Testosterone and liver damage

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Avatar m tn I am taking Xifaxan, Furosemide and Spironolactone. what's the cause of the increased slit size and how can it be treated. I have not had a full erection in several months.
Avatar m tn My last test my testosterone was at 500 and that was midway between two shots. I've been at this level for the last 8 months and am happy with how I feel. Where I'm having a "problem" is that my Dr. won't give me more than a 4 month supply at 1 time. I have to go back every 4 months to repeat the blood work, followed up by an in person visit a week later to "check on things" where he simply ask how I'm doing and review the last set of labs.
Avatar m tn Free testosterone Serum testosterone Random testosterone Cortisol Dhea Estradiol Liver and kidney panel Thyroid function Fsh.... Also from what I have heard depression and anxiety could be a result of low testosterone. Testosterone therapy shouldn't cause these things. I also heard that therapy is hit and miss regarding which ones work for different people. I think you should see a endocrinologist specializing in reproductive issues.
Avatar n tn jeez) but he noticed that my thyroid/pituitary readings were out of whack and he couldn't figure out why, so he sent me to an endocrinologist, who I saw yesterday and who re-tested my TSH and T4 and found my thyroid/pituitary readings back to normal. But he also tested my testosterone and my total testosterone was 169 (normal is 175-781, and as one of the guys in this thread pointed out, guys our age should have testosterone readings around 600). We're waiting for my "free" vs.
Avatar m tn They were also concerned about hepatoxic issues, especially in those who had moderate to severe liver damage, etc. They also questioned whether testosterone replacement would be of any benefit at all in those who did not have severely depressed testosterone levels to begin with. I would be very wary of this strategy, and would discuss with both a highly knowledgable Hepatologist, and maybe also an Endocrinologist, making them fully aware of your tx, and liver status.
Avatar n tn She did some blood tests to make sure my liver and everything was alright and everything came up alright. However, that numbess in the extremities part interests me, because starting sometime this past summer I started to notice I would wake up probaly 3 to 5 times a night with numbness in my arms, as if they had fallen asleep. My doctor asked if this seemed related to my sleeping position, and I suppose sometimes it did. But why did it start all of a sudden, and happen so frequently.
Avatar m tn My father is 51 years old and the testosterone levels were 218 ng/dl. Also the symptoms confirmed andropause. Started Testo-Enant 250 mg (injectable) and started feeling some mood enhancements after 2 days. This lasted almost 4 days and now seems the symptoms are coming back (currently 1 week after the 1st injection). At the same time 1 week before getting the fist shot, he was using Lorazepam 1mg before going to sleep. Now he lowered the dose to 0,5 mg Lorazepam a day.
135456 tn?1301441224 1, 5- 2, 0 IU. I also believe that will help the post treatment time. I feel better now. I start after 6 weeks after treatment stop. You can take blood test after few weeks, if you don’t know your body and your hormones.
Avatar m tn But the degree of this contribution is not easy to gauge. There are many pos and some neg effects to high testosterone.
Avatar m tn Playing around with testosterone supliments while your levels are in the normal range will only end up with serious medical problems, like liver problems athropy of the testicles. Go and consult with your GP and get his or her's opinion before you start on anything yourself. All the best.
Avatar n tn One I was given was very dangerous, and not to be taken with liver damage! Yes, they knew I had Hep C and damage when they gave it to me. The fact is that these are the only drugs to 'cure' us at this time. Many of us could be dead with out tx. Many of us could be living with cirrhosis, far more horrific then what I am dealing with now . I was 'half way' to cirrhosis even being an occasional drinker, no drugs.
Avatar n tn Here is some information on Ativan and other benzodiazepines. Also SSRI antidepressant. They are all excreted through the liver, and all have a warning for people with Liver diseases. You need a good Dr. to work with you on which anti Depressant to use also which Type of drug to use for anxiety. For anxiety Xanax and Clonopin are the preferred Anti Anxiety drugs, as for the A.D.'s I had a hepatoxic reaction to Lexapro and Zoloft, so you want to be-careful there.
521646 tn?1212067669 He really needs to get himself to either a good gastroenterologist with experience in HepC/liver failure or to a Hepatologist for a thorough exam and a liver biopsy to determine the extent of damage that's been done to his liver. Most of all he needs to stop consuming alcohol. It's like throwing gasoline on a raging fire.
Avatar m tn Increased testosterone can also lead to liver damage, hair loss and increased acne due to oily skin, as well as an enlarged prostate. Can I have an honest scientific answer besides the typical "drugs are bad mmmkay." ? I also always see the response " as a younger athlete, hormone levels are already high enough" This may be true, being hearing about people gaining 10 lb's of muscle while simultaneously losing body fat makes these compounds desirable to teenagers.
Avatar n tn He told that just 3 or 4 shot not harmfull. I had not any liver damage in my latest biopsy,and me,myself dont think so that they will be harmfull for my liver,but I still afraied that maybe thay increase my ALT and AST levels.what you think.please advise me. with best regards,Abbas,23 years old.Persia.
Avatar m tn More than 260 studies link pesticides to various cancers, including lymphoma, leukemia, soft tissue sarcoma, and brain, breast, prostate, bone, bladder, thyroid, colon, liver, and lung cancers, among others. The world's leading autism researchers believe the condition develops from a mix of genes and the pollutants encountered in the mother's womb and early in life. Many insecticides effectively kill bugs by throwing off normal neurological functioning.
Avatar m tn the liver makes SHBG (sex hormone binding globin) it can get elevated with liver damage and what it does is it will bind your free testosterone and make it unavailable. That will give you a low sexdrive. Have a blood test checking SHBG and testosterone. If your testosterone is normal but SHBG is high it will be an indication pointing towards the liver. My general physician who diagnosed me put this test on my menu.
Avatar n tn If there is concern, checking the liver enzymes on a serial basis can be done to ensure no further liver damage. Followup with your personal physician is essential. This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patients education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case. Kevin, M.D. www.kevinmd.
Avatar n tn If the vl is lower it means nothing, for you can get a lot of liver damage with hardly a viral load, ask Snook. If after the next pcr, you still have any virus, there are tx assistance programs that you can apply for, if killing the virus is your priority. Whatever you decide, you will hopefully based it on facts and not illusions. feel good always and on with the fight!
Avatar n tn They did an abdominal sonogram, checking my liver, my spleen, and my gall bladder as best you can with those. The lady came back to tell me that I had fat in my liver and that my liver and my spleen were slightly enlarged the same as the last time I had been there 6 months before, when they told me it was normal. The GI ordered a liver biopsy and they decided for certain with that and other bloodwork that I had NASH.
3165168 tn?1343861071 Weakness, fatigue Loss of appetitie Nausea and vomiting Abdominal swelling and/or pain Jaundice Dark urine, light colored stool Itching (pruritus) GGT is increased in most diseases that cause acute damage to the liver or bile ducts but is usually not helpful in distinguishing between different causes of liver damage.
Avatar n tn scared me badly and has ordered an ultrasound and tests for hepatitis and scheduled a liver function series and says I could have cirrhosis or fatty liver disease or toxicity from the testosterone. Apparently having an AST of more than twice the ALT indicates alcohol abuse? It is true that I used to drink more than I should have, but only allow myself beer one night a week for a year now due to trying to lose weight.
10646463 tn?1411686997 The CT Scan with contrast is a more reliable method then non and yours came out unremarkable which means no liver damage. The Fibroscan is reliable and also shows low #s. What's really giving me the best impression of your liver and its status are some of the results of your bloodwork. Your bilirubin, INR, Creatine and Platelet Count which are all excellent. If you google MELD Score they give you a calculation which shows the health of your liver.
Avatar f tn 03 percent or it would damage the liver and endocrine system; most strains of harmful bacteria (and cancer cells) are anaerobic and cannot survive in the presence of oxygen or H202.
Avatar m tn More than 260 studies link pesticides to various cancers, including lymphoma, leukemia, soft tissue sarcoma, and brain, breast, prostate, bone, bladder, thyroid, colon, liver, and lung cancers, among others. The world's leading autism researchers believe the condition develops from a mix of genes and the pollutants encountered in the mother's womb and early in life. Many insecticides effectively kill bugs by throwing off normal neurological functioning.
Avatar n tn My primary physician did an exam and pretty extensive blood labs. He checked liver and kidney function, metabolics, magnesium, lipid panel, thyroid function, cpk, psa, testosterone, hematologycrp, homocysteine, free t3. everything was within normal limits. the cpk was slightly elevated at 300 or so but being that i weight train every day and do cardio every day, my cpk has ranged from 250-320 for years now. Two weeks later I went to another doctor who also did an exam and ran labs.
Avatar m tn I am about to do labs again. I'll post the results, but my labs have been improving since I started LDN and supplements about 11 months ago. Good energy and sleep through the night without waking.
Avatar m tn Kava Taken to relieve stress and anxiety, it has been linked to liver damage, including cirrhosis and hepatitis. Aconite Used to relieve inflammation and joint pain, it can cause nausea, vomiting, low blood pressure, respiratory-system paralysis, heart-rhythm disorders, and even death.
Avatar n tn As far as the testosterone, an endocronologist can talk to you about those things. Also do a search on it, (testosterone and liver damage, for example>) tons of info out there on it. You'll get support at these boards whatever you and your doc decide to do. Hope I didn't confuse you too much.
Avatar f tn Cholesterol is now 311 Triglycerides 69 and HDL Cholesterol 71 and LDL 226. My doctor wants to put me on statins, but I want to get my hormones correct first. What do you think? What kind of doctor should i follow up with?