those people tangled up in this situation, I bet my pain management Dr will be Rx Tramadol for me next as a chronic pain sufferer, I'll have to try out more over the counter stuff, narcotics stop working on pain over time, unless you take massive amounts, I know it has stopped working for me.
Avatar n tn I say this only out of caring and concern for all on this board, all of the people that over the past 6 months I have come to know and love and I feel so honored to call my friends....
198154 tn?1337790865 ), I have to say that it would be best to review this with a doctor before making any decisions. All drugs listed, with the exception of one, can be bought over-the-counter, but this does not mean that it is automatically "safe". Introduction Expect the worst in withdrawal. It might not be "crazy", but it sure as hell won't be comfortable. At the same time, for some of you, it will be the hardest experience of your life.
Avatar n tn If you prove not to have asthma, aren’t smoking and didn’t have whooping cough,you should contact your doctor and request a prescription for a strong cough suppressant You could try an over-the-counter cough suppressant with “DM” and if that doesn’t provide relief of the cough, then call or visit your doctor to make sure that nothing more serious is causing your cough (you may need a chest X-ray to do that) and get a stronger cough preparation such as Tussionex.
Avatar m tn Another cause could be a chronic sinus drip from the sinus down the back of the throat, and you should look into that, it could be related to allergies, try taking Benadryl Allergy, but take one at bedtime, as they might make you sleepy.
Avatar f tn old my periods became very excruciating, the pain became so severe that it is debilitating and I am unable to even stand upright, it has landed me in the hospital twice when I was away from home and did not have my motrin or access to any advil. The advil and motrin you get over the counter is the same thing as the prescription just in a lower dose so 4 advil or motrin is exactly equivalent to one motrin 800mg.
Avatar n tn It was so bad that my doctor thought I was going through some kind of withdrawals from alcohol and the like. Have mercy. Over the counter meds do nothing. My doctor gave me cough syrup (Tussionex) that seems to have losened everything up. I'm also on Benzonatate. It all seems to be helping, but now my nose has a constant feeling of needing to sneeze. I should not have driven myself to the doctor. It was that bad.
Avatar n tn When opium and morphine first hit the shelves (back when you could get it over the counter) it was taken for cough and diarrhea because opiates paralyze the muscles in the intestinal tract and suppress the respiratory system. This is why many cough syrups (like mine) have an opiate in them.
Avatar f tn Hunny I am so sorry you have had to go through all of this mess (to put it very lightly!) Interferon is NO JOKE! That medication is extremely potent and has very severe risks. Do you know what genotype of Hep C you have? The combination they used with you- interferon & ribavirin have sustained cure rates of 75% or better in those with genotype 2 and 3 but less than 50% in those with genotype 1 which is most common in the US and western europe and is much harder to treat.
Avatar f tn something with only hydrocodone and no additives? What strength, the same was the like 10/325 norco, the 10 is the hydro? THANKS ALL...
Avatar n tn Now I have a serious sciatic nerve problem, and have been prescribed hydrocodone 10 w/apap. That does help where nothing over the counter has, but I have that old oxy feeling of anxiety about when I run out. You have mentioned bridge medications. I would appreciate hearing your thoughts on this.
Avatar n tn Not the full dose though. Also in the past 2 years I took alot of over the counter diet pills. I had my heart checked 3 years ago due to the Fen Phen scare everything was fine. Just curious to see if you were or not. I will let you know of the outcome today.
Avatar n tn I am on day 8 today. I tried to go cold turkey. It was hell. Tired, runs, anxiety and no energy. I am going thru a medical detox with a hospital here. It is an ambulatory detox. I was assessed by them and that is what they prescribed. I feel better but still am low on energy. I found out today from a doc that my whole body has to "reprogram" my nervous system because it has been on vicodins and oxycontin for almost a year after my 2 back operations.
Avatar n tn Not the full dose though. Also in the past 2 years I took alot of over the counter diet pills. I had my heart checked 3 years ago due to the Fen Phen scare everything was fine. Just curious to see if you were or not. I will let you know of the outcome today.
Avatar n tn On December 8,2005 I was doing a show in Virgina and saw a local doctor there. She gave me Tussionex and within the hour of the first dosage the drainage stopped. The next week was wonderful as I was even able to cough up stuff for the first time in a long time. I have tried the 8 mg dosage of Chlorpheniramine but it doesn't work. I have taken hydrocodone before with dental problems and I know that after taking it I get the itch in the nose for about five minutes.
Avatar n tn Everything else is over the counter, mostly supplements from the health food store. In the short term, it will help you get through withdrawal without caving in and going back to using, plus it will help restore neurotransmitters important to your sense of well-being, energy and drive. What it won't do is solve the psychological component of addiction. Those mental cravings that come and go for months or years are something I have never personally been able to solve.
17611394 tn?1461726652 My cough is keeping me up all night and no over the counter medications are helping. My mom also has the most ridiculous endless supply of every pill basically anyone could want, and I can access all of it. I am trying to stay strong, but my mind keeps going back and forth between wanting to take some of that syrup, or thinking about taking just one pill to curve my urge to take that syrup as I know that would be worse. I am 20 years old and scared.
Avatar n tn I was surprised that even taking so little, the withdrawals still hit pretty strong, but the worst was over after about 4 days or so. The first few days were pretty bad, and I still had to go to work. That made it real tough. Man, I was reading stuff on message boards, religious sites, looking anywhere I could to find some encouragement or strength. Something to hang on to. I still pretty much felt like **** the 2nd week, but not anywhere near like the 1st.
10623623 tn?1414295689 He would prescribe the pills and then Tussionex cough syrup over and over and over. For example, I would go to him week one on a Monday, and he would give me 30 norco 10s. Then the following Monday, on week two, I would go back, and he would prescribe a large 6 oz bottle of Tussionex. And it kept going and going and going. And in my messed up mind, I was thinking there was nothing wrong with this because this doctor was giving the meds. So if a doctor says it's OK, then it's OK.
Avatar f tn 's and their hit-and-miss methods of treating patients, or medicine's they prescribe, started looking for something natural that would help me, AND BOY DID I FIND IT! I tried all the usual over the counter remedies, as well as echinacea and zinc to help ward off any cold, some helped a little, and some didn't. I finally read all about the health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar, and although was very apprehensive of drinking vinegar, I decided to give it a try...the results were AMAZING!
Avatar n tn Thanks for the recommending the Epson salt. I hadn't thought of using it. I have so much on my mind. My baby is constantly asking to be held and the awful feeling that i am experiencing in my legs is really making it difficult to carry him or let him climb on me as he's used to doing. Unfortunately, telling my husband is not an option at this point.
Avatar m tn oh well off to get the darn prescription and antibiotic.....I may try one more night with just over the counter stuff however he did not want me using it due to my blood pressure issues and I took alot of over the counter stuff yesterday.....Sorry to be a big whiner about this really...just feels like a let down....
Avatar n tn For me, I am so grateful not to have to deal with the pharmacists, the few that are compassionate, I respect, the others there were times when I would want to pull them over the counter and say just fill the friggin script, you little dweeb. What can I say, I am an addict who wants what he wants when he wants it. Today, I am a recovering addict taking it a day at a time and realizing the biggest problem for me is between my ears. It was my best thinking that got me addicted.
Avatar n tn It's pretty embarrasing to cough like this, and your bladder becomes weak. I have tried the mucinex, its not bad for an over the counter. However, I am still coughing.
Avatar n tn Brand-name-only Imodium (over the counter at the supermarket. Don't ask me why, but the brand name just works better.) -- if you're a normal Lortab/Vicodin addict, you'll be getting the runs by no later than the second or third day off the lortab. In my experience, it's an especially unpleasant variety. At the first impulse, take two or three Imodium and respond to returning urges with two tabs. It's important that you do it at the slightest rumbling from your guts.
Avatar n tn He prescribed a steroid pack (methylprednisolone), Benzonatate (cough), Fexosenadine (prescription strength Allegra D), Veramyst (nasal spray) and also over the counter Mucinex DM. Still coughing on the 5th day on meds so I decided to get the Mucinex on Sunday because I really didn’t want to take anything else. I’m already on BP, thyroid, cholesterol, anxiety, reflux and osteoporosis meds. Mussinex definitely works and the spells come less and less. HOWEVER, I still have them.