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Avatar f tn I've been on toprol xl for about 6 mos now and have developed some serious abdominal pain, with bloating, weight gain, trouble sleeping, and some occasional numbing in my hands. Could all this be from the toprol? Should I wean off this medication? Are there worse side effects if I do stop the meds?
Avatar m tn I_mort I take toprol XL to lower my heart rate and BP. It does affect your erectile function. I'm 45 and I started at 1/2 dose the doc told me which was 12.5 mg at night. Because I wasn't getting the effect I needed I uped it to 25 mg at night. I'm not totally dysfunctional but have noticed a definite decrease in that department. I suspect it can affect some of us that way.
Avatar n tn To wmac, I have tried betapace(made me nervous to take it so I quit) and I have tried atenolol and lopressor. Right now I am trying Toprol xl and sure hope it helps. I really haven't noticed many symptoms myself unfortunately it doesn't really seem to help either. I'm going to keep trying until I get some sort of relief without increasing my risks as some drugs will do.
Avatar n tn I had a 3 hour episode of afib . Now on toprol xl for a month. MY recent lipid profile showed a maeked increase in my triglycerides and reduced HDL....could the b blocker be responsible....was just adjusting to it and feeling mor normal and safe on toprol, Would like to stay on it but shouldthe dosage be reduced?
Avatar n tn I also take Toprol XL 50 mgs to prevent PSVT, and it works great on the palps as well. I have gone as long as 2 years without a run of PSVT. Then sometimes I may have 2-3 episodes in one year. It is weird, The PSVT most always started when I was bending over working or lifting. Seems positional. Once I was stacking wood. Another time I was digging out a water line to my house, crouched over. And another time, I was bending down nailing a board.
Avatar n tn Hyzarr 100-25 one/day; Toprol XL 200mg one/day; Metformin 1000mg one/day; Norvasc 5mg one/day. doc has added Avandia, and reduced Glyburide to 2/day. Has high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetic. Blood sugar has been hovering about 250-300. Is the combination of the infection and high blood sugar such it would cause this memory loss? Does combination of meds seem excessive? No problems sleeping; no nightmares. Some dizziness, has fallen twice in past 6 months.
Avatar m tn Vitamin B12, Omega 3 (Mega Red Krill), and Co Q-10 (don't know if my dosage on this is high enough). Also taking prescription drugs - Imdur, Toprol XL, and Ranexa. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
1727909 tn?1314848810 Twice in the last 6 mos I've missed my dose (75mg) of Toprol by 5 hours . I developed very noisy lungs---like the times I had pneumonia. My husband could hear it WITHOUT even needing a stethoscope. While I have seldom missed my med, it happens.....What is this happening? Should I worry? Does this mean I have CHF? Thank you! P.S. An hour after remembering the Toprol the lungs completely clear.
Avatar n tn I was also started on 100mg of Toprol XL. The beta blocker leaves me feeling a bit sluggish all the time. My cardiologist indicated I could stop taking the Toprol if I wanted but I was hesitant. Now I have gone almost 2 months without any noticable PVCs and I'm considering asking the doctor if I can stop taking the beta blocker. I understand that I should not just stop taking the drug and I need to consult my doctor to discontinue.
Avatar f tn Toprol XL 100mg, Benicar HCT 40/25, Dynacirc 5mg. Consequently the side effects are overbearing. In addition a report by the British medical authorities have recommended against prescribing diuretics and beta blockers for the great risk in setting of the onset of diabetes. How could one overcome this fear and determine the true blood pressure regardless of ones state of mind? Would a sedative prior to blood pressure being taken be a good advise or will that lower blood pressure artificially?
Avatar m tn Are you taking Toprol Xl. I was taking it and had some respiratory problems and they put me on Bystolic ... the Pulmonary doctor told me that Toprol XL sometimes caused breathing or bronchial problems.. and the Bystolic is more respiratory friendly... they are both Beta Blockers...
Avatar n tn FYI the trigger was the safe, medically supervised, SLOW, elimination of Toprol XL. Toprol was originally prescribed in high dosage five years ago along with an alpha blocker to control symptoms of what was thought to be an epinephrine producing pheochromocytoma. After the initial introduction of the Toprol I became very depressed and I was told that was fairly common and Paxil was added to my meds. These meds were hard on me but it was so much better than the "pheo" symptoms.
Avatar n tn He said a tilt table test would diagnose it but there was really no point as they already had me on a beta blocker (Toprol XL) which is the treatment for POTS. I also have these episodes where my heart feels out of rhythm. It is definitely not skipping but beating rapidly and just oddly. It has a very rapid onset and offset (maybe 10 seconds from start to finish). These episodes have occured maybe 4-5 times this year. During the episodes, I feel weak, breathless and like I might faint.
Avatar n tn I was prescribed Toprol XL at the same dosage and had horrible nightmares and depression. It did not improve my symptoms (PAC's) at all. However, it prevented me from having any more episodes of afib which I had as a result of pregnancy. I took it for about six months, and have been off of it now for six months. In answer to your questions: a) My cardiologist told me that the dose I was taking was "like peeing in the ocean". b) Did nothing to help my pacs.
Avatar n tn (1) I am under no medication, but have taken Toprol XL in the past with no adverse effects. Would taking a single dose of a beta-blocker like Toprol before a game be expected to blunt the adrenergic spikes during game-play sufficiently to reduce the likelihood of a PAF episode? (In other words, is this a reasonable first step?) (2) I am now up to 3-4 PAF episodes a year. At what point should I consider a second ablation procedure?
Avatar m tn Vitamin B12, Omega 3 (Mega Red Krill), and Co Q-10 (don't know if my dosage on this is high enough). Also taking prescription drugs - Imdur, Toprol XL, and Ranexa. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar m tn Vitamin B12, Omega 3 (Mega Red Krill), and Co Q-10 (don't know if my dosage on this is high enough). Also taking prescription drugs - Imdur, Toprol XL, and Ranexa. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn My doctors appear to be on top of most things but I would like to compare my list of medications to see if anyone thinks I should look at alternatives plus I appear to be suffering from an onset of arthritis, seemingly overnight, that is likely connected to one of these medications/treatments. I take Avapro, Toprol XL, Zestril, Hydrochlorot, and Coumadin plus a few supplements. My BP averages 90/50, my resting pulse is 50's, and when not suffering from the arthritis I walk two miles per day.
Avatar n tn Now he has a pacemaker, they also did TEE test and discovered a leaking valve (aortic insufficiency), a positive tilt test showed neurocardiogenic syncope for which the cardiologist has prescribed Toprol XL. My research shows that this drug should not be taken if slow heartrate is a problem, which his is. His resting heart rate is 55 or so, lower in sleep, about 45, so the pacemaker kicks in at 50. Why then, Toprol? I'm losing faith in docs, so please provide some advice. Thanks!
Avatar n tn I have been on Toprol XL (beta-blocker) for eight months for mitral valve prolapse, and was wondering if that could be the cause. Also, in addition to the shedding, my scalp feels hot to the touch (weird) and quite itchy - especially at night and there seems to be some dandruff (or little white specks) on my scalp and in my hair. I have never had itchy scalp or dandruff before that I can even remember. Also, there is no hereditary hair loss in my family.
Avatar n tn I have been a smoker, but even quitting that doesn't help much. I have been on Toprol XL for several years now and I know it helps but I still suffer constant arrtythmia and worry. The last week or two I have been short of breath, with lots of burping. I take aciphex, and doc said to double it, but am feeling alot more arrthythma, with lower blood pressure. Would a pacemaker help, I just can't live like this anymore, it's soooo taxing on my mental state of mind and activity.
Avatar f tn I had a couple of episodes of a-fib one week after delivery. I was put on Toprol XL and I haven't had any since. However, I have PACs/PVCs every single day now. Some days I feel three or four, some days I feel 100. When doing all the regular tests they discovered that I have a small PFO with a shunt. Could that be causing the sudden onset of these ectopic beats? Is my heart still considered structurally normal, despite the PFO?
Avatar n tn that I was put on Toprol XL. All that said, I don't know when you should start on the beta-blocker. Your doctor should have been a little more specific. If you need Beta-blockers (you probably will) he should have put you on them already. Fill the scrip while you're having tachacardia? Not a good plan. Hopefully, someone more knowledgeable will come along and offer better advice. Here's the idiot's guide to taking beta-blockers.
Avatar n tn My husband and I walk every morning-- brisk walking for 2 miles and I also go to a gym 3 times a week to lose 30 lbs to see if this will help. I take 1 tablet of 25mg Toprol-XL per day for high blood pressure which started about the same time as the palpitations. I take 10mg of Lipitor for high cholesterol. I take 2 tablets of magnesium per day that is supposed to control the palpitations-- but has not so I'm going to stop taking them when I finish the bottle.
Avatar n tn I was also taking 100mg of Toprol XL after my heart attack last year. I was having chest pain, dizzy, palps alot. After about 3 months the dizzy problems went away. Doctor lowered my Toprol to 50mg a day and I seem to have alot less chest pain. What I'm saying is I'm not taking Nitro's every week now. Still get flutters once in a while. So eat lots of veggies and walk around the block every day. Lower your BP, then see if Doc will lower your Toprol dose. I feel good on 50mg's...
183202 tn?1219857259 I have heard of all sorts of weird reactions to these drugs, with people having hair loss and of course just end up switching back to the Name-Brand Toprol XL and being FINE afterwards. So could this also have caused my seizure-like spell? And WAS it a seizure?? Or just something coincidental? It sure as hell seems like a seizure (more Petit Mal in origin), but was it? I have read somewhere of people with panic attacks and panic disorder having seizure like spells.
183202 tn?1219857259 The only reason I know I have it is due to my visit with the Dysautonomia specialist. I may switch to Inderal from Toprol XL if my symptoms ever get worse again, and the Toprol XL and Lorazepam alone isn't enough. If you could find a doctor, even a cardiologist or neurologist in your area who is knowledgeable on the field and can get you the proper testing and diagnosis to see if you have dysautonomia, that would be wonderful!!
Avatar n tn I have had episodes of paroxsysmal (no underlyng disease, self-resolving) for 15 years. About three years ago I was given the "Pill in the Pocket" meds to be used at onset. Rhytmol and Atenolo stopped the epidoes at 4 hours flat where previously they'd lasted 1-=12 hours. When my episodes got be be every two weeks, my doc put me on "blanket suppression" drugs. That is, these would be taken daily and, hopefully, smother new episodes altogether.
Avatar m tn It causes me much anxiety and I am having a hard time coping. My Dr. prescribed 25mg of Toprol XL but I am hesitant to take a medication for the rest of my life at such a young age. I am now ruling out thyroid issues with my GP but my TSH levels are normal and I am awaiting the results of my thyroid ultrasound. What else should I be doing? I get overcome with adrenalin rush with minimal exertion and I get extremely panicy. Is this normal with IST?
Avatar n tn strong family history (father extensive CAD CABG x 5 at age 60, maternal grandmother extensive heart hx in 40s and 50s death at age 61 from MI I am a 37 year old female. HTN started approximately 2 months ago. PCP tried 3 meds. Toprol XL appears to be working. BP runs 130-140/80-95 on Toprol. Recent labwork by PCP: LDL 141; HDL 73; Triglycerides 92. Previous to this Total Chol 200-250 and HDL 70s at healthfairs. PCP ordered renal u/s due to HTN and age.