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Avatar n tn htm On page 2 of this link is a section on the relationship between quitting smoking and thyroid disease onset. Google Smoking and thyroid disease. I'm a 49 year old, post menapausal women who quit smoking in July 2006. For the next 9 months I suffered with thyroid disease without knowing what was wrong with me. You're supposed to feel better after you quit smoking, right? I wish someone had told me, or that my doctor had known about the link between smoking and thyroid disease.
Avatar m tn There is a link between quitting smoking and hypo getting worse. Even scientific studies have established this. They aren't saying that quitting smoking is bad, just that if you do have thyroid issues they can worsen after quitting. When I quit my tsh shot up to 9 from 2 or 3. My doc is raising my dose, but my question is: Is this increase permanent or only temporary? Because this could mean I won't need a higher dose in the future.
Avatar n tn I quit smoking a month and a half ago and also in the process of quitting my doctor lowered me to my current levels of meds (I was previously alternating 137mcg of Synthroid and 150 mcg of Synthroid and the 0.5 mg-2 times a day of Cytomel). When I went in 6 weeks ago my TSH was 0.03 and my TSH is now still low at 0.1. Can the fact that I quit smoking effect my TSH? I would have thought my TSH would have fallen within the normal range by now.
Avatar n tn I have heard from several people that after quitting smoking they feel worse than when they smoked. What I was told is that they have trouble breathing a few months after, and upon exersion is even worse. Also you catch every virus that comes along. Is this true, and if so, will vitamins help this problem, such as, zinc, Vitamins c, b, e, and cod liver oil? I am more worried about the illnesses after quitting than I am about actually quitting!
Avatar f tn My significant other quit smoking a year ago. She then started gaining weight and suffering with insominia. My understanding is that temporary insomnia is to be expected. However, the insomnia is not subsiding, just getting worse. She can fall asleep but wakes up frequently, and sometimes lies awake for hours. She is not consciously worrying about falling back asleep. She has seen one sleep specialist who told her not to keep a sleep log or worry about sleep.
Avatar n tn in my last year i was smoking irregularly .. i mean one day i stop and the next i smoke a week of smoking and a free one .. till i got those irregular heart beats .. which is realy annoying me .. i prefer i die and not to have those feelings .. i do an ECG and the Dr said that i have a PACs which he said that it is normal with stress .. but i dont know why i feel that i have a more serious condiotion .. any way i went to a another Dr which he suspected me of mitral regurge .
Avatar f tn i would say about 6 months of not smoking and i couldnt take it, i still felt lousy. so i started again and about two or three days later felt amazingly wonderful !! my 20 pounds i had gained in the past 6 months was off in a matter of a month. i had all my energy back and life was fine. so i went to my physical this year and told my dr. who was upset i didnt go last year to the specialist that i would go. she gave me the papers for the tests and i had the bloodwork done.
Avatar m tn I've always read about people have quit smoking and felt so much healthier, and I feel like since I've quit smoking I've simply opened another door of health concerns. Has anyone else experienced something like this? I've never had any sort of health issues that have onset so quickly and persisted for so long!
Avatar f tn appointment I told him I was going to start smoking again because I was healthier when smoking!! { lol } I don't know if quitting smoking causes thyroid disorders, or maybe when you are smoking you are suppressing your thyroid { not good either } but this would definitely be an interesting topic to keep exploring! Mellowscout...joyful.
517871 tn?1252293424 I just recalled there was a really large post bout smoking and thyroids and/or thyroid meds ... maybe do a search and plug in "smoking thyroid" and see if it comes up .. about 2 weeks ago maybe?
Avatar n tn glad you are coming to the idea of stopping. I am now 56 and had been drinking and smoking for most of my adult life. I went to NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) and it worked wonders, I stopped smoking 1 year ago and alcohol approx 7months ago. all without medication or any stress about missing either of this. the only effect I still have is tiredness, but from what I read this is a passing phase.
1365078 tn?1284498084 ( Congratulations on quitting! Try to find a doctor who will test your Free T 3, Free T4, test for anti-TPO and cortisol - and ask that doctor to treat your SYMPTOMS not just rely on labs. The people who comment on this site are experienced - the posts have helped me sooo very much!
903476 tn?1242240637 Wow, have you had your thyroid checked? Smoking does mask other ailments and is responsible for regulating blood sugar as well. In fact when you quit, your body has to learn how to do that again apart from smoking. So I would have your sugar levels checked for diabetes as well. I never ever heard of a case like yours! Wow! I wouldnt go back to smoking without getting all that checked out first. There has got to be something the doctors are overlooking.
Avatar m tn And yes they can test. my friend is from NC and she was smoking weed and got in trouble they checked without even asking her.. I would stop right now.
Avatar f tn NO, smoking doesn't stop thyroid nodules from growing. In addition smoking is not good for your body and can cause all sorts of damage and complications. If at all possible please get assistance to stop smoking if you do smoke.
Avatar n tn Hi- I'm not sure if the quitting smoking is true culprit of how you feel-- it may be coincidental but certainly quitting cold turkey can make someone feel very bad if the nicotine addiction is bad enough. At 15 cigarettes a day you probably have significant nicotine addiction-- from the standpoint of quitting smoking, I usually suggest a slower withdrawal.
Avatar m tn He immediately says I have Bronchitis and prescribes me z-pack (5 day treatment). During that time I decided to quit smoking, so it's been 7 days now since my last cigarette. The coughing up of things has all but disappeared (still get clear phlegm, but I'm sure that's part of the quitting). But now I have something new going on. It almost feels like it hurts to take in a full breath. But I realized that it only happens in two places.
Avatar m tn There are many studies out there that show the correlation between thyroid hormones and smoking. Does anyone has experience with quitting smoking while taking Levothyroxine (and maybe also T3)? Did you have to increase your LT dose? If yes, for how long? Is it a temporary unbalance that the bod can balance himself after some months? Did you gradually reduce smoking? I started to smoke again, for several reasons. But I really want to quit.
Avatar f tn I will agree Chantix has some not so fun side effects (bloating, mild nausea) but I don't think the CHANTIX is causing any of you to have thyroid problems....there is a long history and LINK between smoking and thyroid issues WITHOUT Chantix being involved. So, do your research and overall I used Chantix for two weeks. I have now been a non smoker for 10 days.
Avatar m tn i been in and out of the hospitals, i have anxiety, speeding heart and now an abnormal thyroid, and when i smoke boom they all intensify. and it seems like when i look at a bright light i feel like that day and im going to pass out again. can anyone help me?
Avatar n tn The exercise seems to have really put the breaks on my appetite so I do not eat nearly as much as I did before quitting smoking. I have the hand to mouth thing under control and do not snack. I gave up Cola and drink water exclusively down from about 3-4 sodas per day. I will generally have a granola bar in the mornings along with 16-32 ounces of water at least 30 minutes before going out for my run otherwise I experience leg cramps.
Avatar m tn I also think I may be hyper focusing on my throat since quitting smoking. I would just hate to be a 34 year old statistical anomaly with throat cancer. Symptoms: Throat tenderness but not pain (more a feeling that something is there), constant need to clear throat but no coughing, dry feeling in throat, slight pain around jaw, ringing in ears, small round bump with warty temperance right next to uvula.
Avatar n tn i have had a under active thyroid for 18 years i have been smoking for 20years on and of i now want to quit i my worried about the side affects of quiting and want to know what these are. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/263136'>Hypothroidism and quitting smoking</a>.
443862 tn?1238003039 Hi I am 45, have diabetes, anxiety disorder and hyperactive thyroid, going through menopause right now. Geez, I sound like I'm falling apart and on top of this everyone said stop smoking! I can't see it, I can't picture it, I love smoking, I need to smoke for th stress that I'm really not dealing with all these medical conditions so well....but int he end even I know that stopping will help all these conditions. So I signed up for his seminar on Sunday.And I'm so scared of going to it!
Avatar f tn I have read through a few questions and answers on this site and am now terrified to have the thyroid removed. I recently quite smoking and added the obligatory 25 #'s and cannot gain any more and be remotely healthy. I am a diabetic on low dosages of insulin (just started insulin and it will be adjusted), I have severe arthritis in my hip and knee (both are slated for replacement - hip is this fall). I am in constant pain with high BS readings.
519736 tn?1253990426 it never entered my mind that i could have thyroid disease. I saw the first doc for help with quitting smoking and my daughter was with me, we started to talk about things i could do to help, like walk or take a bike ride.....all i could say was, i'm so tired and's the only thing i said and he tested my thyroid. but after i started t4 nothing more was discussed. it was just blood work. i asked for armour, and he gave it just to humor me, he took me off it before bloodwork.
390388 tn?1279639813 I asked about all of the things I found including bld work so that is when she went over them with me and told me I had low iron, low sugar, low calcium and low thyroid issues and high hsCRP. Now my chest pains aren't as bad and I very seldom feel my heartbeat now (which is great), my face is not red all the time now -----all good news; but, I"M BEAT. I have one good day followed by 1-2 really bad days where I can just barely function mentally or physically.