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Avatar n tn ve been off it for two years, but my libido and energy level have not returned. Are these levels normal for a 28 year old male in good shape because I have no libido and I used to be extremely horny: Total Testosterone - 531 ng/DL (reference range 250 -1100) Free Testosterone - 60.8 pg/mL (reference range 35 -155) % Free Testosterone - 1.14 L (reference range 1.5 - 2.2) DHT - 42 ng/dL (reference range 25 -75) DHEA SULFATE - 273 (reference range 110 -510 mcg/dL) LH - 5.
Avatar n tn You suffer from groin numbness? Reduced global pleasure sensation? Like massages don't feel as good?
Avatar n tn I agree with jayjay30. The testosterone "normal" range is so wide that you can have almost 10 times the amount and it is still considered normal. That just seems wrong.The average male will lose low levels of testosterone every yr. after about the age of 30-35. I can guarantee you if the loss of testosterone was not gradual,men would be rushing to their MD. In my case (55 yr. old-male) I started self injections of testosterone every week for my low "T" number.
Avatar m tn In any case, I would advise you to consult an endocrinologist, because low libido and increased fatigue can be associated not only with low testosterone production, but also with disorders in the thyroid gland. Take tests for thyroid hormones and perform an ultrasound exam.
Avatar m tn Hi Everyone, I'm 41 male with history of hypertension. My BP stays around 170/100. Highest was recorded 176/110. I have been on Telmisartan 40mg for few weeks but it killed my sex drive entirely. I stopped taking it & gradually recovered from low libido. Also i've noticed a general decline in libido & an onset of ED after i crossed age 40. Now my libido is not that strong as it used to be 4 years back even without medicine.
Avatar f tn I am being treated with this with Hydrocortone but with this my testosterone levels is low as is my Free Androgen Index is also low. I am now on transdermal patch of testosterone to try to ignite my libido which has been non-exsistent for years. the dose of 300mg is not enough but my doctor does not want to up dosage. I would like to have a healthy sex life and my marriage is definitely suffering due to this. anyone got any answers to this for me?
Avatar n tn recent blood tests showed all hormones were in normal levels apparently, however my testorone was as low as 14 nm/l where the range is 10-27. Surely for my age this is very low I found estimates that mine should be over 20, so im curious if this could be causing my problem and any way to solve it.
Avatar m tn I'm not sure there is something as a 'testosterone clinic' which only treats low testosterone. Your doc gave you a prescription for testosterone and you've been taking it? What symptoms do you have from the low level? Did they do blood work to see if the level is rising from the script?
Avatar m tn Most of your symptoms appear to be due to low testosterone. Some common low testosterone symptoms are decrease in sex drive, ejaculation problems, shrinking testicle, fatigue, loss of body hair, difficulty gaining or maintaining muscle, depression, and loss of strength. With therapy there will be improvement in all these parameters with time. The cause of low testosterone has to be found out and treated.
Avatar n tn I am not a physican but it does seem that your Estroidal is a little high. I am 56 yrs. old with low testosterone. I take self administered testosterone injections every two weeks.Makes me have more energy,libido, and motivation. The only negative side effect for me is that an excess of testosterone will raise the estrogen levels. If I take a small amount of arimidiex-no problems. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn i would get hormone levels checked. very often low libido is caused by hormone issues especially low testosterone even in women. an endocrinologist is a good resource as is a good obgyn.
Avatar m tn Be aware, the standard lab ranges they use for testosterone are _not_ age adjusted. And most doctors dismiss low testosterone out of hand, Come back and post your testosterone levels with ranges when you get them.
Avatar m tn I have been diagnosed with low testosterone and fibromyalgia. I am 33 and was diagnosed at about 28. I really think I have always had this as a problem, just undiagnosed till now. Can long term low T levels cause muscle fiber deterioration and chronic debilitating muscle pain. Sometimes I couldn't even tell you where it hurts, and I am always sick and ran down. My doc has me on a T cream.
Avatar n tn I know that testosterone is one, but what are the others? I am a 38 y/o male. I took Anavar (Oxandrolone) twice for 3-4 day increments and it destroyed my libido. It has not come back in over a year. My testosterone is normal. My SHBG is a little low, but that's normal for me. It is not psychological or psychosomatic. I barely enjoy sex. This is not normal. Please somebody help. Please.
Avatar m tn Then started having testicular pain and sharp pain in the rectum (Urologist diagnosed rectum pain as pelvic floor problem and physical therapy has been helping the rectum pain only). At first they suspected I had low testosterone but now my levels are 700 and all my blood tests are normal. I have had MRI of brain, thoracic, sacrum, and lumbar. Only thing that showed up was L5-S1 degenerative disk disease and slight S1 compression but neurologists said it can't cause these symptoms.
Avatar f tn Actually, the mystery of low libido cannot always be resolved with an increase in testosterone. If only the solution was that easy for everyone. Brain chemistry and wiring also plays a role (as do emotional memories), and sexual medicine researchers are hard at work in their search for this holy grail. If you google Leah Millheiser, MD, the Director of the Female Sexual Medicine program at Stanford University, you can read about her ongoing research in this area.
Avatar n tn Have you ever had your Testosterone level checked? Normal T-levels result in good libido & normal semen volume, and the fact you say you have ED could be related to that as well. Ask your Dr.
Avatar f tn It could be your medications or it could be that you're at the low end of the scale with your testosterone. Have you talked to your Dr about this?
Avatar f tn Any hunch what could be reason if male has low libido and ed in mornings? Things gets better the more day advances. The highest libido in evenings before getting too sleepy. What i've read men should have highest testosterone in morning thus doesn't it mean also highest libido? Why it is up-side-down?