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Avatar m tn My PSA has been drifting upwards and after maintaining a level of around 500 for my testosterone, my most recent blood test show an increase of PSA from 3.4 to 3.7 and testosterone levels of 500+ down to 200. I am 63 years old. My concern is that my low testosterone levels may be masking higher PSA levels.
Avatar m tn Since Lupron acts to decrease testosterone levels in order to control the prostate cancer, this will really result in some degree of impotence. If you have trouble getting an erection, maybe you can explore other ways of expressing your sexuality with your partner without resorting to the usual genital intercourse. Remember that the genitals are not the only erogenous zones in a person's body. You and your partner can focus on stimulating these other areas.
Avatar f tn Where can I find the latest medical advice on using Testosterone gel 13 years after prostate removal? Removed because of cancer. Doctor keeps saying that Testosterone Therapy is not proper for patients who have had prostate cancer. I feel like my energy battery is just about depleated and seem to have all of the symptoms for need of T Therapy. Is there any good medical research that I can use to further discuss with Primary Care MD?
Avatar m tn Hi. I am a 61 year old, white male. In the past, I had been VERY heterosexually active. I am now in an exclusive, monogamous relationship. Three years ago, I was diagnosed with BPH, and prescribed a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor. My urine stream improved. Frequency abated. So the drug worked. I asked my urologist to consider putting me on the standard dosage of Depo Testosterone, strictly as an exogenous source of free testosterone, due to malaise, fatigue, etc.
Avatar f tn Possible symptoms of Prostate Cancer are pain during urination, difficulty urinating, loss of bladder control, decrease flow of urine stream, and having blood in the urine. You may consult a doctor and ask about testosterone replacement therapy.
Avatar f tn For diet – the exact role of fat, fruits and vegetables, fibre have not clearly shown uniform reductions in risk for developing prostate cancer. Part of the reason may de the inherent difficulty in making sure a strict diet is maintained, the effect of modern methods of fortifying some food with vitamins and supplements, and that dietary patterns may be better studied from childhood.
Avatar m tn what causes prostate inflammation? I have a family history of prostate cancer (dad, his brother, and their father), but my psa level is normal.
Avatar n tn If your dog is neutered, it will stop the levels of testosterone, which could cause prostate swelling and prostate cancer too. It would take a while to max. effect because he'd still have SOME testosterone in his system for a bit. But it would be a quicker option than medication. But it would be a good option only if he's generally in good fitness and condition for his age. The anaesthetic might stress him if he has heart or lung problems, or some other health problem.
368646 tn?1208393887 Researchers are concerned that DHEA supplements may cause high levels of estrogen or testosterone in some people. This is important because testosterone may play a role in prostate cancer, and higher levels of estrogen are associated with an increased risk of breast cancer. It is not yet known for certain if supplements of estrogen and testosterone, or supplements of DHEA, also increase the risk of developing these types of cancer.
Avatar n tn Your symptoms are not that of prostate cancer. Prostate cancer really does not have a specific set of symptoms. The same symptoms that people experience from prostate functional changes with aging are also consistent with prostate cancer in its early stages. Symptoms such as you are experiencing often seem to be stress related and may well respond to an anti-anxiety medications such as Librium. I would try 10-20 mg. by mouth up to every 6 hours.
Avatar m tn Hi, I hope someone could give me advice. I wear a prosthesis and long story short, the prosthesis has been putting pressure on my perineum and right where the buttocks meets the leg, near the butt bone since 2007 to present day. My current symptoms are difficulty passing urine, lessened sensation on different parts of the penis as well as less intense orgasmic sensations.
Avatar m tn I forgot to say that if you decide to go on and start a weight reduction program, better start as soon as possible since as your age advances the metabolism changes and weight loss can become a challenge.
Avatar m tn My dad had undergone prostate LRP due to prostate cancer 2 years ago, and he had just done his latest health check. PSA: <0.01 Testosterone Level: 257.2 Is it a concern that his Testosterone level has increased significantly even though his PSA remains unchanged from his previous health check done 6 months ago? His previous testosterone level is 19.
Avatar f tn But you should have your prostate checked. There are also a lot of information linking low testosterone to prostatitis and prostate pain. So, yes, it could be involved. But pain is an odd thing where it is felt in one place but coming from somewhere else.
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Avatar n tn The role of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone in muscle growth is not completely understood, however, it is known that low levels of both of these hormones in an elderly male can lead to muscle weakness and loss of muscle mass and conversely that increasing these levels cause an increase in muscle mass and strength. This medication could be contributing to your inability to gain muscle, however, there is no way to tell if it is the exact cause.
428185 tn?1203741789 Destroy prostate cancer with vitamin E Scientists from Australia found that vitamin E might play a major role hampering the development and re-growth of prostate cancer tumors. For the study, Dr. Patrick Ling and a team of researchers injected mice with prostate cancer cells. Then, they divided the mice into two groups. They fed one group of mice water fortified with a form of vitamin E called gamma-tocotrienol or y-T3. The other group of mice drank regular water.
Avatar m tn I was on androgel for several years with good libido results before discontinuing due to prostate cancer. After brachytherapy for my cancer, I am in remission, and after 2+ years resumed taking androgel. I am on androgel again, and have high Testosterone levels (about 1000), but my libido has never recovered. I also have had hypothyroidism, but have been taking synthroid for it for many years with no adverse impact on my libido. Does anyone have a suggestion for what to do?
Avatar m tn Just keep an eye on it and test every few months. If your prostate has been removed and you still produce psa, it merely means that some of the prostate cells escaped removal and are still producing psa. ASlso your gleason score is quite low so the cancer you HAD was not a viable life threadening type. Congrats on that!
Avatar n tn However since I had a Turp 10 years ago my urologist is also concerned that any hormone replacement thera[y can ncrease the chance of prostate cancer. I am confused because the risks of various diseases seems to be greater then the risk of prostate cancer. I am 67 years old.
Avatar n tn I had a prostate biopsy in 2006. No cancer was detected, but my prostate was found to be 70 g in size, about twice the size as is normal for a man my age (51 at the time). My PSA has fluctuated over the past four years. It went up to 10, my doctor put me on antibiotics and PSA went down to 8.7. Doctor told me that PSA level does not go down if cancer is present. Is this true? I am an avid bicycle rider as well. Urinary symptoms subside when I stop riding for a week or so.
Avatar m tn Prostate Cancer According to the Mayo Clinic, high testosterone may cause faster growth of existing prostate cancer or cause a new prostate cancer to develop. . Read more: High Testosterone Side Effects in Men |
Avatar n tn A relationship between vasectomy and prostate cancer risk was initially suggested in 1993 with a relative risk of 1.6 based on two large cohort studies (Giovannucci et al, 1993a, 1993b [109] [110]). Risk increased with time, so that men who underwent vasectomy at an early age had a higher risk. A recent meta-analysis reported a pooled risk of 1.37, with a linear trend suggesting a 10% increase for each additional 10 years since vasectomy ( Dennis et al, 2002a ).
196469 tn?1365387975 That means that of all men diagnosed with prostate cancer, 98 of every 100 were living five years after diagnosis. Conversely, two out of every 100 died of prostate cancer within five years. So get positive, read, read and go to the doctor appointments with your Mother, write down questions so you don't forget to ask....
Avatar m tn Anxiety and stress play an important role in the development of erectile dysfunction; and is the most common possible cause. At a primary level, I would suggest being a bit relaxed and working on the psychological factors. You could also see a psychotherapist/ behavioral therapist for the same. It might also be beneficial to get rid of factors like smoking/ alcohol/ drugs, if involved.