Testosterone and breast cancer

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Avatar n tn This does not sound like breast cancer but it could be an infection and needs to be treated. It will not hurt to schedule an appointment with your family Doctor for evaluation. Male breast cancer is rare,but it can happen when men get older.The symptoms could include lumps, changes to the nipple or breast skin - redness or scaling, skin dimpling or puckering, or nipple discharge. Best wishes...
Avatar m tn Also facing the issue of Hormonal variations, my testosterone sometime is normal and sometime zero and E2 also varies accordingly and now its very high.
Avatar n tn http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Breast-Cancer/Tamoxifen-and-Aromatase-Inhibitors/show/1432364 Best wishes...
Avatar m tn many hormones play a role in gynecomastya, the main three are testosterone, estradiol and prolactine, regarding the testosterone you should have a healthy testosterone to estradiol ratio, estradiol E2 (estrogen) is a very important hormone for bothe genders and its very supportive for your immune system, your bone structure your emotions and even your sex drive but it should always be in a right balance with testosterone, if it was imbanced it will cause many troubles including gyno.
Avatar m tn I'm almost 14 and i have verry small bump right under my nipple, It's the smae color and breast cancer dosn't ru in my family. Am i too young for breast cancer? If i am too young, is this small bump normal?
Avatar m tn Or is it to see what is really going on inside of them? I thought I had breast cancer originally and am terrified of imaging, biopsies, and radiologists. I had a really bad experience where the radiologist told me he really thought I had cancer and went through the entire treatment I would have to go through if I did have it. He said it couldn't be gynecomasita because it is only on one side.
Avatar f tn Lumps caused by breast cancer CAN be painful, but rarely are: https://www.cancer.org/latest-news/breast-cancer-symptoms-what-you-need-to-know.html It sounds more like a cyst. If it's growing in size or the pain increases, I'd see urgent care as it may be the result of an infection, but otherwise, I'd just keep the pre-scheduled appointment.
Avatar m tn in April 2011, estrogen and progesterone receptor status is a predictive marker of early breast cancer and post-treatment relapse. As you get older your hormone levels decrease, and your fat cells in your body increases. This can cause higher levels of aromatase, an enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen. The treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia in men and breast cancer in post-menopausal women is to use a class of drugs called aromatase inhibitors.
Avatar f tn ve found information that indicated that low testosterone after hysterectomy especially could be blamed for chemical sensitivities. They also indicated that low testosterone could be blamed for believe it or not, clumsiness, and also sensitivity to loud noises... I've struggled with all of these. The clumsiness is better when I keep up with my workouts (helps the nerve endings, I believe). I'm also better when I keep up with my small dose of Testosterone which I use along with estradiol.
Avatar f tn kinds i think, in whole body), his mom breast cancer took one breast off, her sister breast cancer also, my dads father died on cancer when he was only 28 y.old. my dad, his mom and her dad (my great grandpa) had RA. i have underactive thyroid, found out that in sept.2008 and very elevated testosterone level. lots of body aches in flares, swelling over right knee sometimes i cant walk or barely walk and feel so tired and ill.
Avatar n tn Hi to cure my acne and hair growth my dermatologist recommends to use a hormone pill (sponalactaid i think?) to reduce my high testoterone level. My mother had breast cancer because of hormone pills so I refuse to take it. Instead, I researched ways to lower testosterone "naturally" and came across an herbal supplement called Macafem which claims to affect the pituatry gland to make the hormones produced more "balanced" Anyone heard of this and is this true?
Avatar f tn In a young male, this is most likely gynecomastia, an increase in the amount of breast gland tissue, caused by an imbalance of the hormones estrogen and testosterone.
368646 tn?1208393887 This is important because testosterone may play a role in prostate cancer, and higher levels of estrogen are associated with an increased risk of breast cancer. It is not yet known for certain if supplements of estrogen and testosterone, or supplements of DHEA, also increase the risk of developing these types of cancer. In women, high testosterone levels can cause acne and growth of facial hair.
Avatar m tn t answer a lot of your questions, being female and all, but I can tell you that my brother has alot of the same issues. He is overweight and smokes, but he also had his hormones tested and his testosterone levels were off-the-chart LOW. This has led to even more weight-gain for him and very low libido. He was told there was nothing they could do about his low testosterone, but I have heard that they can give you testosterone injections.
Avatar m tn For the other problems -- low libido, weak erections and no spontaneous erections it may be worth your while to go on a trial of testosterone replacement therapy.
Avatar n tn The doctor checked my testosterone level due to and adverse affect of opiates, and I didnot have any. He put me on supplemental testosterone, but I have read it would come back naturally and taking supplements will stop the natural production of my testosterone. Anyone had this issue.
Avatar m tn Supplementing with DHEA could improve your depression symptoms by reducing your cortisol level. Testosterone also play a crucial role in mood and sex drive so I think it will help. It will also help with your memory. You must be careful with the dosage tho because too much testo or estrogen is not good. High estrogen production thru supplementation or diet rich in phytochemicals producing estrogen are linked with tumor growth.
Avatar n tn And your doctor told you what? Is the low testosterone level manifesting itself in any symptoms? If not you don't need any supplements, if so check with doctor for appropriate type and dose to take.
1081864 tn?1257519948 also have breast pain, will have a mammogram next week because have high history of cancer (incl.breast) in my family (fathers side). and always tired, in pain (body aches, acne a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and more body and facial hair, weight gain which didnt change even with taking levothyroxine!, also headaches, swollen lymphnodes everywhere, had big painful swelling over right knee that i sometimes could walk or almost not, comes in flares, sometimes both legs, no energy, etc.) need any advise!