Testosterone and testicular cancer

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Avatar m tn The cause of low testosterone has to be found out and treated. The various causes include side effects of drugs, testicular dysfunction, and raised adrenal hormone cortisol. Problems such as chronic illness (mumps in childhood which damaged testis), aging (not in your case), starvation, head injury, surgeries in testicular area, cancers, infections, and alcoholism are also among the causes of low testosterone levels. Chronic use of steroids can cause a decrease in testosterone level.
Avatar m tn I had a basic blood test and a hormone test done nothing indicating testicular cancer, but testosterone was low but within range. Doctor did a testicular exam but no ultrasound. I am not completely honest when I see my doctor about all my symptoms as I am scared.
Avatar n tn Azoospermia. My ejaculation process is normal, but my sperm count is Zero.
Avatar n tn , sure how often I should get 50 mg testosterone injections.. Have had 4 already over a 4 week period and am feeling CONSIDERABLY better.
Avatar n tn Hi, How are you? Pain in the testicles can happen due to varicocele, torsion testis and testicular cancer. Nausea and dizziness with pain in testicles can occur in torsion of testis, but there would also be swelling, redness etc. Torsion of testis is considered an emergency, because left untreated can lead to the atrophy of testis and infertility. I personally think a SERM is probably a better first step in HRT for men than an exogenous androgen.
446156 tn?1275859576 He may have some testicular damage which can result in lowers testosterone levels and a decreased sex drive he needs to see a doctor.
Avatar f tn My boyfriend had testicular cancer two years ago and his sex drive dropped a little, but just last year (october) he had teritoma tumors in the lymph nodes in his abdomen and he had a twelve and a half hour surgery to remove them. During the surgery something happened, i dont know...medical lingo dosnt work with my brian, and now he cant ejaculate. He can get hard and orgasm, just nothing comes out. Since this happened he has absolutely no sex drive or anything.
Avatar m tn I have read that bilateral gynecomastia could be a sign of testicular cancer, but I have unilateral. I have no family history of testicular cancer no lumps, consistency is the same as is size. No other symptoms. Sometimes the epididymis on the left testicle is a little bigger than the one on the right. I am not infertile. No lowered libido, but had some problems with maintaining erections with a partner never have the problem when I am alone. I think it is psychological.
Avatar m tn I am a 25 year old male about 100 pounds overweight not really active and have a sedentary job. I have been having many symptoms of low testosterone including ed and gynecomastia. I recently took a hormone test and the results were: Dhea(NL) 458ng/DL Ref range142-1410 Testosterone, total (DSL) 346Ng/DL Ref range 190-1037 Estradiol (DSL) 32 PG/ML None given Cortisol 14.
Avatar m tn I mustered up the energy to get up and lift some weights and god it feels great to be goin through this and get up and do something for the first time in years. It is emotionally cleansing to pick the weights up and release all my anger at that!
Avatar m tn 3.8 with referance range 2.8-11 i hope every thing will be ok...
Avatar m tn Since I am already on HRT - 3 monthly injections - and my testicles have atrophied and retracted and diagnosed as totally dysfunctional, and since I have grown children, then having them removed would be an easy decision. For some reason though, doctors seem to prefer to treat the pain - not effectively, than the origin. Also, since the pain definitely extends to the cords as well, having the testes removed alone may not resolve the pain.
Avatar m tn Insomnia, weight gain and slowed hair growth are some of the other symptoms of andropause.Prostate or testicular cancer can affect a man’s hormone levels. Hot flashes along with testicular pain can be due to such tumours.Serioius causes like pituitary and hypothalamus tumors can also give rise to such symptoms.Ceratin infections like tuberculosis, HIV, certain foods, certain medications all can lead to such symptoms.
Avatar n tn An ultrasound of the testicles will diagnose cancer, varicocele and spermatocele. An excruciating pain is often due to testicular torsion and needs surgical intervention ASAP to save the testis. Aside from orchitis and torsion, this can also be due to problems with the protective structures mentioned, testicular dislocation, epididymitis and even hematoma or bleeding. One simple explanation is sexual arousal that does not end in ejaculation can cause congestion in the sperm carrying tubes.
Avatar n tn I am extremely worried about this as this is my man hood and i dont want to have cancer. also i used to play hockey very competivaly and have got hit in the junk most likely a number of times.
Avatar m tn Hello, You should not take the testosterone injections unless and until the levels of testosterone has been found to be low. Testosterone injections has many side effects and these include cholesterol levels alteration, cognitive and behavior changes, numbness, tingling sensation, loss of appetite, increased thirst, male patterned baldness, and breast swelling in men.
Avatar m tn It is normal to have slight discrepancy in the size of the two testicles and this should not be anything to worry about. Testicular pain could occur secondary to infections, inflammations, trauma/ injuries, growths/ masses, referred pain from other regions etc. Stomach/ related issues and testosterone injections are unlikely to be directly associated to testicular pain.
Avatar m tn I went to the doctor and then all of this started. I am a 25 year old male 280lbs and I used to smoke cigarettes and marijuana. I started having erection problems about 4 years ago. It was once in a while not all the time. Now it is still the same situation. I can masturbate with no problem I get erections when I am asleep I dont know how often but my girlfriend and i checked a couple of times I get morning wood sometimes but not always like before. I take viagra sometimes.
Avatar m tn Hello, Gynecomastia is one of the presenting features in testicular cancer but is not the sole symptom of testicular cancer. Testicular pain can also be due to injury, infection (Epididymitis or Orchitis) or inflammation, testicular torsion( most common in young men), excessive bicycle riding, hernia,varicocele or kidney or ureteric stones. Lab investigations like complete blood examination, urine examination, ultrasound lower abdomen and sometimes a urethral swab will help in diagnosis.
Avatar n tn My testosterone was normal at 630 and my DHEA was normal at 265. I am thin and I have no masses on the testicles that can be felt. But, i am nervous about the elevated estradiol. My doctor seems not alarmed and will be repeating the test. What would be the most common cause of this elevated estriadol given my age, normal weight, no testicular mass, and aforementioned lab values? How likely is an adrenal tumor? Malignancy?
Avatar f tn I need to know about the relation between papiloma virus and testicular cancer.
5295072 tn?1366115008 Thank you for reply Dr..I've been back to my gp and she's wanting to do more bloods she also done a testicular exam and found that my left testicle was half the size of my right one,she's waiting for the new blood tests to come back then she's gonna organise appointment for urologist.I will keep you posted on what happens and thanks again for reply..regards iain..
Avatar m tn I understand Tamoxifen is completely different from testosterone, I mentioned it because many people take Tamoxifen during a steroid cycle to stop the body from shutting down it's natural production of testosterone and stop testicular shrinkage. My question was whether a pro hormone that doesn't aromatize to estrogen would shut down the bodies natural production of testosterone. Because that would essentially limit the need for an aromatase inhibitor.
Avatar m tn Hi again sir, i recently consulted an urologist regarding the problem. he had my testosterone levels and prolactin levels tested. The results have put me in a fix. My testosterone levels show 7.2ng/dL and prolactin levels show 330ng/dL. Testosterone levels is way below normal for my age(240-820) and prolactin is way above. Well, the doctor said he is not sure of the results since they are not compatible with my body condition.