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Avatar n tn Testosterone pills are the only versions of testosterone that are known to cause blood filled cysts on the liver and even cancer. If he needs to do this he will need to man up for shots for the rest of his life. If you start taking it your testicles stop producing it, if you do it for long enough you will need the shots every week or so for the rest of your life. That is the true scoop.
Avatar m tn He put me on some anxiety meds and ran tests on my thyroid, chrcked for anemia, and my testosterone level. My t level came back at 218, everything else is fine. He put me on a gel. Is low T levels normal for a guy my age? Libido is fine and no ED. Everything I read says levels drop in the 40s. I'm concerned this could be because of an underlying issue. Any ideas? Thanks ya'll.
Avatar m tn Usually there are no adverse effects to stopping testosterone therapy. However, it would have been useful if you had told us the name of the testosterone injections you were receiving.
277535 tn?1218139798 I have been off all birth control since September 2007. Should I be concerned about the elevated testosterone and ALT enzymes. I do take slow release iron every other day for low ferritin and wonder if that can be hard on the liver. I also drink a glass of wine a few days of week but am by no means a heavy drinker. I have not been taking tylenol either. What should I do?
Avatar m tn So I went to my Endo recently and I was explaining a few symptoms to him (fatigue, high blood pressure, general weakness and feeling crappy), and he decided to test a few hormones. My Testosterone Serum was 251 ng/dL, and the range listed is 348-1197. There's nothing wrong with my testicles so he's saying it's Hypogonadotrophic Hypogonadism, which is just a fancy way of saying something besides your testes is causing the low testosterone.
Avatar n tn Hi, Did your doctor find out the cause for your low testosterone?, if not better go to an/another Endocrinologist and do a complete hormone analysis to find out what may be causing it. At your age, unless your body is unable to produce ( like atrophied testicles ), you should not go for TRT. Also, do not take supplements indiscriminately. Are you an obese person?
Avatar m tn general weakness of the body, lack of physical strength, lack of mental clarity, maintenance of muscle mass and strength, maintenance of bone density and strength and libido and erection frequency.Though not directly reated to pain, the muscular mass is not maintained. Without this hormone, infertility, lack of libido or erectile dysfunction, osteoporosis, penile enlargement, height growth, bone marrow stimulation, reversal of anemia and even appetite stimulation are all affected.
Avatar n tn 38 nmol/L in range of 171 to 536 in 8am fasting extraction i'm still trying to make sure a benign pituitaray cyst isn't making my pituitary less functional and causing my hypothyroidism and low testosterone , home doctor just wants to give me meds and no MRI as he does not think my symptoms are likely pituitary caused
484508 tn?1290014144 The pills are associated with liver tumors and the shots give extremely high levels of testosterone, much high than is normal. Thus, the gels are your best bet, in my opinion. You'll need your testosterone level repeated on treatment to make sure that you levels on treatment are in the normal range. S.A.Liroff, M.D. Depression, lack of energy, loss of sexual interest, may be symptoms of low testosterone. Your physician has wisely chosen to repeat the test to confirm the value.
Avatar m tn Stating it the way I mentioned, you are not revealing when your last sexual encounter was (incase you didn't want to disclose that) and your letting her know that IF you do have a problem, its not 'her,' and also that with testosterone supplemetation the problem should resolve, if in fact you do have a problem. A women likes a man who is honest about things that bother them and in this instance you would be honest, but not revealing it all at the same time.
Avatar m tn Testosterone hormones can create interrupted sleep patterns, causing drowsiness and sleepiness during the day. Testosterone injection can alter cholesterol levels, liver function tests, can cause gynaecomastia and some in unusual symptoms, such as numbness, tingling sensation, loss of appetite, increased thirst, and male patterned baldness. Testosterone if taken in therapeutic doses rarely causes side effects. You should not increase your dose or take this more often than directed.
Avatar m tn I am 20 years of age male and my i am running low on testosterone and I am think about testosterone replacement therepy. can I get permanent solution from it and does it have any kind of side effect? plz someone help me out....
Avatar f tn Depot testosterone cypionate is an anabolic steroid. It is a form of the male hormone testosterone. Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone which is mainly responsible for the physical and psychological development of men. It is highly anabolic, i.e. has muscle building property. Its anabolic rating is 100. Testosterone exerts its effects by promoting increased nitrogen retention in the muscle.
Avatar f tn Caffeine is bad as it leads to over stimulation of the adrenal glands and then adrenal exhaustion, stopping testosterone production. Fried and fatty foods and sugar have the same effect. Adrenal exhaustion can also occur as the result of not enough sleep and too much stress In general it can be seen that the foods that are recommended to increase the testosterone levels in the body are the same ones that are recommended in a healthy diet for every-one, particularly for a healthy heart.
Avatar m tn I am still waiting for reverse T3 and bio-available testosterone - but bio-available testosterone will be bad no doubt. Thank you to all who took the time to read this !
Avatar n tn DHEA (androgen) and Insulin. And of course, the cystic ovaries. How are your menses? I would get menses every month before I was put on Yasmin, however, they were not regular, I had heavy bleeding and a lot of pain. No one single symptom is enough to diagnose this syndrome, you have to do all the required tests. I suggest you ask for an insulin test as well, if you haven't had one yet. I don't understand why he would give you Metformin if you don't have either PCOS, diabetes or obesity.
Avatar n tn It may well be that this is a side effect of the testosterone and it does not suit you. Or it may just be coincidental that you have picked up a stomach bug. My husband is on testosterone replacement, but has not complained of any symptoms. I complained on one brand because just the smell of it made me feel nauseous. So the doctor had to change the brand again. Make an appointment and discuss this with your doctor. Hope you get on OK. Best wishes.
Avatar m tn My last test my testosterone was at 500 and that was midway between two shots. I've been at this level for the last 8 months and am happy with how I feel. Where I'm having a "problem" is that my Dr. won't give me more than a 4 month supply at 1 time. I have to go back every 4 months to repeat the blood work, followed up by an in person visit a week later to "check on things" where he simply ask how I'm doing and review the last set of labs.
Avatar n tn With the increase of the levels you will feel more agression and it could impact your liver. You might want to get an opinion in regards to the other symptoms that you have. Lower testosterone will not cause the grumpy feeling.
Avatar m tn Free testosterone Serum testosterone Random testosterone Cortisol Dhea Estradiol Liver and kidney panel Thyroid function Fsh.... Also from what I have heard depression and anxiety could be a result of low testosterone. Testosterone therapy shouldn't cause these things. I also heard that therapy is hit and miss regarding which ones work for different people. I think you should see a endocrinologist specializing in reproductive issues.
Avatar n tn jeez) but he noticed that my thyroid/pituitary readings were out of whack and he couldn't figure out why, so he sent me to an endocrinologist, who I saw yesterday and who re-tested my TSH and T4 and found my thyroid/pituitary readings back to normal. But he also tested my testosterone and my total testosterone was 169 (normal is 175-781, and as one of the guys in this thread pointed out, guys our age should have testosterone readings around 600). We're waiting for my "free" vs.
Avatar m tn I drink vanila latte's every day, and consume a lot of chocolate. I read about the effect on Testosterone, and decided to walk away from the sugar for the past 9 days. So far, it has not had an effect on my libido or erection issues. It still may be "stored" in my body so maybe enough time hasn't passed. I don't exercise much, and do not lift weights. The extent of exercise is some swimming and walking. I have always suffered some from performance anxiety with new partners.
Avatar n tn and have also been having lower back and leg pain along with pitting edema. My heart, kidneys,and liver have all been ruled out. I do have extreme tenderness in my lower abdomen. They did run labs on me and my testosterone levels came back doubled, I have also had a pelvic US, I have not received the results back from that yet, although the nurse did say my ovaries looked larger than they should.
695104 tn?1442197188 ) all she is comfortable prescribing is a pill, and I cannot take pills that will affect my liver with my lupus and other diagnoses...BUT...there is a glimmer of hope...she did say she would refer me to an Endocrinologist who is up on all of the above...yippee!!! Not only about the testosterone, but maybe I can get some answers as to why I feel 88 when I am 44...mini lol...I have read where the testosterone is important to the emotional and physical well-being of us ladies, too...
Avatar f tn But the doctor said his testosterone was low and wants to put him to use testosterone pellets. I was confused after I left and called the office back, the nurse said that even though his testosterone levels were normal that a study was done and that they really like the levels to be at 400 for a man his age. My husband is 71 years old and he would be fine if we could just kiss and hold hands and take trips together and never have sex again, but I find the rejection to be too painful.
Avatar n tn The good news is that there are many other medications than tegretol and depakote, many with much better dies effect profiles. Depakote can cause tremors, weight gain, hair loss, liver toxicity/failure and platelet dysfunction. Dizziness, balance problems, fatigue and thinking problems can be encountered on any seizure medication if the dose is too high (Depakote and tegretol included).
Avatar m tn My current Total testosterone is 429 and within normal range for a man of my age. Any and all replies are welcome, but I'm more interested in hearing first-hand from those who have been there, and what difference it has made. I'm aware the whole issue of testosterone replacement in men within normal range complex and somewhat controversial, and does not have a long track record.