Teeth infection that goes in to the brain

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1691275 tn?1322327507 s been there all along and that the water from the sink in my room seems particularly rife with little black specks. Could this be the cause of my ailment, or am I just grasping at straws now? And who would I call to have the specks inspected to see if there's any toxins, bacteria, or whatever associated with them? Thanks in advance!
Avatar f tn I scared myself silly. I went to 4 doctors, the er, and to the dentist. At that time I had 4 teeth (3 wisdom and a molar) that had cavities. At that appt. The dentist said there was no infection. Was going through a lot of stress, still am, and am really scared about my health all of a sudden. Saw my doctor on Wednesday and he said it sounded like anxiety. Dentist on Thursday, said I had a tooth infection. Freaked out, bc I know that this can spread to your brain.
Avatar f tn Hi again... I woke up thi morning feeling extremely anxious. I could feel my heart beating in my head, my pulse rate was high, and my palms and feet are sweating. I cried, again, and blew my nose and ofcourse there was a bit of blood-tinged mucous. This doesn't help. I think now that the infection has moved to my sinuses and is in my brain. I also had a stye a couple of days ago, and believe that that was the infection moving too. Still no severe pain or swelling.
Avatar n tn The point being an infection in the mouth can spread to the brain and heart and lead to death. My advice is not to fool around here, you were informed that these teeth should have been out 5 years ago. You mention blood on your tooth brush... what would you guess is going on.... infection entering the blood stream, very dangerous.
2107676 tn?1388973859 Hahahaha, your pun did make me laugh Connie. And to all of you thanks for caring. It means so much and really makes me smile. I have those warm fuzzies going on. I just got home from the "endodontist. I keep calling him a periodontist so if I confuse the 2 names, it's just my brain lol. I had 2 root canals done. Apparently the tooth next to the one that needed the re-treatment, also needed a root canal so I said GO FOR IT.
1108412 tn?1258343608 I went to the surgeon and he said it was from the infection as well. I had the surgery to remove my teeth 2 weeks ago and it was successful. Problem is that the spot on my face remains and last night I accidentally scratched it and this morning I woke up with the gland directly below the corner of my jaw bone inflamed again. It's been two weeks since my teeth were removed. If it were from my teeth wouldn't it have gone away?
619150 tn?1247048274 Probably not a literal infection in the brain but in the facial spaces of your head. Or possibly in the jaw bone but causing some pressure in the sinus area as well. Again, I would find a dentist immediately or go to the ER for this chronic abscess. At least get some antibiotics to help prevent the spread of bacteria. Contact your local dental society for a list of dentists which take medicaid.
20620809 tn?1504362969 I never learned if Dad had gum disease, so my comment might not match what the article is saying anyway. He did have decayed teeth. Cause and effect obviously can't be shown here -- both things could have come along with aging and had had nothing to do with each other.
Avatar f tn I have went and seen the dentist because the wire pushes on the bottom four front teeth which are all adult teeth. The bilateral spacer in on her first molars (not premolar). My question is should it be removed or is it normal for the space to close? And how are the spacers usually removed? Seeing how they are fixed!
Avatar m tn You may also have fever with chills, which usually indicates that the infection has gone outside of the sinuses to somewhere else in your head or body. 10. THE USUAL TREATMENTS FOR ACUTE SINUSITIS If you get an attack of acute sinusitis, a doctor may recommend the following: • A decongestant to help reduce stuffiness and congestion • Antibiotics, if a bacterial infection is indicated • A painkiller to relieve any pain or tenderness in your face or head.
1108412 tn?1258343608 I went to the surgeon and he said it was from the infection as well. I had the surgery to remove my teeth 2 weeks ago and it was successful. Problem is that the spot on my face remains and last night I accidentally scratched it and this morning I woke up with the gland directly below the corner of my jaw bone inflamed again. It's been two weeks since my teeth were removed. If it were from my teeth wouldn't it have gone away?
Avatar f tn I am worried bc I believe the infection has spread to my ear, jaw, neck and possibly brain or blood. What do I do? How can I be sure that this isn't the case?
Avatar f tn Have had very bad teeth for 4 years now because of not being able to find a dentist around here that takes my insurance...
19731759 tn?1483429955 s impossible for me to do this on a limited income of $734 a month, you see its not just one tooth,I have all of my teeth but they are just the roots that remain,I actually only have 4 lower teeth left. There is no dental help for me here where I live and I cannot possibly pay for what needs to be done. So I live everyday in fear and pain because Im poor,Im not unintelligent just got handed a crappy hand. Sorry for sharing too much.
1646211 tn?1301253462 First you need to start brushing and flossing every day to get the debris out of your mouth and minimize the bacteria load. A good antibacterial mouthwash too will help. If you are a smoker, then a non-alcohol one is best.   Of course if you have developed perio disease or absesses from decay, you must get treatment. Brushing and flossing alone will not help.  I would check to see if there is a community clinic or indigent facility that can see you asap.
Avatar f tn This week I have had a headache (not miserable) for two days straight and then in the afternoon of day three. The pains moved from my teeth, to my cheek bone, in front of my ear, up and over my scalp. At times my scalp and face would go numb. Could this possibly be TN?
Avatar f tn The bone scraping is also because of the infection and also in preperation for posts that will be inserted into my jaw in order to anchor the new teeth I will be getting. Frankly, I'd rather be shot. This is so traumatic to me, losing my teeth. I'm not a vain person but this hits pretty hard, I never wanted to lose my teeth and tried to be conscientous in taking care of them. Oh well, such is life.
Avatar m tn It is likely that i have ingested human feces with eggs or larvae in it, by means of touching an infected surface, and sticking my hands in my mouth. Am i potentially in danger of having a parasite attach itself to the inside of my small intestine and maturing, resulting in its journey to my brain?
Avatar f tn s it it was the temporary crowns that was making my ears to buzz like that ; that day it was fine , but the next day my ears started to have this hissing sounds again & now even my neck & my jaw hurts !!! I want to know if a bad root canal is the root of my problems or keeping the temporary crowns for so long ?? I'm very depressed because of this .
Avatar n tn over an hour drive,I was so swollen I couldnt open far enough for a straw no-less Xrays! For HER to say..I had a VERY bad infection. The relief in knowing I WAS going to survive this experience elated me & the Clinamycin&Combunox has decreased the extream swelling almost all the way(by wed. eve) & the pain is handalable, all but bending down & that hour or two b4 next med time.My question is..do you think the "Dr." should have known I had an infection?
Avatar m tn A few hours ago i had a MR and MRA of my brain, and during the scan, 2 of my teeth that i had fixed with filling started to develop pressure, it felt like they where going to explode. After the scan, the pressure is still there and it hurts. Should i worry about it?
Avatar f tn t know what to do. If the dentist pulls my teeth, and the infection has already spread, is this something that could be fatal??? Also, is an MRI the only way to know that it's spread??? Are there any symptoms I should be on high alert for??? I still have no/ minor tooth pain, but it's on the other side of my mouth, and no obvious swelling. He didn't mention an abscess, so would this mean that the infection is still in the pulp???
2333944 tn?1342912367 t enough to bother me or make me think I need to take a pill. I have had a dry socket from having a tooth pulled that hurt worse than the tooth did. I do have stitches under the arches, but I guess the arches help keep the pain down. I am not sure how many teeth I had pulled....at least 15. You're right....there are options besides opiates for many things.
Avatar f tn I have suffered with shoulder/arm pain in my left arm (this could be nerve damage playing up in the cold from dislocating my shoulder few years ago), sometimes a tightness in chest (although this could be due to my astma), pressure in the top part of my left nostrel, i feel like my left side of my face (cheek and temple look swollen but when i ask people, they say it looks normal, where as it looks swollen to me), pain in the left side of my face, pain in the lower left side of my head, (also f
Avatar n tn Also, about a week before it started i got a slight pain and an imense pain in my ear and i almost lost hearing all together than it went away, but then it came back the same time the pain in my mouth started. The pain and most of the pressure goes away when i put something warm up against my ear though.
Avatar n tn I now have to get a NTI from my dentist that goes on 4 of my front teeth to help me realign my bite to fix my jaw that will stop the pain! I hope it works for me and you should look into that too! Good luck, hope this was helpful.
Avatar f tn Sometimes, I feel pain underneath my teeth, but I know that my teeth are okay. In addition, my cheek kind of tingles. It doesn't hurt, I just feel it...if that makes sense. It evens spreads and turns into a buzzing sensation in my lips, but only the left side, not my full mouth. It happens off and on through out the day. It last for a few minutes and goes away, and sometimes it may last for a few hours and then it goes away. It doesn't keep me awake at night.