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Avatar f tn He said he will run some tests to see if his T levels are low and if so he can prescribe something to raise the levels. My question is if ah continues to abuse pills and his tolerance continues to grow would he also have to keep going up in dose on whatever the dr prescribes for this? Do testosterone levels go down in connection with the amount and strenght of opiates used?
Avatar m tn i have been dealing with low testosterone from day 1 of opiate use , on and off shots and gels , moods up and down , this ***** .
222369 tn?1274478235 thanks for the info. And savas is right, testosterone plays a huge part with male baldness. excess testosterone clogs the hair follicles and prevent hairs from pushing through the surface.
Avatar m tn some of the stuff I found while looking this up indicates that opiates create low testosterone which is why heroin users tend to have a full head of hair... so now I don't know.
222369 tn?1274478235 My doc mentioned that many of my problems may be caused by low testosterone. He did a blood test, and I've been researching this afternoon. Seems that long term opiate use is notorious for reducing testosterone levels in men. The funny thing is that Oxy (my DOC) seems to do it at a much higher incidence than hydro or other opiates. I haven't found out WHY yet, just that it does. So guys, it may be worth a doctors visit to have a blood test.
Avatar n tn My interest is in this connection between trauma (your motorcycle accident/operations and my fall off the cliff) and our bodies' low testosterone production. Please keep me informed of anything more you find out about that connection between trauma and low testosterone. Also, have you been taking a narcotic to treat your pain from the accident and operations?
79998 tn?1291188201 I didn't really have it before I used opiates. I say didn't really because I had restless legs here and there maybe a couple times a month and it went away fast. Did I just screw myself over and cause permanent restless legs due to opiate use? I just hope it's during withdrawal and it goes away by next week because I can't function at all with restless legs...it's very severe now which happened last time I withdrew.
Avatar n tn What I am curious about is how it effects depression once you stop opiates and your test stay at low levels. Back in my college days I tried testosterone and I can tell you first hand you are very depressed when coming off it because your body stopped naturally producing it and it takes awhile for the process to restart itself.
Avatar n tn i am not a doctor but I can say that I was on Vyvnase 60 mg per day and experimented with opiates including methadone, for chronic pain, chronic bowel issues and for Opiate addiction. I was talking between 10 and 40 mgs of methadone. What you can expect is a severe decrease in the efficacy of your ADD meds Vyvanse. You will feel tired, or easily exhausted, if you are a man you will likely have a decrease in the amount of testosterone in your system.
Avatar m tn These articles stated that men taking opioids for pain control over an extended period of time will eventually experience symptoms of low testosterone. Low testosterone has been linked to pain all over the body which is exactly what I am experienceing. It also stated that the lower the testosterone goes the less effective opioid pain relivers become. This is right up my alley. I am now up to 5-6 pills a day and I HATE THESE DAMM THINGS!
621322 tn?1222142091 I'm 6'4 and the dr tested all my endocrine levels because of my size and revealed that my testosterone level was really low. So went to a urologist. Because I was so young they wouldn't never routinly check that so it was a happy accident. Opiates taking daily lower your t levels and any other muscle organ in ur body. I.e. stomach, bladder... I take a supplement now and wanting sex is not a problem anymore.
Avatar m tn Severe drug use, primarily opiates and MDMA (X), I believe I have some damage to my serotonin receptors from the MDMA abuse. Lasted 5 years, been clean 6. I am 26, 6"0, 280 lbs. I somehow gained 100 lbs in less than year between 21-22, and weighed 140 in high school. Excercise/diet have no impact. Weight goes up constantly. Ive been diagnosed with severe depression, severe anxiety & panic attacks, high blood pressure and heart rate, hypothyroidism.
Avatar n tn well here is a little different take, I am the one (female) that has 0 sex drive, I have really bad nerve damage from lower back and legs, I am on Lyrica ( for nerves) and then was on opiates 25 days clean and I would love to have my sex drive back. 5 years ago when I meant T we had great sex and we are older than most of you but after the nerve damage and my opiates I don't want it. So is there hope for me, after I have been clean for awhile or is it the Lyrica and nerve damage??????
Avatar m tn But thank you for the professional responses and respecting me. I have another question. I did have low testosterone and never wanted to be sexually active.. I do just hardly ever. My PCP gave me cream to put on shoulder and it did in fact raise my testosterone levels to normal but don’t want to be romantic or sexually active hardly ever. Its very frustrating and not fair to my wife. Any suggestions?? She does everything to try and make me interested, she is beautiful.
477746 tn?1254788147 cocaine, amphetamines, and the opiates as heroin and morphine, are all potent stimulators of endorphin release. Is there any other way to get a high from endorphins without going to jail? Another common stimulation of endorphins is intense exercise. Numerous investigators have observed an increase in blood plasma levels of beta-endorphin following intense physical activity as running, cycling, ect.
Avatar n tn I hate hospitals-but I knew I either go or the dehydration from vomiting,the horrible pain, the hallucinations, the hot and cold sweats, the rapid and high blood pressure, the shallow breathing, and no sleep for 72 hrs, were going to kill me!!!(THEY GAVE ME A STRONG SHOT OF VALIUM AT THE HOSPITAL, AND THAT didn't phase me )It took four shots of valium,five shots of vomiting medicine(within 6 hrs) to just ease the symptoms. I lost ten lbs. in 48 hrs.
Avatar n tn I don't think he knew the effects that it could have and from what we know it wasn't prescribed. He had a history of drug and alcohol abuse. We don't know why he was at the place where he was found when he died and nothing makes sense. We know someone gave it to him, I guess we'll never find out who and the police don't care. I guess my question is, the patch was 25 mg, how much would he have to drink for it to kill him? How long would it have taken for him to die?
Avatar m tn We all know that the pharma industry gives two ***** about long term effects of their medication as long as profit is plentiful. Opiates have an abundance of positive uses and the side effects minus allergies are no worse than amphetamine salts, anti-depressants and especially benzos. Let's take a step back and re-consider instead of writing off Opium and it's naturally occurring alkaloids. Heroin is not a natural alkaloid in opium. Neither is oxycodone/oxycontin.
464044 tn?1343705643 It especially affects your hormonal function and actually causes low testosterone. Your body need time to heel and regenerate. Your central nervous system has created a multitude of opioid receptors that all are screaming for endorphins (opiates) to fill them, but your body has now forgotten how to make them by itself. It will take time - two to four weeks at least, for your receptors to downregulate (for the brain begin to heal) and to start making its own endorphins.
267243 tn?1189759435 I am aware I might have a kidnapper-empathy complex, but my dealer was not a bad woman. She has cancer and a proven chronic nerve condition and cannot work. Most likely she will not live long (even though she's maybe 40.) ...Plus she is divorced and has a kid. Luckily she is on longterm disability with health insurance.
Avatar n tn Hello Dee, There are some recent studies on the effects on bone density and opiates, including Methadone. It is a fact that many opiates effect the cells that repair bones as well as the formation of new bone cells. I have included exerts form 2 studies in this response to your question. They are as follows: "Opiates—including codeine, heroin and morphine—can impair the functioning of cells that repair bones. These drugs can also impair the formation of new bones.
Avatar m tn A few comments backing up RedStar. Opiates depress testosterone function. Possible the the low testosterone was a side effect of your being on pain meds. Testosterone also tends to raise red blood cell counts. A TSH of 1.350 is in the perfect range. Likely your thyroid is working fine. As for thyroid nodules, including cancerous ones are notable for lack of symptoms. They are usually found when they get large enough to feel or someone goes looking with an ultrasound machine.
Avatar n tn alright, well, obviously i'm on this site because yes, I too have been experiencing (painfully) these same types of symptoms... KNIFE-LIKE pains shooting through my bowels way down in my butt area and low abdomen. i JUST experienced this for about 10 minutes this morning!!! my fiance was sat next to me and had no idea what was going on. i've been dealing with these types of episodes for a while now..
Avatar n tn Did you find or go to your doctor? As far as good links go to Google and type in Opiates and bodybuilding or Opiates and Testosterone release lots of stuff will pop up. One good link is Lifextension.org I was looking over some old posts and read yours again about the Ultram. Funny thing a few of my buddies including me were given scripts for it, we all have it in our gig bags but nobody takes it we all think its sucks.
Avatar m tn A bit like expecting someone who has been in a long coma to be in the starting line up for the steelers, before learning to walk again. Opiates are hormone suppressive so your testosterone is probably down. Get yourself a blood workup as you may benefit from supplementary testosterone for a period until your natural production kicks back in.
904953 tn?1242315226 sounds alot like what i went through... my doctor checked my testosterone levels and found out that they were very low (opiates stop your body from making testosterone) so my doc gave me a shot of testosterone and in 4 days i felt like a new man... now i get a shot of testosterone every two weeks and i feel great...
Avatar m tn Hi I am a 49 yr old male,ive been very fit all my life,been on methadone for nearly 18 yrs constantly now,over the last 7-8 yrs I noticed I had no lobido,on studying on how to increase your testosterone levels avidly,i don't take any meds to help boost my testosterone levels,i tapered down to 20mg a day but started using again mainly down to my lack of lobido ,so im back up to 70mg daily,but I hope I have found the culprit for my very low lobido,its virtually non existent & it broke up my
Avatar m tn Anyway, he refuses to give me anything besides this gabapentin stuff, I've been on it now for 2months and haven't noticed any relief and want to know what you guys think. And he also refuses to give me stronger meds in fear of rebound headaches.
350867 tn?1208245609 before I was content with the climax and done when it was over. now I find myself wanting more beyond that first climax. I suddenly remember tthat it used to be like that -oh so long ago. new addiction= sex.