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Avatar n tn and I am 260 lbs. I have a history of PSVT that does not warrant ablation. I wonder what the onset of action for Synthroid is? Thank you very much for your time.
Avatar n tn Currently awaiting a MRI scan of my neck which although is causing me a lot of pain recently, I am sure it is the centre of my back that is the root of the problem. Only really replying to find out if you experience any of the other symptoms I get, especially back or neck probelms. As I said earlier just writing this email has been difficult as I am having vision/coordination problems at the moment.
Avatar f tn But I tried to explain to her that while in the waiting room I kept having hot flashes and dizzy, little short of breath and I get scared when that happens. I take 50 mg toprol xl, supposed to take a 100 mg but it totally wipes me out. So its like you don't know what to do.I have mild hypertension but was prescribed this for fast hear trate and palpitations. What do we do?
183202 tn?1219857259 ( My GP went ahead and prescribed me Inderal, yet prescribed a higher dosage of 40 mg BID, since I am taking 50 mg daily of the Toprol XL now, and she thought it would be closer to what the dosage of the Toprol was. Is that dosage correct, and should I go ahead and switch over?? Or do you think taking Inderal 20 mg BID would be about equivalent to the 50 MG Toprol XL once daily??
Avatar n tn At least for me, my sinus tach responds nicely to Inderal. As a side note, a six month course of Toprol XL didn't help my tach and actually made my PVC's worse. Standard disclaimer that I am not a doctor and every word here is just my personal opinion and experience. Your mileage may vary. Take care and be well.
Avatar n tn I have read different opinion regarding Toprol Xl - does it really work on pvc? Logically it should make things worst... if it is meant to slow the heart rate down, I would think that the thumb would be more noticeable? What am I missing about this product? is 25mg per day a good starting dose? My primary care physician suggested to give it a try at 25 mg... it seems to help but now a whole lot - would 50mg do the trick?
Avatar m tn My doctor has given me no other course of action or diagnosis. Blurred vision and head pressure seem very related. Both are better upon waking for about 5 minutes (longer if I do not stand up). When I have a runny nose it is significantly better. My fatigue is not significantly affected by anything. Getting better sleep helps etc. but to no great extent.
868283 tn?1250949991 I was put on Toprol XL 25 mg in am and 100 mg in pm. Hasn't fixed much and .5 mg of Klonopin taken 3 times a day and 100 mg of slow me and my anxiety down...this has helped some....most of all I had to quit worrying about my heart and stop taking my BP and pulse multiple times over. I had to learn to let it be whatever it wants to be (high low, and everything in between...whether it seems normal or not to me)...even if it is uncomfortable...this has smoothed things out a bit.
Avatar n tn My symptoms first started with a rapid heart rate, then the next thing I felt was fluttering, I also get which makes me, lets just say slightly nervous or I should really say enormously nervous, is I feel like a flutter then I dont know what it is exactly doing, wether my heart rate slows down or what, but then I cough on purpose and do something like walk fast or whatever, and then sometimes I feel like a warm flush up to my face, or it just feel like a hot flash, (but the hot flash feeling do
221122 tn?1323014865 At the reception they started back up and have been going strong for the last 10 days. I began toprol xl - 25 mg. about a week ago. A couple of days in and I was starting to drag - a few more days and I was sick to my stomach all day long. The heart beats became more normal but I was either 1/2 asleep or on the verge of throwing up all day long. Not a great condition to be in when trying to run a 7 person household.
Avatar f tn I do now think it is pretty likely that the Mirena was a big factor in starting off my symptoms, whether it was as a result of sensitivity to levonorgestrel, an autoimmune reaction or some other mechanism of action. However, I am now doing much, much better, so just to say - I'm still here!
Avatar f tn it is suppose to inhibit the action of the vegus nerve on the heart. only been on it for 7 days so far. He said there was no quick fix and it would take awhile. have also found that taking apple cider vinegar and honey mixed together will help aid digestion by naturally producing bicarbonate which is your bodies natural antacid. Which is also the main ingrediant in baking soda.. A dill pickle will also help with the chest pain by causing the same effect.
Avatar n tn Just because they didn't find anything concerning doesn't mean they didn't care about you in the ED. What you're experiencing is a lot more common than you may think and they see a lot of it. They know when to worry and when not to. The fact that your ectopics have been visualized and deemed benign should be extremely reassuring. If it isn't, then you have a different issue, which is anxiety.
Avatar n tn In my case I don't believe it's related to cleaning products. I do think it's interesting that so many people had a cold prior to the onset of symptoms. I have had a strong smell of cigarette smoke constantly for the last 5 days and was very sick for a week prior to that, I still have approx. 4 days worth of levoquin (antibiotic). Was it the illness or the antibiotic that caused this condition? I don't think it's cleaning product related, although my wife does clean. I am a 41 y.o.
Avatar n tn Few examples- Heritable connective-tissue disorders,Ehlers-Danlos syndrome type IV,Fibromuscular dysplasia,Cystic medial necrosis,Marfan syndrome Spontaneous internal carotid artery dissection is a common cause of ischemic stroke in patients younger than 50 years and accounts for up to 25% of ischemic strokes in young and middle-aged patients. Now you could understand why you were tested for various antibodies.